Drought spawns concerns of wells running dry

By Karen Brainard

Drought conditions have prompted Ramona Municipal Water District to revise the use of excess groundwater at the district’s Well Field Park, also known as Ramona Community Park.

Board president Darrell Beck said he is concerned that by August a lot of wells in Ramona will be running dry.

About four wells of varying age and depth, dating back to RMWD’s precursor, the Ramona Irrigation District, are at Well Field Park, said David Barnum, the district’s general manager. The district leases the park to the Ramona Parks and Recreation Association, which uses the untreated well water, stored in a tank, for irrigation.

In 2007, when the state was not experiencing drought, RMWD adopted an ordinance that allowed RPRA to sell excess water extracted from the park.

In light of current conditions, Barnum recommended the board repeal that ordinance to ensure there is water for irrigating the park and, if necessary, to fight fires.

With the hot spring season, there is concern that wells are running dry, he said. If groundwater at the park runs out, Barnum said RPRA would have to use potable water for irrigation and that would be more expensive.

Beck said that in the past three weeks he has experienced his personal well going dry, as evidenced by reduced pump pressure.

“If it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t put more water in the watershed,” said Beck.

According to Beck, decades ago the wells in Well Field Park supplied water to the town. In the early 1950s those wells began to run dry due to prolonged drought “and that’s why we had to import water to Ramona,” he said at the board’s April 22 meeting.

In a 3-0 vote, the board agreed to disallow sale or removal of water from the park.

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5 Comments for “Drought spawns concerns of wells running dry”

  1. ITK

    This has nothing to do with concerns for the drought. It is a personal attack by the GM on the volunteer work that RPRA provides, nothing more. Why doesn't the Sentinel go out and talk to the other side, RPRA and get the truth. Barnum has it in for certain people at the RPRA and has made no bones about it. These volunteers have put in countless hours of work to keep that park running and to be a destination point for the local community and surrounding communities as well. It's sad that someone who doesn't live in the community could care less about what type of relationship has been built between the district and RPRA over the years. And Mr. Beck you should be ashamed that you've been coned into this situation. Don't by the rhetoric people. This is nothing more than attack on a certain group of people and it needs to stop. NOW!!

    • Maria Escobar

      Boooooo….this seems to be a personal attack and threat. I do not see anything in the article to support this. I hope the Sentinel will delete these types of unfounded attacks by people to afraid to use their real names.

      • Marta Escobar

        I agree with Maria. I read the story and it seems these people are doing their jobs. The drought is everywhere in California.

        At least they do not hide behind cowardly anonymous comments. I assume all anonymous comments are lies told by cockroaches to afraid to come into the sunlight.


    As a long time park volunteer, I agree it is time to ask "certain people" at RPRA some questions:

    1. Why do all of us volunteers work for free and certain "volunteers" get paid thousands by RPRA? Please ask for a list of PAID vendors from RPRA. I wonder if "certain people" are making money?

    2. Please ask for RPRA's last audit. What did it say about the delinquent loans? Was the loan to "certain people"? What is RPRA doing about it?

    3. Is it legal to be on the RPRA board and receive thousands of dollars from RPRA? Is it a conflict of interest? Does RPRA report this income to the IRS? Legally have to.

    4. Ask the water district for all of the letters sent to RPRA warning of violations in the park?

    5. Why do our fees keep going up? Where does the money go RPRA?

    Thank you in advance for asking "certain people" these questions and for anyone else that is sick of the good ole boys giving the rest of the volunteers a bad name.

    Jason K.

  3. lightbulb!

    Jason – great questions, please send me the answers and I will take it to our next meeting. Thanks for the phone call last night and the email. I think i am finally getting some real answers. KM

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