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Roxane Dyer – 15950 Litten Way

Roxane Dyer – 15950 Litten Way

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Brian Murphy – 123 Main St

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Junior Saenz wins bull riding at Ventura


Junior Saenz won the bull riding competition at Ventura County Fair Rodeo.

The 2000 Ramona High School graduate not only won the average with a score of 150 points on two head but also won the second go-round and placed second in the first go-round.

“Lucky enough to get it done over there,” he said. “I got two pretty solid bulls.”

Changes still possible, county planner tells group

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There are still opportunities to make changes to San Diego County’s now-approved General Plan Update, the Ramona Community Planning Group learned.

Devon Muto, chief of Advance Planning for the county’s Department of Planning and Land Use