TimeOut with Tambo: Coach Reichner’s resignation

By Bill Tamburrino

One day after he posted online, “I can’t wait to get our boys into their first spring tournament,” coach David Reichner resigned as the head basketball coach of the Ramona Bulldogs.

The main reason given for his stepping down was his commitment to being the recruiting consultant and associate head coach at St. Katherine College. Reichner took those positions this year and there was an immediate conflict between his job as head coach at RHS and associate head coach at St. Katherine. Reichner missed several RHS practices, an RHS game, the all league meeting, and was late to practices and a game.

“I have been blessed to receive a collegiate job offer and have accepted those responsibilities. I wish I could continue in my responsibilities at RHS, however, that cannot be at this time,” he stated.

Throughout the year Reichner posted how he has been instrumental in changing the basketball culture at Ramona High School and posting the first winning season in recent history.

“I believe that I left Arizona and moved to Ramona for a reason and purpose and that has been fulfilled,” he said on the team’s website.

Comparing Reichner’s three seasons to the final three seasons of Ken Scheib is an interesting study. In Scheib’s final three seasons, he posted two winning seasons and one winning record in league play. Reichner did not post a winning season overall or in league play in his three-year tenure.

Reichner plans to continue supporting the basketball players and basketball program at Ramona.

“I guaranteed the younger class would be CIF champs by the time they are juniors and seniors. I look forward to being there from the stands to watch it happen as their coach, knowing that the growth occurred over summer and this season was the foundation,” Reichner said online.

Reichner’s three-year record at RHS was 31-46 overall. He was 10-20 in league games.

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11 Comments for “TimeOut with Tambo: Coach Reichner’s resignation”

  1. Guest

    It had to be said. Thank you Mr Tamburrino!

  2. Paul Stevens

    He seemed like a guy that was auditioning for his next job. The whole St. Katherine's thing was a total conflict of interest. Can't we find a Ramona guy to coach this team?

    • Ramona Guy?

      Coach Dave left his home in Arizona and brought his family of 9 to Ramona, ya I think he’s a Ramona guy or he would have left after his first year when he didn’t get the teaching position he moved here for. If Ramona Admins are smart they would apologize for what they did to him and beg him to help Ramona High School and help the athletic program. He just built a college from the ground up and now is a professional head coach, huge asset to our community should be utilized to help our kids.

  3. Reality

    Ramona was lucky to get such a coach. Reichner put more time, energy and passion into these kids and this town then anyone I know. Before Reichner came to Ramona our kids never picked a ball up in the off season. Sheibs victories were against teams in worse divisions and his teams lost by 30 every game in the Palomar league. Reichner actually played top teams in the county and barely lost. Reichner came in and not only beat Mt. Carmel, Foothill Christian and Carlsbad but had every team in the league on the ropes. His team was the only league team to beat league champs, Valley Center. If Reichner would have had his first group for four years he would have gone deep into State after winning CIF. He turned the basketball program around and ended with a winning record going to CIF, and he did it with Five Freshman on the team, amazing.If he would have stayed he would have won at least two CIF championships within the next three years with his young team. If the AD or Principal actually cared about the kids, basketball, or the success of the program they would have begged him to continue to coach both.

  4. Parent of former player

    Heck, being late to a practice and missing an off season tournament game because he was coaching against University of Utah in the PAC 12, ya I think I can handle that as a parent. I’ll take that coach any day over what most high school coaches have. Now, I hear he’s coaching a professional team. What’s next he’s the coach of the Lakers and Tambo/Sheib both have egg on their faces?

  5. Basketball Fan

    Not sure why we are still talking about Reichner but the tone of this post suggests a complete lack of support on your part for the new coach. How about we give this new guy a chance before we pine for the good old days when Reichner was coach?

    To suggest the Principal and AD don’t care about the kids is ignorant. I know both and they both care about the kids and they care about sports. The AD spends his entire summer on the football field with his team and takes them to spring and summer passing leagues, as well as overseeing daily weight training and conditioning. As far as I know, he doesn’t get paid a dime to do any of that. His efforts have lead to a number of his kids getting full-ride scholarships to D1 football programs. Name another coach in Ramona who can match that success? To suggest he doesn’t care about the kids is ridiculous.

    • Dennis

      “As far as I know, he doesn’t get paid a dime to do any of that.”

      At over $110k/year, DB is the second highest-paid “teacher” in the district. I don’t think he’s doing anything for free.

  6. The AD Does What?

    “The AD spends his entire summer on the football field” What? Are there no other programs on campus up in Ramona? Sounds like the head football coach is the AD? that’s really too bad that any AD would spend so much time on one sport.

  7. Wrestling fan

    He’s probably working on game film during the day when he should be focusing on being a leader for all student athletes on campus. Sounds like he’s focused on just football, perhaps he should just be the head coach! Educators teach and preach the importance of being a good leader for all kids. Sounds like Ramona needs an Ad that represents all the student body and athletes of all sports. Major conflict of interest and lack of interest for other sports. No wonder they lost two Wrestling Coaches in two years, one being a CIF Champ and the other a runner-up, along with Dance, Band and Cheer Instructor’s, boys and girls basketball, tennis, golf, soccer and track. Doesn’t seem too many great coaches wish to work within this environment this AD establishes.

  8. Basketball Fan

    People, time to get a life! Sounds like a bunch of you are mad that your kid’s sport isn’t getting the love you think it deserves from DB, or maybe your kid got cut from the football team or something. So DB makes $110K? So what. He still makes that whether he shows up all summer or not. A bunch of his coaches do the same. They don’t get paid $110K, if that’s even the number. The point is these guys care, just like the wrestling coach cares, Reichner cared, and the new basketball coach cares. I don’t know of a single coach who coaches a team in high school to get rich.

  9. Football Admin

    First, no kid gets cut from football, our numbers are just down because people don’t want to play for the head coach. By the way $110k is rich to a lot of people, so yes plenty of coaches coach to get paid $110k to be an AD or teacher or Administrator. The only reason the AD is in Ramona is because he’s the highest paid teacher… drop that figure and he’s outa here! He has no attachment to Ramona and could care less about being an AD or leader of other sports. In his mind his paycheck is for coaching football and delegate all his AD responsibilities to the individual coaches.

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