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Hundreds expected for town hall event

Ramona Town Hall’s East Wing was packed for the town hall meeting last
Wednesday evening with the board of trustees and other volunteers
involved in the restoration of this historic centerpiece of downtown
Ramona reporting on the progress being made, future plans and details
of what they call the “Great Event.”

Revitalization talk is on open channel

The communication pipeline was wide open on Friday, March 27, when
District 2 Supervisor Dianne Jacob and her staff met with Ramona
community leaders in an ongoing effort to promote Ramona
Representatives from the Sheriff’s Department received applause when
Lt. Duncan Fraser announced, “Ramona does not have a gang.”

Library talk turns to traffic

Many community topics were covered during Ramona Revitalization
Steering Committee on Friday, but few generated as much excitement and
consternation as the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee report presented
by Torry Brean, subcommittee chair.
With the help of Tom Fincher from the County Department of General
Services, community members present were updated on the progress of the
Ramona Library.

Businesses to paint town red, white and blue

An enthusiastic group of businesspeople and shop owners gathered at
Ramona Town Hall last week at the request of the Ramona Chamber of
Commerce Economic Development Committee.  By the end of the evening,
they had all decided to go out and paint the town red — red, white and
blue, actually.
Carol Fowler, committee chair, started the meeting by announcing its purpose: to stimulate business in town. 

Citizen groups tackle town’s economic development

While Main Street commerce in Ramona has many challenges, not the least
of which is the affect of the global economy, it also has many
dedicated citizens in numerous organizations working on solutions.
Ramona is a Community Planning Area of the County of San Diego, and as
such falls under the purview of the County Board of Supervisors, with
Dianne Jacob as the supervisor representing the Ramona area.  The
supervisors are advised by the San Diego County Planning Commission.
District 2 includes Ramona, Julian and East County, is represented on
the Planning Commission by Bryan Woods, who is vice chairman, and
Michael Beck.

A look at Main Street’s empty shops

In May, 44 retail stores nationwide were cutting back, closing stores
and/or declaring bankruptcy, according to an AOL finance  report.
Lillian Vernon, Linens n’ Things, Friedman’s Jewelers, and Wickes
Furniture are among businesses that have filed for protection under
bankruptcy laws, and giants such as Home Depot, Rite Aide, Sprint, and
Saks Fifth Avenue are closing stores.  
A brief survey of the Old Town portion of Ramona’s Main Street, the
area from 3rd Street to 10th Street, shows a similar decline in
economic vitality, with more than 30 vacant spaces as a result of
businesses closing or moving and a dozen buildings standing entirely