Letter to editor: Why I will not vote for a school bond

On Thursday, March 13, the Ramona school board decided that the education of my children was not their top priority. Given a choice they decided to cut a core teacher from our school teaching staff instead of cutting a luxury resource — a resource that is not required by state law to be in any California school, a resource that currently is dedicated to our school program, a resource that the teachers and parents agreed should be sacrificed given the hard choice forced on us by budget cutting.

John Rajcic spoke in favor of the proposal from our school, but Dawn Perfect, Bob Stoody, Rodger Dohm and Kim Lasley refused to support our community proposal. Our school was not allowed to willingly give up our portion of a luxury resource to save a core teaching position.

The Ramona school board offered no explanation for this puzzling decision. We offered to help them find a solution that was best for our children and they refused to work with our school community.

I cannot trust the Ramona school board to listen to reason nor can I trust them with one more penny of my hard-earned money. When a vote for a new bond measure comes up, I will be voting no.

Kim Newcomer

Ramona mother of two RUSD students

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10 Comments for “Letter to editor: Why I will not vote for a school bond”

  1. Mike

    Kim what is this luxury resource you speak of? I am very interested in the choices being made by this school district.

    • Kim Newcomer

      Hi Mike, a friend just told me about these online comments. Sorry for the long delay in my reply. Mountain Valley Academy has 50% of a counselor for the high school program. My proposal was to consider letting the counseling services go for our program so that we could keep our upper level math teacher. There is not CA law that requires a school to have a counselor. Counselors are paid more than teachers, so the swap would have saved our upper level math teacher. The board voted again on Monday, 4/28/14, to layoff our math teacher. I pleaded with them to not do it, but they would not offer any explanation or justification for this decision.

  2. resident

    Hi Kim, nothing that happens here in any RUSD school surprises me anymore. Our children interests are not considered in any decision made. At a local school level, we received the same lack of concern as you did from the board. I'm frustrated as to what course of action to take next, but rest assured, I will not vote for a bond. I also have 2 children in the RUSD. I heard a quote recently that went, "When those kids are on the Board, I'll care what they have to say."

  3. Ramona Mom

    People of Ramona need to wake up and look at this current school board and the HORRIBLE decisions they are making. Please remember when you cast your votes as three are coming up for re-election next year. The status quo needs to go!!

  4. Maya Phillips

    I think that Kim was talking about the counselor. Here is the report from the School Board's meeting from March 13th: "Three members of the public spoke in support of the proposed resolution on this Board Agenda to reduce counseling services in the Mountain Valley Academy independent study program." Kim's article is logical and nicely written, I support her.

  5. Rand

    Furthermore, choir is being cut from both RHS and OPMS yet RHS is adding a FRENCH teacher…completely unnecessary given the number of Spanish teachers…a language needed…not just "nice" to know like French. I feel sorry for all the kids who will no longer have a choir program, but thank heavens we have an alternative language…huh.?

    • Joe

      A 2nd Language was being added because of overwhelming demand from parents that have asked RHS for years to add additional languages. While it is a shame choir has to be cut, the truth is there just is not much demand for it.

      My kids are now super-excited for school next year because they can take French. They have been inundated with Spanish since 1st grade, they are tired of it. Frankly a school the size of RHS should be offering multiple languages, but the addition of French , and Japanese (after-school), is a wonderful first step!

  6. Guest

    The reason you will never know anything that's truthful is because of arrogance. Like Ms. Perfect meeting with Supt. Graeffs in the Thai restaurant discussing strategies for an upcoming board meeting. How she should be responding to other board members , union representation, how she didn't care for certain board members, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then the discussion leads to what went on in a recent closed session meeting (this is clearly a violation of the Brown Act) and numerous other discussions that are completely out of line especially in a public setting such as a restaurant. They know it's wrong but these two people are about as arrogant as I have ever seen. If you're going to have those types of discussion do it behind closed doors. Then we don't know about it. Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant!

  7. Guest

    Foreign language is necessary for college. Choir is a luxury we can't afford. I'm sure there are several church choirs that would welcome those kids who are displaced.

  8. Roni Filla

    I am amazed at what I have read in these posts to the editorial written by Kim Newcomber. I am also in awe of the decision made by the School Board to let a core Teacher go, in place of a Part Time Counselor. Mountain View Academy had the solution, the School Board didn’t listen. My thought on the decision made is MAYBE the Counselor touched more Students lives than did the Core Teacher..??? Just a thought. Not giving a reason does escape me. An Upper Level Math Teacher let go… that is sad for those Students that lost that learning opportunity !!!
    I find that Voting on/for the Elected Board Officials is a pain in the patooty. First of all, unless we know of them via Business, Conversations, or via close friends….the Names on the Ballot are just that…Names. Voting becomes a Crap Shoot. Certainly, there is very nice self- written information with background facts,and/or the desires to add/change what they can when elected, that’s great. Many Friends or Business Associates can write great things to say about Personally knowing the one running for a Position….It still all boils down to that Crap Shoot. When that Shoot is over and they get into their Elected Position…the Game and Rules change. The hidden agendas rise. Whom you thought you voted for based on the research you did do….is not the same. Good Luck Choosing that Name in November.

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