Ramona Tea’d invites community to Meet the Candidates

Ramona Tea’d’s public forum for April 26, Meet the Candidates, features candidates for national, state and county offices.

Candidates confirmed include: Ron Nehring (R) for California Lt. Governor; Orly Taitz (NPP) for Attorney General; Duncan Hunter (R) Incumbent for U.S. 50th District and challenger Michael Benoit (Lib).; Tony Teora (R) California State Assembly 71st District; Bob Brewer and Terri Wyatt for District Attorney; and Ken Gosselin and Brad Weinteb for Superior Court, Office #25.

Bring your comments and questions to Ramona Mainstage, 626 Main St. Doors open at 11 a.m. and program begins at noon.

Selected videos will be shown prior to program. Food and drinks are available on site.

For more information, see www.ramonatead.com.

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9 Comments for “Ramona Tea’d invites community to Meet the Candidates”

  1. Ramonaguy

    LOL!!! Orly Taitz? Are you kidding me? This is why the Ramona TEA’D (Thinking Escapes Adult’s) cannot be taken seriously, is a bunch of radical, insecure, rabid right wing zealots. Even Fox News keeps the loonies off the stage, but nope……Orly you are more than welcome to Ramona to join in with the merry band of conspiracy theorist. Wow…..what an embarrasment to Ramona these people are.

    • Resident

      We could say the same for Nancy Pelosi, and a host of other leftist nut jobs. Have you heard what the Democrats in Sacramento are doing lately – gun running, are you kidding me?

      • kmanthie

        Yeah – Nancy Pelosi is involved in gun running – ok, you just go ahead and believe that. Meanwhile the rest of the mentally ill and unmedicated “tea party” nuts are doing their level best to destroy everything positive that has been done over the past 50 years and more – you reactionaries would like nothing better than to see all civil rights laws gone, destroy social security and every other safety net benefit that helps people from things like losing their homes. You people do not stand for a free country.

        • Resident

          IF you actually read the paper rather than rely on nut-job news sources and if you did a better job of reading comprehension, you'd know that #1 I didn't say Nancy Pelosi was running guns. Leland Lee, another of your illustrious Democrat nut-cases has been indicted.

          Even more so, your lack of understanding comes through with your comment about civil rights, social security and safety nets. Nobody in the Tea Party is for removing civil rights. To say so shows your ignorance. As for the other things, I guess those who are not capable of taking care of themselves love a government that will do so for them – even if it means taking from those of us who have made the necessary personal sacrifices to ensure we can be self sufficient.

  2. whatever....

    seriously Ramonaguy… do you feel threatened or what??? Let the Tea Party do their thing… I'm not for/against… just tired of the trash talk from people who think they are better than everyone else…. sheesh…

  3. Another guest

    I've always been very fond of time machines, watching all movies and series related to that since I was a kid, hoping that one day we had such a wonderful machine.
    Alas, the only time machines that we have today are political parties taking us back to the 18th century, crippled with ignorance, racism, hatred and superstition.
    Can we build instead a time machine that will take us to a better future?
    Any good engineer who wanna work on that? I'll join you!

    • whatever....

      I like your idea of a time machine… going back to when we actually had morals/values vs what we've had since 2008 :~)

  4. kmanthie

    I can't understand why people still refer to this extreme right-wing GOP that's been taken over by demagogues and fanatics as "conservative" – they are no more "conservative" than Mussolini or Hitler was – the are REACTIONARIES. They do not want things to not change – they want to see a lot of changes – all negative changes. I, myself, refuse to refer to these radical right, John Bircher-types as "conservative" – no, no, no – the word is REACTIONARY!!!

    • Reactionary

      Spoken like a true leftist. Getting back to the form of limited government the Founders intended is not reactionary – all the Marxist garbage we’ve seen over the past 40 years in this country is the true reactionary movement. But, then again, not having the government step in to tell us what we can buy, what we can eat, and how much we need to pay them to watch over us flies in the face of what everybody now seems to call “fairness”. I equate that brand of fairness to “LOSER”, which is what so many in this country have become thanks to the left-wing brainwashing that has been doled out over the past 40 years. Groups like the Tea Party are the last hope this nation has to save us from our self-inflicted death spiral.

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