A bit of advice can be powerful

By Rex A. Schildhouse

There is a lot running around concerning Ramona Municipal Water District and its board — a lot of misstatements and a lot of emotion.

My life has been interesting and I miss my Dad. He would frequently stop doing something and ponder a thought, then speak one or two sentences, and go back to work. Many of those comments went into the brain matter without impact until they were triggered years later. A bit of advice can be powerful, regardless of the timing.

Mistakes are as common as free advice, and sometimes taking advice is a mistake. When I was elected to the RMWD board in 2012, I heeded the advice of General Manager Barnum and the guidance of Director Beck. It was a mistake I did not realize until several blocks were in place building a big, clear, image. I believe RMWD is controlled by a bloc for the benefit of the district over the ratepayers.

California Government Code Section 54950, commonly referred to as the Ralph M. Brown Act, states “Declaration, intent; sovereignty — In enacting this chapter, the Legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in this State exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business. It is the intent of the law that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.

The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they retain control over the instruments they created.”

It is my opinion that when a decision is made to inconvenience the ratepayer in preference of the district employees this statement is violated. RMWD becomes the dominator and the ratepayer becomes the dominated.

RMWD has been the subject of two grand jury reports concluding in 1987 and 1991. Some say these documents are too old to be relevant. An important paragraph in the Recommendations of both documents states [RMWD should] “Conduct its meetings in an atmosphere conducive to good order and discipline, and avoid personal attacks and hostile relationships.”

Director Beck has stated on numerous occasions that he must comply with the rules controlling and the recommendations of the grand jury in running the board, yet he appears to instigate and allow attacks on board members by members of his bloc. While directors Beck and Zenovic maintain their cool during their coordinated attacks, I do not maintain mine in my response. I will work on that. That is a mistake. However, I will not stop fighting for this grand jury statement to be honored and respected.

The other day I had made a decision. Someone called me and discussed it and offered one piece of advice. I am going to follow it. I will continue to attend RMWD board meetings. I will continue to put evening meetings on the agenda. I will continue to put the ratepayers of RMWD above the bloc and the convenience of the district.

I will post grand jury and RMWD documents on http://www.schildhouse.com/rmwd.html. The only released RMWD e-mail is webmaster@rmwd.org, not good for this purpose.

If you would like to influence the board meeting time of RMWD, you can write a letter to “All Directors of RMWD” and send it to RMWD, 105 Earlham Street, Ramona, CA 92065. You can also drop it off in the Payment Box or at the desk of RMWD. Online postings are of little value.

This may well be my last statement of this matter as the local media usually do a good job of covering the board meetings and events.

Rex A. Schildhouse represents Division 3 on the Ramona Municipal Water District Board.

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14 Comments for “A bit of advice can be powerful”

  1. Resident

    Director Schildhouse hits the nail on the head. The problem with RMWD can be summarized into his statement, "RMWD is controlled by a bloc for the benefit of the district over the ratepayers".

  2. rexalexadingdong

    i had a very bizarre conversation with Rex recently. He spent over an hour talking
    nonstop about himself. The rmwd board has been critical of him because he is not prepared for meetings, misses meetings and wastes everyone's time with crazy non relevant questions. After being embarresed by the rmwd board, rex is now obsessed with revenge. He is a very strange egomaniac with no friends and nothing to do all day but write letters and post anonymous comments. several people including me have asked him to resign. Ramona deserves better

  3. Gary McM.

    Our rates are going up, we are in fire season, there is a drought and every week you write a letter about some other nonsense. People are rude to you and hurt your big fat ego or whatever. Everyone tells me you are on “medication” that makes you foggy and aggresive. At least a dozen people have asked for your resignation, but you ignore them?

    Here is my advise: take your medication, quit and let someone from the SDCE take your seat on the water board. You obviously cannot work with anyone and have no interest in the real issues facing the Estates.

    • Anon

      Wow, thats a lot of assumptions. "Everyone tells me…" Yes, because 3rd party rumors are totally correct. It sounds like you are the one with the 'big fat ego' if you are willing believe what 'everyone else tells me' as opposed to actually attending meetings and figuring out what and what is not true. I'm so glad YOU aren't on that board.

      • Ron

        I bet Gary is on the Board or the GM. They’re all pretending they know what they’re doing. I hope Orin Day wipes the floor with them.

  4. 20-year resident

    This letter makes no sense. Apparently schoolhouse takes no responsibility for the last year and a half he was in office and now he IS going to meetings after he left a couple of months ago after being humilated over his “issues” and “medication”?

    • Anon

      Oh please! Did you actually read what he wrote? Did you read his previous commentary in past issues of the Ramona Sentinel? This is not a case of him 'not taking responsibility'. This is him refusing to be pushed around by school yard bullies and standing up for himself. I don't really think you know what you are talking about.

      • GO BULLDOGS!

        Anon – Are you rex Schildhouse? You seem very well informed and angry about this? I have tried to read the letters. They are very long, often contradictory and you reference lots of ancients things that you later admit are not relevant.

        If you are rex, I would be very impressed if you were honest and commented using your real name. I would like to know more about why you think you are being bullied.


        • Anon

          I am not Rex. I am a 32 yr old female who happens to live in Ramona. If you want to ask Mr. Schildhouse those questions, by all means, do it. But you'll have to ask him. Not me.

  5. RHS Soccer Mom

    OMG this guy loves the drama! My teenage daughter makes less emotional decisions and is less sensative than this guy. Does he expect applause for doing his job?

  6. Mike

    Jeez, another ad hominem attack in the Sentinel…. I'm shocked I tell you, just shocked!

    So my friends, are we to believe anyone that takes medication, or has an adverse reaction to medication, can no longer make valid points.

    These are the same type of ignoramous comments so prevalent in today's politics.

  7. Ron

    What I find funny is the fact that the three board members accuse this guy every week of not being able to get along with anyone were the same ones that couldn’t get along with Bob Krysak, Kit Kissenger, and now Rex Schildhouse.

  8. Ernesto S.

    After reading many letters in this paper asking for Mr. Schildhose to resign and then reading this letter ignoring them, it seems Mr. Schildhose simply does not understand what he is doing is not okay or he is playing games. He asked to be on the water board, we voted yes, he had a tantrum.

    If I went to my boss and told him the other guys are mean to me at the jobsite, scream and shout, quit and then come back two months later and say “I have decided to start working again”, my boss would have fired me and told me to get my head checked. Am I wronge?

    Thank you Ernesto

  9. Unbelievable!

    This weeks paper was VERY frustrating. There is a cartoon showing how Ramona got lucky in last week's fires, a letter protesting water rate increases, the calfire chief giving tips for fire preparedness and shilhouses letter about his "interesting life".

    I am glad schilhouse is taking advice, here is my advice for what I think is important for our town and what schilhouse should be doing:

    1. FIRE PREPAREDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. WATER RATES!!!!!!!!
    3. SEWER RATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. everything else
    5. your "interesting life"

    I am literally shocked at how clueless and inappropriate all of this seems. Honestly, I do not know what schilhouse could be thinking if somehow he thinks his complaint is more important than items 1 through 4.

    Thank you, I feel better now.

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