Ramona woman taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road

A Ramona woman involved in a head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital with life threatening injuries Saturday evening, reports Cal Fire Capt. Robert Ramirez with the Ramona Fire Department.

Emergency crews respond to a head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road Saturday evening.

The woman, whose name was not released, was the passenger in a vehicle that was northbound toward Ramona when a Barona Tribal vehicle crossed into its path, Ramirez reported. The male driver in the northbound vehicle suffered moderate injuries, including a possible fractured leg, and arm, hip and facial injuries.

Ramona Fire Department responded to the collision about a half mile from the Barona Drag Strip at 6:39 p.m. to find the Ramona couple trapped in the vehicle, said Ramirez, noting that the woman was unconscious and unresponsive, and the male was conscious. Both are in their 40s, according to the report.

Paramedics started CPR on the woman, and Barona paramedics transported her to the hospital. Lakeside paramedics transported the male to Sharp Memorial Hospital.

The driver of the law enforcement vehicle was on duty and on patrol and was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, noted Ramirez.

Painted Rock Road is the closest cross street to the accident scene.

California Highway Patrol closed Wildcat Canyon Road at San Vicente Road in Ramona and at the Barona Casino entrance in Lakeside while they conducted their investigation.

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8 Comments for “Ramona woman taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after head-on collision on Wildcat Canyon Road”

  1. MEGJ

    Mike – This photo at 10 News shows the words "Tribal Enforcement' on the vehicle: http://www.10news.com/news/head-on-crash-leaves-o...

    • Mike

      All of their vehicles say tribal enforcement on them but they are not peace officers as defined in this state or even by federal standards such as Sycuan PD.

      One local news agency is saying both vehicles were under 40mph when they collided. I wonder what took place that would cause the security officer to cross the yellow lines if it wasn't speed.

  2. Cindi

    I would just like to thank the woman who stopped and tried to save the passenger by doing CPR until the paramedics arrived. I hope that she knows how much people appreciate it.

  3. Omar

    Cindi it sound like you were also there before the paramedics arrived there was only a few people at the scene . I'm trying to find this woman and gentleman that were performing CPR on the passenger.. To the woman I saw performing CPR on my mother that day thank you thank you so much for your actions it means the world to me to know that such an amazing person is out there thank you ..

  4. Karl

    What a terrible tragedy. Omar, I often shudder when I think of receiving such news about my wife or son or having it delivered to them. I am so sorry for your loss.
    We are all daily drivers of Wildcat Canyon and where together with the dozens of other cars who sat down by the casino while the road was cleared. This type of accident is our worst fear come to life. Watching the cars roll out on the tow trucks was a sad and sober reminder for us all of the risk we take on that road.
    Mike, with speed ruled out, I think the answer has to be driver distraction.
    I think that it is important that we recognize the danger that distracted driving by police officers causes. Gone are the days of a beat cop with a single radio talking to dispatch. Officers typically have an onboard computer and sometimes a separate laptop, a phone or two, a police radio or two, all causing distractions. Of course, life in a police vehicle, like food and drinks just compounds it.
    The hypocrisy of police driving distracted while upholding its virtue is well documented. NBC Nightly News did a story back in 2012. http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/4989331...
    Fox 31 in Denver did their own report http://kdvr.com/2014/02/03/distracted-police-offi... This is a serious problem which demands action.

    Those people, such as Tribal Security who often operate as peace officers, often take on a persona and behavior of them without the substantive training. They therefore pose even a greater risk, when engaging in risky behavior.

    The back roads of East County are a pleasure to drive…until the unthinkable happens. Let's make sure that the police and security officers are the solution not the problem.

  5. Jeffrey

    Karl, those guys down in Barona ARE NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT. They need to obey the laws like everyone else. The vehicles are painted and marked to give the illusion that they are cops. They are there to deal with trespassers, illegal hunting and basically are reservation security guards. But they sure try to act like cops. Wild Cat Canyon Rd is under CHP jurisdiction. When you have a large casino, at the bottom of that valley, with a long windy road with thousands of drivers traversing it every day, there are going to be accidents. What do people expect. Just like the housing developments in the works for Ramona. They'll saturate an area with houses and worry about the roads later. Profit is always put ahead of protection. The sad fact is that a woman who was evidently loved by her family is dead. If it was distracted driving, that security guard should be prosecuted just like the young man who killed an elderly gentleman last year on San Vicente Rd. My father was NYPD and would tell me that even police officers are not allowed to go faster than the conditions allow or drive in a manner that is unsafe to other drivers on the road.

  6. angie

    The conclusion automatically veers towards distraction but what if the driver suffered from something medically? Has everyone read the report on the driver? It is truly an unfortunate accident but that doesn’t always mean that someone was just being reckless. I once treated a patient who blacked out due to low blood pressure they did not know they suffered from. She fainted while driving thus resulting in a head on collision. Unfortunately the driver of the other vehicle passed on and she lived. It was a freak accident. Assumptions are always made. Gather the facts before statements are made about what you know nothing about. To Omar, I am very sorry to hear about your mother. May good bless her in heaven and may your family find peace and comfort in the days ahead. RILove

  7. MainStreet Media

    Thanks, Mike.

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