Teacher battling an illness sent home after inappropriate act

A James Dukes Elementary teacher was released early from school Thursday after an incident during recess.

Superintendent Robert Graeff said the primary grade teacher who is battling an illness removed her pants in the classroom and wandered outside. The campus supervisor and a teacher in the classroom next door witnessed her “and quietly and professionally escorted the teacher back into the classroom,” said Graeff.

Some students witnessed the incident, he said.

The principal was called and school officials sought medical attention from Ramona paramedics, said Graeff. Once paramedics examined her, she was released for the day. She was not in class Friday.

“We’re working with medical professionals to address the illness condition,” said Graeff. “Once that’s resolved, we will take the next step, which very likely will be (she will) return to work. She will not be in on Monday.”

Graeff explained he is unable to say more because employees have rights.

“Her illness motivated her to do something inappropriate,” said Graeff, noting she took off her pants but was never naked.

“This was not a flasher,” he said. “There’s no crime.”

Primary grades are kindergarten through third grade.

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18 Comments for “Teacher battling an illness sent home after inappropriate act”

  1. scott

    why hide the so called illness from the public

    • Ramona Resident

      Nothing is being hidden, you jerk. It’s none of your business. And it’s none of mine, either. Thank God the school district and Principal are professional enough to respect her medical privacy. The fact that you know she has a medical condition should be enough to see that she’s not a sexual predator.

    • Anonymous

      HIPPA laws.

    • Anon

      Because its none of your business. This person has a right to her privacy. The article even quotes Graeff as saying, 'employees have rights' when referring to the fact that he was unable to disclose more information. If you were suffering from some sort of illness that caused you to do something embarrassing would you want the whole world to know the private details of your life? It is absolutely none of your business.

  2. guest

    Like any employee, a teacher has a right to privacy regarding medical issues. A responsible citizen should not be trying to cast doubt on the cause of a sad incident.

  3. What?

    Not exactly sure where you get that the Sentinel is suggesting she was a sexual predator. "This is not a flasher…There's no crime". Doesn't sound like ANY insinuation of a sexual predator to me. I thought the article dealt with the issue in a sensitive and compassionate way. Did I miss something or do you just have a bone to pick with the Sentinel?

  4. Ramona Resident

    We’ve clearly seen that many of the facts are wrong. And now there’s a teacher – a professional with feelings – who’se reputation is smeared. Why, why, why is it appropriate to call the news instead of working out the problem with her or the school administration??? What is this world coming to!? I thought Ramona prided themselves on being a small town that works together as family.

  5. Gunnar

    I agree with "What?" – Disgusted Wolverine" – has some reading issues or is inserting an issue not suggested by anyone other than herself – obviously this teacher became disoriented – something mentally wrong – probably has medical causes. I think she will have to have a "Clean bill of health" from Doctors before returning to the classroom. Her instability may manifest itself in other ways, perhaps harmful to her students or herself. Incidents such as these indicated the person doesn't know where she is or what she is doing – because of the children – caution is uppermost….bye

  6. Anonymous

    I hope she gets better soon.

    Who knows what kind of illness she has. She could have cancer, amnesia, any kind of serious illness and probably doesn’t remember any of it.

    My prayers go out to her. I think the newspaper handled this story very well.

    Prayers are needed. Hope she gets better soon and hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  7. Anon

    Um, no where in the article does it suggest that she was/is a 'predator'. I think you are overthinking this. The article only mentions that there was no crime committed and that she is not a flasher. First of all, it was Graeff who made those comments (not the sentinel). Second, I think those statements are appropriate in reassuring the community that their children are safe. Also, how do you know she suffered a seizure? The article never specifies that. Again, you are reading to much into this. You are trying to make a controversy out of nothing.

  8. Sandy

    Wolverine…..are ya lost there dear! Just had to say! Read…and only then, make ur comments. Wow!!!

  9. Don

    Anyone who read the Sentinel article thoroughly would realize that it was scripted without any malice. You need to apologize to the Sentinel for your remakes.

  10. MWorkman

    And Let's not forget to thank the Wetters (grandparents) who thought they were witnessing a "cover up" and called in Channel 10 to further humiliate a dedicated teacher and school staff. Take the time to get to know your (grandchild's) school, teachers and administrators. When you learn the truth, you'll see this is pathetic and sadly overblown. In addition, while I agree the actual tone of the story here is level headed, the headline borders sensational. I know those words were used by the Supe, but come on.

  11. whoseit

    Why was this necessary to report on in the first place?

    Is the Sentinel trying to up the ante on sensational journalism for San Diego County? This has no more business being in the news than the bathroom habits of the Sentinel staff.

    I applaud the comments supporting this person, but the Sentinel staff should have used sound judgement rather than the attention grabbing headline.

    If Wolverine reacted to the headline only, then the comments were spot on. Reading the article puts the story in a different parameter, but the fault lays at the feet of pathetic sensationalism perpetrated by the Sentinel staff.

    Shame on the Sentinel for calling this personal issue news and more shame for printing the article; especially with the headline.

  12. JimC

    I'm not sure why this needed to be reported in the first place. Seems to me it was an internal issue and should have remained private. If anybody needed to be told, it was the parents at James Dukes – to reassure them that the teacher had a medical issue that caused the behavior. As for the rest of us, it's one of our business.

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