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Why high IQ is not a gauge to success in life

 On the basis of a test, a person’s intellectual level represented by a
number determines his/her IQ level. The higher the number, the more
intelligent the person is.
   Does high intellect guarantee success in life?
   At first glance, many would believe so. This belief is from the
perception that many of the world’s successful individuals have been
gifted with high IQ or intellect. There is no denial that some but not
all monetary or personal successes are products of intellectual minds.
But there are various other factors that contribute to the success of
an intellectual person. These factors also apply to individuals with
average intellect.
   Some successes are triggered by factors that have little to do with
intellect — like opportunity, timing, perseverance and sheer hard work.
Devotion or love for your work is more vital to success than intellect.
When love is poured into your work, the hardships that go with it
somehow diminish.

It’s Your Choice

   Everything any of us ever wanted to be in life all boils down to a choice.
   Kind of scary to think that everything we are or are not was
probably our choice. We decided to not go to college or not try that
new business idea. Sure we can all find lots of excuses to explain away
our choices—I didn’t have the money for college, the business would
probably fail, so why try.
   These are just excuses to provide cover for the reality of your choices.
   But how do we know if we are making the right choices? We don’t always know.
   To have a good idea if you are making the right choice, first get
your mind into it. Condition your thoughts to visualize what you want
to happen—not just a fuzzy daydream, but a full-fledged,
honest-to-goodness, day-by-day kind of visualizing.
   Say you want to be a successful manager—envision yourself dressing
up in power suits, going to a corner office with a view, getting pats
on the back for good work, speaking at conferences, etc.

Understanding the Universal Law of Attraction

 Several laws govern everyone in this world. This is regardless of age,
race, sex, nationality or religious background. By virtue of being
universal and all encompassing, these laws cannot be changed, nor can
they be broken. The most powerful among them is the universal law of
   What is stated in the universal law of attraction? To put in very
simple terms, it simply says that you get what you give. If you give
off positive energy, you get back positive energy. If you emit negative
energy, then you shouldn’t be surprised when something negative comes
back to you. The universal law of attraction is very similar to the law
of karma, which also espouses the “like attracts like” principle.

‘Impossible’ Is Just A Word

At some point in our lives we all have dreamed of being or becoming someone special.
   You may have fantasized about playing major league sports. Maybe you
dreamed of having a successful business. How many times have you
dreamed of becoming rich, successful, or maybe just happy?
   Often we dream big dreams and great aspirations. Unfortunately, our
dreams remain just that—dreams. Instead of experiencing exciting
adventures in self-actualization, we live in the humdrum of day-to-day

Do you follow or lead?

Do you know how lemmings behave? They move in groups; they follow the pack.
Don’t you feel that most people are like lemmings? Many stay at the
sideline waiting for brave souls to go in first. If they smell success,
they jump in and join. Many want only to follow the direction that the
crowd takes, rather than dare to trek the road less traveled.

Five steps of change…

We all experience change in our lives. Sometimes the change is one we
want, like giving up some bad habits or changing careers. Sometimes it
is changes we don’t want, like losing a job or a loved one.
I’m going to write about the changes we choose to make in our lives.
Many people will decide to make a change but either can’t or won’t
follow through and make the change permanent. I believe this is because
they didn’t follow the “change process.”

Envy as an asset

Of all the negative character traits, envy is the only one with a redeeming factor. A healthy dose of envy is even good.
Think of it as fuel to drive you on your way to success or contentment.
Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal for people to look at others and
wish to have what they have, partly because it is in our nature to make
changes and partly because we really are not easily contented.
The trick is to use that envy to better your life instead of using it to fuel your hate. 

Achieving success

Procrastination makes most problems worse

Do you always have a story?
All procrastination is the result of us fooling ourselves. We always
have a story why we have not completed a task or have not achieved the
success we want.

Want to change? Just start

We all say we want to change something in our lives, but most of us never do. Why? It’s generally not because we don’t want to.
We may want to be a better ______________ (fill in the blank), but we just don’t get there.
One reason is we don’t really know what it is we want. We haven’t
defined what our “ideal” life would be. Without a picture of the ideal,
we cannot make it real in our life.

Ways to avoid office politics

Office politics has long been synonymous with gossiping and
backstabbing. But the fact of the matter is, you have a choice to
engage or not engage in office politics.
Believe it or not, office politics is similar to a game. There are hard
and fast rules. Unfortunately, there are no magical ways to remove
office politics.
However, there are ways to minimize office politics. There really are
ways to keep the office environment light, friendly, as well as