Alcohol likely a factor in man’s death in San Vicente Road accident, CHP reports

Update, Monday, Dec. 23—California Highway Patrol reports that William Walker, 22, of Ramona died at 1:26 p.m. Sunday in Palomar Medical Center as a result of injuries suffered in an accident on San Vicente Road on Sunday morning.
Walker was westbound on on San Vicente Road west of Wildcat Canyon Road when the vehicle traveled out of control to the left and struck a drainage ditch to the south of the roadway and rolled over on to its left said, said CHP Officer Kevin Pearlstein.
“It appears alcohol was a factor in this collision,” Pearlstein said in an email this afternoon.  

Sunday, Dec. 22—One male patient involved in a single-vehicle accident on San Vicente Road was airlifted to Palomar Medical Center this morning, Cal Fire Capt. Robert Ramirez with the Ramona Fire Department

Emergency crews work to remove the 22-year-old driver from the vehicle involved in an accident on San Vicente Road at 5:13 this morning.


Emergency crews found the male, 22, unconscious and trapped in the driver’s seat of a full-sized Chevrolet pickup. It took about 40 minutes to extricate the patient because of the damage and position of the vehicle, said Ramirez.

The accident occurred about one mile west of Wildcat Canyon Road at 5:13 a.m., noted Ramirez, who said the patient, a resident of San Diego Country Estates, suffered serious injuries. The vehicle was westbound just coming out of a curve when it appeared that it hit a tree and landed on its roof, said Ramirez.

Paramedics transported the patient to Ramona Fire Station 80 at 829 San Vicente Road, where Mercy 6 helicopter was waiting to transport him to the hospital, said Ramirez.

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30 Comments for “Alcohol likely a factor in man’s death in San Vicente Road accident, CHP reports”

  1. Another guest

    Another crash … "due to the deadly road" … or not?

  2. therese

    I am saddened by the loss of this young mans life. My daughter is Deviney who also lost her life at this location of San Vicente. My daughter Ariel is a personal friend of the young man and her heart is aching. The heart remembers most what it has LOVED best…We are keeping this family and friends close in thought as they mourn ,cherish, and honor one who is so loved,

  3. Jessika

    RIP billy u were a amazing person, a loving son and a loving brother you will be very missed by all of us. I’m still in a state of shock knowing our family lost such a good soul too soon and in, a horrible way, this truly feels like a dream but I know ur up there and aren’t in pain anymore and with the family….. we all want u back home and I know its not going to happen….. I miss you so much already and so hard holding back the tears but I have to be strong and be there for the family…… u remember we all loved you so much and will never be forgotten u were like my little brother and will always be in my heart

  4. Heather

    We just met Billy a few months ago when we moved into the back part of the duplex he lives in. It didn’t take long for us to see what a GREAT guy he was with so much ambition at his young age. My husband started hanging out with him in his garage, talking about trucks, dirt bikes & Harleys :) We are still in SHOCK. It’s SO sad, and NoT fair!! I feel SO bad for all his Family, Friends & his Girl Friend :( You are all in my thoughts & prayers. RIP BILLY

  5. Local

    How much Alcohol and Drugs were in his system? and also how much over the speed limit was he going? Guess these factors are the Road's fault too? REALLY Just glad he did not take and innocent person with him.

    • Kels

      He was drinking earlier in the night at the bar but he wasn't intoxicated the bar even made sure. He drove us to the party he drove fine and wasn't speeding or making any risks. A lot of people have died on this road. We will never know if he fell asleep or what happened. But when I left him he wasn't wasted. Why even bring up drugs? the report says nothing to do with drugs!

    • guest

      God didn't make "one of us" perfect……may Billy rest in peace! I will pray that his family and friends find comfort and peace knowing he is in the Lord's arms.

  6. solar1

    Just seen the tire marks this morning and where the truck landed. Please slow down folks.

  7. Jay

    I met Billy when he was 11 years old. My brother Robert brought Billy to my house because Billy wanted to play Baseball for Singing Hills Little League. Billy played for the Reds with my middle son Colten… I coached Billy that year and really got to know him. I couldn't have been more fortunate, Billy was my best player in every way possible, Billy was the heart and soul of that team, a true leader…. Besides being a great ball player Billy was a bit of a jokester, he had the team laughing that whole season long. Thanks to Billy it was our best season ever. What a great kid! That's the Billy I will always remember….. Billy touched the hearts of all he met and now those hearts are all broken….Myself, and my family are beyond heart broken, the only thing I can hope for, is that Billy is in a better place and we will all get to see his great smile and personality again. I know this is the hardest thing Kim & Robert have had to go through ever… My prayers are with them and I love them…….


  8. Local

    Ok, so Alcohol was a factor. What part of you cannot drink and drive don't people understand. Their is so much education out their for drinking and driving and yet people continue right on doing it, like the rules don't apply to them. It is truly hard to feel sorry for him. Self inflicted.

    • Guest

      Just because it is written doesn't mean it's fact. It is truly hard to feel sorry for you with your uneducated opinions. A young man, son and brother died and you make an ignorant remark about self infliction. I pray you never feel the pain his family is feeling 3 days before Christmas. Jerk!

    • Amarie

      Why even write anything. Many people lost a great person in their life. Keep your opinions to yourself. Things happen and people make mistakes. Saying its hard to feel sorry for him makes you a disgusting person. I'll pray for you.

  9. Guest

    If your going to throw a party with alcohol…. Why would you ever let your guest leave drunk?…. Its your responsibility to take keys!

  10. ...


    His family and friends are grieving over the loss of him and you have the nerve to write something like that knowing very well well all be able to see it?

    A young man lost his life. No one knows forsure how billy passed. If alcohol was involved or not he didn’t deserve to loose his life. Billy was a wonderful person who was a complete joy to be around. for you to write something so cruel is just proof on how this world is going to shit. Think before you speak. Words hurt people and what you said was down right ignorant. You have no right to Speak of someone in such manner.

    • Guest Comment

      Seriously Local. This young man has died and people are grieving greatly for him. Sympathy and love can go a long way. The outcome of this cannot be changed now. What's done is done. RIP Billy.

  11. Guest

    Don't throw parties with alcohol and let people leave drunk…. Don't count on the ones drinking to monitor there selves… They are not of the right mind. You have to have some responsible people at the party taking keys. peoples lives are counting on it……….. This is many peoples fault and the price is way to high!

  12. Reality

    I didn't know him. From what I read he sounded like a great guy, with a sense of humor. It is a shame that someone didn't stop him from driving after he had been at a party and drinking. RIP. Sorry to hear this news. His poor family.

  13. Scott Hissem

    So sad to lose another young life in Ramona due to drinking and driving. The road is not the problem, it is the bad decision made by the residents of our town. My heart goes out to this young mans family and friends. May we all learn from this tragedy and not make the same mistake in the future. Rest In Peace young man.

  14. Guest

    The roads are pretty bad…… Read about the other crashes in the same area, They are not all alcohol related….. You have to be very careful driving in the country…

  15. CJames

    I have a very very dear loved one, who, 4 years ago, Sunday morning, same time, in the dark, on her way to work was T boned by a drunk driver on the drivers side and almost killed. She healed physically….but her mental scars are very haunting and sincere. Last Wednesday she again was driving to work and came apon this scene and just about floored her mentally. What more can this say……I'm sad that this young man left this world so young…..and for what. Haven't we learned about drinking and driving…..EVERYONE is a victim and NOBODY leaves unscathed when anyone……anybody gets behind the wheel of a 3500 lb bullet and drives impaired. Talk about unconscious, unbridled, self indulgent suicide. Thank god nobody else was killed. Talk to your friends, children, and yourself. Life is a thread away from being taken away from any of us. I know….I'm a near death survivor myself. Our community is TOO small, and too connected that this doesn't affect every one of us!! This absolutely sucks. Every single life has value…..don't let this happen to your friend or child. When they say "I know…I Know…. Or, I'm fine, and you question their sobriety….drive em yourself, or take their keys….get in their face. Wake Up!
    I won't say more than I ve been to thousands of traffic collisions….hundreds fatal. Need I say more.

  16. bob

    Local, shut up and let his friends and family mourn.

  17. friend

    was alcohol involved in Deviney's crash?

  18. CHP

    The roads are very dangerous, please drive careful…….

  19. nikohl

    Will miss you dearly Billy, It’s too hard to say goodbye…

  20. MainStreet Media

    The report is based on information from the fire department on Sunday morning. We are awaiting an official statement from CHP about the accident. As soon as we receive it, we will post it on our website and our Facebook page.

  21. Kels

    He did pass away later that afternoon from his injuries. My roommate got the phone call from his friend . We were all with him an hour before the accident. He drove me, my roommate and his friend to the party. We were supposed to be in that car with him but got another ride home. Still hard to believe that we were supposed to be with you and when we left you we didn't know it was the last time wed see you RIP BILLY you're greatly missed by tons of people. My heart goes out to your other friends, girlfriend and family. Rest in Paradise my friend.

  22. solar1

    Kels, I hope the young man had not been drinking. If so, my views will change.

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