Shaw gets two years for not registering as sex offender

By Neal Putnam

Two years in state prison were handed down Jan. 17 to a sex offender who gave out Halloween treats to children in Ramona.

Probation was denied for Danny Emmett Shaw II, 29, who pleaded guilty Dec. 18 to failing to register as a sex offender with the sheriff’s department in Ramona.

The probation department and Deputy District Attorney Derek Grilz asked El Cajon Superior Court Judge John Thompson for the maximum sentence of six years in prison. Thompson gave Shaw credit for 2½ months in jail since his arrest on Halloween.

Shaw, of Yucca Valley, was visiting family members in Ramona on Halloween when he was seen giving candy to children at the annual Main Street Trick or Treat event sponsored by Ramona Chamber of Commerce.

Grilz said Shaw should have registered with sheriff’s deputies in Ramona even though he was only visiting. Grilz said Shaw comes to Ramona somewhat frequently so the law requires he register in Ramona.

Shaw was convicted of a sex charge involving a 13-year-old girl in Oregon in 2003 when he was 19 years old. In 2005, he was convicted in San Diego County of failing to register as a sex offender, said Grilz.

Shaw was dressed as a zombie at the event, and some parents told sheriff’s deputies he was acting suspicious to them by insisting he give treats to children.

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5 Comments for “Shaw gets two years for not registering as sex offender”

  1. ltm

    I am always amazed how News is reported about registered sex offenders. You hear little to nothing about the real dangers of drugs for children and all their friends and family. You read almost nothing about burglaries, robberies, assaults, DUI's etc. But by god if a sex offender sneezes you read this news across the nation. Targeting is illegal but that doesn't stop the media. You read little to nothing about police brutality, illegal checkpoints by law enforcement or other constitutional abuses. But Halloween arrest of a registered sex offender is front page news. Shameful!

    • JimC

      Are you out of your mind? Not only does the Sentinel cover other crimes, they have a duty to let us know sex offenders are up to. Study after study shows that these people cannot be cures. As a parent, I want these perverts tracked and arrested if they make a single mis-step, no matter how small. The fact that you would defend them is troublesome.

  2. Luke

    ltm – the Sentinel actually does report on burglaries, assaults, and DUIs that happen in Ramona. Not sure what you're complaining about, but as a dad I'm glad to know one more bad guy is off the street, especially one who seems to have been actively trying to pursue his perversions.

    • ltm

      I agree with you Luke. I am not sympathetic to the criminal but I feel News reporters can do a better job on reporting to their community. I do read the news. My point is that you can pretty much read sex offender news 50 to 1 over the other crimes committed that do as much harm to adults, children and families that seem to go with little attention. I am not only a dad, but a grandfather too – so what? What about those criminals actively pushing drugs in schools, playgrounds, on your street corners or perhaps your neighbor. What about police brutality or the course taken by our White House that are clearly illegal and contrary to our constitution or genetically modified food that poisons consumers or our poisoned air, water and soil?

      • Marceline

        This response is'nt to appear as prejudiced towards men in general…but I cant help to think… posibably… if men were more at risk concerning sexual predators, your care may increase when you fall into the risk category, and as I do agree there are other crimes that can have enormous effcts…….but It feels to me the true tragicness of the crime isnt being considered……Sexual preditors abduct, small innocent children who havent a fighting chance against a sick mentally crazed adult….and lets not forget that while they in the hands of the perpetrator they are scared to death, physicaly abused, sexualy violated, and if they are not killed……they are left the huge giant gaping wounds that such an experience inflict and in that spec of time….those poor little babies are scarred for life if they even live thru it….I completely disagree that they dont publicize the other crimes as much as sex offenders…..Maybe you should skim back thru some past editions of the crime reports here in the sentinel. How would you feel if I told you that there have been investigations on a large pornography ring here in Ramona. Also that there was a serious arrest made on a man who lives here in Ramona. He was accused of possession and distribution of child pornography. That was one of the charges listed on the SD Sheriff website among 9 counts of burglaries, and 64 counts of possession of controlled substance he has been found guilty and will be sentenced February 18th 2014. One of my biggest concerns is I have first hand knowledge of the evidence found and turned in. It was nothing nice it makes my stomach turn to think of it. The charges imposed were'nt as stiff as evidence turned over to the law enforcement. But after seeing the 64 counts of possession of controlled substance, clearly this was some sort of plea imposed a stiffer sentence with the charging of a lessor crime unless the 64 is typo…but doubtful. His name is Randal Thomas Hook and has appeared in the sentinel for some drug offenses, but once they got the evidence of the child pornogrphy he was taken into custody and charged as such. However I have not heard one single peep as to this monster being arrested and now being found guilty…..still the community has not been made aware….and dont you think that disclosing this type of story will remind people to keep a guard up and allow the possibility of other victims comming forward? Do you think it should have been printed? I just gave you his name its public information, check for your self. Would people care to know? Have you ever heard of a man named Ezra Adams? This is what the LA times said …..A judge told a convicted child molester Friday that he will be sent to prison "for the rest of his natural life.". In one of the biggest cases of its kind in San Diego County, Ezra John Adams, 47, of Ramona, was convicted in November, 1989, of 86 counts of child molestation involving seven girls.The prosecutor and the Probation Department had recommended to Superior Court Judge David Gill that Adams receive a sentence of 270 years, which would make it one of the longest sentences ever handed down in the county.

        Gill conducted a sentencing hearing Friday, but ran out of time just as he was to announce the actual sentence. However, the judge did inform Deputy Dist. Atty. Catherine Stephenson and several victims in the audience that Adams would receive "a very substantial penalty." It might not be 270 years, he said, but when he does pass sentence, it will be enough to keep Adams in prison for the rest of his life Gill denied four separate motions asking for delays and a new trial based on recent findings by the county grand jury and the Juvenile Justice Commission that criticized the procedures of the Children's Services Bureau and the attitude of its social workers. The sentencing had already been delayed for more than two years, for various reasons..The victims were 8 to 17 years old at the time of Adams' arrest. Later they found girls that had been murdered by him….and out of the 7 girls only two are alive today. Now ???? are you saying still that reporting sex offender in the local news is hogging up all the space????

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