Missing directors should do their job or resign

By Darrell Beck

As you may have been reading in the Ramona Sentinel, there are presently two Ramona Municipal Water District Board members who have essentially quit their elected posts as representatives of the ratepayers, leaving the board with a mere quorum of three members.

The two missing board members, however, have not officially vacated their seats, which can only be done if they resign outright. Therefore by holding onto their seats, while shirking their duty, they are doing a great disservice to the entire district and to their constituents who trusted them with their votes.

Director Kesinger, who represents approximately 7,000 people in Division 2 (Western Ramona including Highland Valley), has not picked up his agenda packets nor has he attended a board meeting in over a year. Director Schildhouse, who represents approximately 7,000 people in Division 3 (a major portion of San Diego Country Estates), has essentially resigned from all of his responsibilities and duties as a board member. He has turned in his mailbox key where the agenda packets are made available; has walked out of two meetings, stopped attending board meetings and has indicated he will only attend meetings that he considers important.

Both of these board members claim they and the working public are being hindered from attending or participating in meetings because the meetings are held at 2 pm instead of 7 p.m. However they are overlooking the fact that almost all governmental agencies such as Congress, State Legislatures, County Supervisors, city councils and municipalities meet during regular business hours with the expectation that most people probably prefer to attend meetings during daylight hours and not after working all day.

Being a RMWD Board member is a serious responsibility. Every meeting is important. Every board member must individually become aware of rules, regulations, purpose and policy.

Board members must be ready to spend considerable time studying reports and the issues to understand and make policy. Board members must be available to attend special meetings and ad-hoc meetings when necessary.

Members must make difficult decisions that quite often are perceived by the public and the press as being unfavorable or worse. Because of that they are criticized when things go wrong and get little praise when things go right.

Despite the fact that being a board member is a difficult job, I believe our form of self-government is far superior to the alternative.

Over the next 20 months RMWD will be occupied with four or five very significant projects, costing many millions of dollars. These projects include improvements to the Poway Pump Station, replacing the water supply lines on San Vicente Road, improvements to the Santa Maria Wastewater Treatment Plant and recycled water projects, and there are always unexpected incidents that may occur.

This is a critical time for RMWD and it would be a great benefit to the district and to the ratepayers to have a full board of directors to help make those decisions and share that responsibility.

It would therefore be in the best interest of the community and a benefit to their constituents that directors Kesinger and Schildhouse either do the job they were elected to do, or resign.

Darrell Beck, Ramona Municipal Water District Board president, represents Division 1 on the board.

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18 Comments for “Missing directors should do their job or resign”

  1. RMWD Customer

    I'm pretty sure YOU are the one that needs to go Mr Beck. Move the meeting times to evenings to give working people a chance at attend.

  2. Susan C.

    Yea right. Have them resign so that the remaining Board members can select their cronies for the empty positions instead of holding a new election. I think the two empty seats should remain on the Board and the remaining Board members that are lacking to address any of the real problems at RMWD should resign. They clearly have their head in the sand and don't want to address any of the complaints made by Kit or Rex and have barred them from doing so in retaliation.

  3. Jane Tanaka MD

    The Ramona Municipal Water District Board, like any other group has its dysfunctions. Irvin Yalom, the guru of group dynamics,et al did research which showed":The most successful leader, was one moderate in amount of stimulation(self disclosure) and in expression of executive function(authoritarian limit setting) and high in caring and meaning attribution. Both caring and meaning attribution seemed necessary.. for success." Also he found that a "high risk, high productivity group" is a myth. Groups need to feel safe in order to be productive.

  4. Resident

    Mr. Beck – your argument as to why meetings are held at 2:00 is nonsense. Be honest; the Board holds meetings at 2 in order to avoid public scrutiny. It is much easier to increase our already high rates without the public you supposedly represent there to object. You and your fellow Board members represent everything that is wrong with politics and politicians today.

  5. Anon

    The reason neither of these two directors attend meetings is because YOU have made it impossible for them to attend. They have made that clear to you multiple times. You aren’t listening. Be objective. Step outside of your own point of view, for a minute, and consider the needs of the REST of the community. You seem to have let ‘power’ go to your head. The world does not revolve around you and your opinions. The water board is here to serve for the greater good of the community.

  6. 20-year resident

    Mr. Beck, the issue is not with the two missing directors, both of whom you’ve done whatever you can to make it difficult, if not impossible, to attend RMWD meetings, are not to blame. You are. And I hope the voters kick you at election time. All of the other community groups meet in the evenings when it is convenient for the public to attend. You, on the other hand, want to make it inconvenient so there is little oversight with your doings. Do the community a favor and resign. Then, we can get the directors who made the community their business to attend to, able to attend.

  7. SDCE resident

    As a resident of the voting area of one of the "missing" board members I also feel that the meetings should either take place in the evening or very early in the morning. For example the Grossmont Healthcare District meets at 7 am,, which still allows people to get to work by 9 am. I also feel the selected time is meant to keep residents who work from attending.
    The "good ol' boys club" of the Ramona Water District needs to be broken up. I hope the voters in their areas are smarter next election. Our water rate increases should be tied to local cost of living increases, just like our paychecks are – this 6% or more increase every year is excessive, especially when we are already among the highest rate-payers in the county. I'm for EVENING meetings, 7 p.m. start time.

  8. Ramona resident

    Mr. Beck. You clearly think the public doesn’t know the shenanigans you’re up to. The other community groups meet in the evening so that they can get input from the public. You choose to do it when it is not convenient for the public. Please resign so we can get back to doing the public’s business without underhanded efforts.

  9. PQConstituent

    Something stinks, Mr. Beck… and it's YOUR BS. Your subterfuge is so transparent.

    When do YOU come up for re-election? I want to make sure to get out and get votes for your opponent.

  10. JimC

    Here it is, just after 2:00. The message I received in the mail a few days ago tells me that there is a meeting at RMWD right now. Community input around rates will be a key topic of discussion. I happen to have a lot of thoughts around that subject. Too bad I can't make the meeting because, like most ratepayers, I'm at work trying to make enough money to pay my bills.

    It is remarkable that an entity that has the ability to impact our lives so much is so unresponsive to the needs of it's constituency. I don't give a rip if some city councils meet at 2:00. The school board meets in the evenings. Why can't the water board? One can only surmise that the meeting time is designed to keep dissent out of the board room.

    How did these people get elected? It seems like none of them is looking out for the ratepayers' best interests. I can't imagine why anybody would vote for an incumbent board member come election time. I know I will not.

  11. Wayne Templin

    Clearly, the RMWD needs someone better than Mr. Beck. It is of no importance what other organizations do when it comes to public meetings. This organization should do what is best for the customers of RMWD. Trust me, very few RMWD payers are afraid of the dark or a long day at work. Apparently, that is not true of Mr. Beck.

  12. Guest

    You got a letter from RMWD? All I got was an empty envelope in the mail

  13. Another guest

    When will we get a chance to vote this "gentleman" out off the RMWD Board? Hopefully soon.

  14. Voter

    The Water Board needs a peace maker and a leader that can repair the damage done to some really good men. Ramona needs a Recall election to get rid of Beck and his cronies.

  15. SDCE resident

    NOT ONE comment made here is in support of Mr. Beck. Bye Bye Mr. Beck!!! You are out of lives in the world of the RMWD. Thanks for playing.

  16. Non SDCE resident

    Zenovic should be the first one out the door. Besides, Beck ran unchallenged in the last election. Until someone is willing to step up to the plate to do a volunteer job and then cut the fat in their management, RMWD will remain in the hands of those who are only there to promote their own interests.

  17. Guest

    As a person who attended water district Board meetings off and on for many years, I can assure you all that even at the 7:00 p.m. meeting times, there were rarely more than one or two residents in attendance. All this nonsense about the public being shut out by having meetings at 2:00 p.m., is simply not true. There has always been very little interest in the citizens of Ramona to attend a meeting, unless they have a personal issue to pursue. Perhaps if any of the bloggers here ever did attend a water board meeting, they would know that the time doesn't matter at all.

    • JimC

      Whether or not people choose to attend a meeting at a time that is reasonable to accommodate the general public is irrelevant. These are our elected officials and they are there to represent us. If the meetings are at 7:00 and we don't attend then that is our loss and we have no reason to complain. To purposely schedule meetings at a time that makes it almost impossible for the publics voice to be heard leads one to believe the RMWD has something to hide – years of increased water rates and no accountability seems to support that position. In my view, any board member who does not stand up for a later meeting time should be voted out of office – period.

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