Commercial use eyed for corner of SR-67 and Dye Road

Property on the southeast corner of state Route 67 and Dye Road is being considered for commercial use such as a gas station and convenience store, according to a Ramona real estate agent.

A presentation on potential development at that corner is scheduled for the Ramona Community Planning Group’s meeting in the Ramona Library Community Room, 1275 Main St., on Thursday, June 5, at 7 p.m.

Realtor Janet Worsham said there are four parcels totaling 4.11 acres that are zoned A70 or rural residential. The four different owners are in favor of a commercial rezone and willing to list simultaneously, according to the agent.

In addition to rezoning, a lot merge would be necessary, Worsham noted.

“There’s a lot of potential there,” she said, adding that a convenience stop “could be done tastefully.”

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11 Comments for “Commercial use eyed for corner of SR-67 and Dye Road”

  1. Ramona resident

    Hey, Joe Minervi. A new target for you to rail against!

  2. Guest

    LOL, That is sure to throw a certain section of Ramona's NYMBY elites into an absolute tizzy.

  3. Steve

    Dadgummit! probably gonna be some Big City Mega Buggywhip store that's gonna put all our local mom and pop buggywhip stores out of business!

  4. Guest 2

    I second that!!!! I can't wait. Let the comedy show begin.

  5. Guest 2

    Citizens for a rural Ramona get ready (anti anything good)!!!!

  6. Jerry

    I hope they make it look (old). All of that solar panel crap out on that road looks Horrible.
    I just want Ramona to still have a (small town) feel.
    I can remember when there was no K Mart or Stater Bros.


    • Mike

      Great Idea. Lets hope it doesn't have running water or electricity. We can use oil lanterns instead!

      I am so happy that you can remember a time before the grocery store era. Do you still churn your own butter too? My house isn't zoned for cows and I don't have the time or skill to sew my own clothes or wash them on the rocks by the creek. The pony express is long gone so I guess you gave in and allowed yourself to use the internet – we are all so proud.

  7. Jerry

    I hope they make it look (old). All of that solar panel crap out on that road looks Horrible.

  8. Ramona Resident

    So let me get this straight – people think it’s a good idea to make one of the worst, most congested intersections in the county even more of a clusterf*** by putting a retail unit there? I’m sure people stopping to pull in and cutting into traffic to pull out will do wonders for the traffic flow!

    Since it’s such an obviously terrible idea I’m sure the brain trust that mismanage this town will vote for it unanimously.

  9. guest

    There is already a plan to improve that intersection. The county/town can now ask the proposed business owner to assist with paying for the improvements. They help pay for needed infrastructure improvements and Ramona gets another new business. I think it's a great idea. The only bad idea would be to not include a drive thru Starbucks as part of the project.

  10. Joe Minervini

    Hello All:
    I am one of those Rural Ramona folks and I am not against commercial development at 67 & Dye. Both arteries are major and the corner is prime for convenience store development. As for the Starbuck's at that corner, it may be on the wrong side of 67 for the morning commute coffee people. Steve and Mike, you both are real funny. As for Starbuck fans, believe it or not, some of us still brew our own coffee at home….and instead paying $5 for a cup of "crema-gelatti-latte-litti," we save our money. ….yeah, there are still a few of us who still save for a rainy day.

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