Students turn to Realtors for school roof donations

Editor’s note: Olive Peirce Middle School students and Friends of Ramona Unified Schools student ambassadors Casey Martinez and Caedon Barraclough-Keith delivered the following letter to Ramona real estate offices recently, explaining the need for school roof repairs and asking for assistance.

Dear Ramona Realtors:

This is Casey and Caedon from Olive Peirce Middle School and representing Friends of Ramona Unified Schools. We write to inform you that FORUS is trying to fix the disordered roofs throughout Ramona Unified School District which affect all of the students and people in our community.

When potential home buyers come to Ramona, the first thing many look at is our schools. If schools are in bad shape with visible problems on the outside, it makes people worry about bigger problems on the inside.

As an example, our gym at OPMS is in really bad condition. When it rains, water leaks and forms mold. We can get sick from lung and sinus infections from mold. Mold can also cause headaches and trouble with learning. The rain will also go through and destroy the flooring, and that will affect us in physical education such as basketball, volleyball and many other sports.

Olive Peirce Middle School students and Friends of Ramona Unified Schools student ambassadors Casey Martinez, left, and Caedon Barraclough-Keith complete letters to Ramona Realtors, seeking their help in completing school roof repairs. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

This winter break, the district is going to fix some of the worst roofs at Ramona Elementary and Ramona High School. They cannot, however, afford to fix all disordered roofs in the district. This is why FORUS is trying to raise money to help get our school roofs back in shape. As you may know, we have put almost 100 donation canisters throughout Ramona businesses, to reach out to the public for help.

As student ambassadors of FORUS, we are reaching out to the Realtors of Ramona especially for help with our Roof Project. Schools in better shape will bring more people up to Ramona, and they will buy more houses here. We would very much appreciate a donation from you.

Please mail your check to Friends of Ramona Unified Schools—ROOF PROJECT, in care of Mr. Dave Patterson, Roof Project Chair, 1003 Sixth St; Ramona, CA 92065. Also you could drop off your donation at the Ramona Sentinel office on weekdays. Your donation will be recognized in the Ramona Sentinel and Ramona Patch. If you have any questions, you can email Mr Patterson at Thank you.


Casey Martinez and Caedon Barraclough-Keith

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2 Comments for “Students turn to Realtors for school roof donations”

  1. Jane Tanaka MD

    On behalf of Caedon and Casey, and the rest of FORUS, THANK YOU to MJN Realtor KIMBERLY WARNOCK, who is leading the way by being the first Ramona Realtor to donate to the ROOF PROJECT. Thank you for your donation of $25.

  2. Jane Tanaka MD

    Roofroofroof THOMAS LEVIN, T&L ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE BROKER! Thank you for your donation of $100.

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