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Equine Emergencies 2

This month’s article is a continuation of last month’s discussion on
equine emergencies. Topics that were not covered last month were eye
injuries, acute lameness and an emergency kit.
Eye injuries and a condition called uveitis (or in chronic cases,
recurrent uveitis) in a horse can result in partial or full blindness.
This is why a veterinarian should take a look at the injured eye as
soon as possible. 

Equine Emergencies

Colic is what most horse owners dread. Generally, colic is abdominal
pain caused by constipation (impaction), diarrhea (colitis, enteritis),
stone (enterolith), twist/torsion and sand. Other non-GI reasons are
labor, pneumonia, viruses, liver disease, kidney disease, tying up and
abdominal abscess.
Colic has a multitude of symptoms such as not eating a meal, lying down
excessively, pawing, rolling, sweating, standing in a corner, shaking,
decreased to no manure output and decreased water intake.  

Keeping Your Geriatric Horse Healthy

The geriatric horse has a special place in many people’s hearts.  They are generally well-trained, calm, not likely to spook, and often have been part of the family for a long time. Along with their special qualities, the older equines have special health care needs. This article contains some recommendations to help keep a geriatric equine going strong.

Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Owning a sound horse is a blessing that many horse owners have but do
not appreciate, until the horse is lame. There are many reasons why a
horse may become lame, such as arthritis, wounds, disease, foot
problems, sprained/strained tendons and ligaments, and even broken
bones.  This month’s article looks at the especially frustrating tendon
and ligament injuries.

Purchasing an Equine Companion

Buying a horse is an exciting, but tricky endeavor. The goal is to find
the ideal companion that will be a partner for many years. The horse,
however, may fail to live up to the owner’s expectations. This month’s
article is about making an informed choice and minimizing the chance of
a mismatch.