Letter to editor: Water rates should go down with natural gas

Natural gas will soon be used to power the pump that delivers water to Ramona from the Poway pump station.

No longer will Ramona residents be at the mercy of SDGE electric outages that close Ramona whenever there is a wildfire.

This $2 million project comes at NO expense to the ratepayers, and natural gas pumps cost less to operate.

Water rates which include recent SDGE electric rate hikes will benefit from the dependable and less expensive natural gas.

Imagine, water to fight fires and keep Ramona open that is not dependant on electricity and its recent outages and rate hikes.

This concept of an alternate and dependable energy source was tops on my list of priorities when I ran for the Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors and now all Ramona divisions will benefit from this new source of cheap dependable power.

All things equal, water rates should go down once the new system is fully operational, but, most important, Ramona will have the water it depends on.

Joe Zenovic, Division 4 Director

Ramona Municipal Water District Board

Source: Gas/Electric Rate Study

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9 Comments for “Letter to editor: Water rates should go down with natural gas”

  1. Guest

    Great job RMWD!

  2. Resident

    I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised and more than a little impressed. This project shows great thought and planning.

    In the past, I have been very critical of RMWD for increased rate, employee compensation, the Board holding its meetings when the vast majority of ratepayers are not able to attend, and the childish and embarrassing antics between the Board members. To be fair, you guys got one right this time! Well done.

  3. Guest

    Turn the page in the paper. Rates are going up 6%. This is just more RMWD propaganda.

  4. Resident

    Good point. Don't get me wrong – I'm no fan of the RMWD and I still plan on voting against every Board member in November. However, on this one project, whether or not it ends up reducing rates, they got it right. If we are going to criticize when they get it wrong, we should at least have the decency to complement when they get it right, especially when they are right so infrequently.

    • Guest

      You'll only get to vote for one. Whoever represents the division you live in. Not like the school district. You may already know that but just wanted to clarify.

  5. Anonymous

    This letter says that that the project is at NO COST to ratepayers, but the letter in the mail I got today announcing rate increases cites this project as one of the reasons rates are going up. Which is it RMWD? Is this a lie or complete and utter incompetence?

  6. PQConstituent

    Mr. Zenovic – You're statement just doesn't jive with the letter we just received explaining why rates are going to increase (apparently automatically, unless 50% of RMWD customers submit protest letters….).

    You have one chance to make this right, sir… or expect to meet the end of your political ambitions at the next election.

  7. PM Ketchem

    You state that the $2M for the project "…comes at NO expense to the ratepayers…". Where did the money come from …. a grant? Also, if the natural gas powered pumps are less expensive to operate then purchasing power from SDG&E, as you assert, would it not be better to use natural gas powered pumps as the primary pump source, and have the SDG&E powered pumps as a backup?

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