Enjoy your vacation, but don’t take a vacation from fitness

This is the time of year that many families pack up and head out for a vacation destination, be it tropical or mountainous.

From the oceans to the valleys, people will be venturing off for some down time and R&R. Believe me, down time and mellow yellow time is critical to recharge your batteries and a great time to refocus and come back motivated to change the world.

This doesn’t mean you need to leave your health and fitness behind. I hear it time and again, “Oh, I’m on vacation. I don’t need to work out and I’m just going to let my eating go for the week or two that I’m gone.”

The truth is, this sounds great, but the true reality is that you can sabotage months of progress in a short amount of time.

Here are three simple keys that you can do to keep from taking two steps back on your path to optimal health:

•Watch the snacks and the starches. We tend to go way overboard on the carbs. Maybe think about limiting your starchy carbohydrate intake to your first two meals of the day and go with salad, veggies and lean meats for your dinner meal. Starchy carbs are ones like pasta, potatoes, breads and cereals.

•Easy cardio goes a long way. Schedule some movement around your recreation time. Find the local hiking spot wherever you’re going and put it in the vacation calendar to make it to the top. Visit museums and aquariums and the like and get some movement in through briskly walking through the exhibits.

•Do this simple three-movement workout three times per week you’re away.

1. Single leg balance and reach. Do your best to stand on one foot. With your opposite hand reach down and touch your knee.

If that is too easy reach for your shin. If you need more intensity and difficulty touch your toe. Three sets of ten to thirty reps.

2. Pushing movement, either a pushup, incline pushup or wall press. Three sets of ten to thirty reps.

3. Air Squat, weight in the heels, hips press back, eyes looking up. Lower down to a comfortable depth and press back up through the heels to a full upright position. Again, three sets of ten to thirty reps.

Enjoy your down time wherever that may be this summer. Do yourself and your fitness a favor and don’t let all your results go by the wayside. All it takes is a little effort and a little planning, and you can come home from vacation ready to take the next step toward you — only better!

Peter San Nicolas owns Ramona Fitness Center. He is a certified fitness and golf fitness professional and CrossFit Level 1 trainer.

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