Opinions vary on basketball coach traits

By Bill Tamburrino

Opinions varied from wanting a coach who encourages multi-sport athletes to one who encourages year-round single-sport play when Ramona High School’s principal and athletic director discussed and asked for comments about the hiring process and search for a new boys varsity basketball coach at the school.

David Reichner, the school’s boys varsity basketball coach for the past three years, resigned at the end of the 2014 season.

Principal Chris King told the 21 people at the April 2 meeting that, while he prefers hiring a teacher-coach, he has an open mind.

“There is nothing like having a coach that is a teacher at the school,” said King. “A teacher-coach can inspire the student/athletes academically, athletically and can help build interest in the program among the students on campus. Good teachers are good coaches and good coaches are good teachers. I am biased but I will keep an open mind.”

Approximately 20  candidates from all over the United States and Costa Rica have expressed interest in the opening, said Damon Baldwin, athletic director.

Notices of the job opening are on the CIF website and MaxPreps. “We don’t have a particular time table for hiring,” said King. “Right now we are marketing the job but not posting it. May is our target date, but that is not in stone … We want to go slow and do this right and not rush. This is an important hire. It is a great job. We have great community support, a good fan base, and we have several returning starters and good players.”

A committee will be formed when the time comes to hire a new coach, he said. “We will involve teachers, administrators, players and members of the community.”

King asked for comments from those at the meeting, specifically for traits, attributes and characteristics that they want in the next coach.

The comments and concerns varied. King and Baldwin explained that a school Ramona’s size must “share athletes” whenever possible but single sport athletes do exist. That is fine as long as that is the student’s choice and not as a result of pressure from a coach.

One person was concerned that other schools were practicing and planning summer tournaments and leagues. Ramona has an open gym on Wednesday nights, when teacher-coach Dan Marshall offers instruction and playing time for Ramona High athletes.

When one parent asked if the parents could run the off-season program, Baldwin explained the rules and laws regarding high school coaches.

“They must be first aid and CPR certified, must have passed a course on concussions, undergo a criminal background check and FBI fingerprint check, pass a coaching course, and go through the interview process,” he said

Gym time was also a concern. The wrestling team will not be practicing in the gym next season, because declining enrollment is making portable classrooms available.

Other traits that those present wanted were: a good communicator, experience (preferably college) and the ability to discipline fairly. One individual said that Facebook was not as good a way of communicating as emails.

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2 Comments for “Opinions vary on basketball coach traits”

  1. New AD

    There are several high schools in San Diego who need coaches and they are getting this process done ASAP in weeks time, so their basketball kids and programs don't lose a year of preparation. These kids should be playing together weekly and building for next season. Sadly you won't see them play together until football is over in 8 months. The basketball program will go back to being a boys and girls club program giving the football players a fun activity to do for 3 months. Until Baldwin strictly becomes the head football coach and not the AD there won't be a true year round basketball program at Ramona. The basketball program is being placed on the back burner.

    • RHS Fan

      That was not a fair criticism of Baldwin. He alone didn't select the last coach and he will not select this one by himself. The fact that a new coach has not been hired is not because Baldwin is the AD – they are trying to get community input since everybody complained about the last coach, and the coach before him. I have a better idea – how about we forego our "input" into the new coach and let the AD and the school administration do their job and make the hire? If we had taken that approach, we'd probably have a new coach already.

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