Breathe life into Ramona — shop locally

By Dr. Robert D. Argyelan

Executive director

Ramona Chamber of Commerce

One often reads the phrase “shop locally” with respect to the need to support local businesses that often line a town’s Main Street. Every town seems to post the same appeal and certainly Ramona is no different.

Few might understand that the cry to do so is much more than a marketing phrase, for surely the purpose to shop locally resides deeply with the symbiosis between local businesses and the community they service.

In truth, it’s not about overcoming price differences, as those of us who shop realize we can often get lower pricing at big box retailers scattered along our highways. It is quite difficult for local retailers to compete dollar for dollar in pricing simply because they cannot always buy in the quantities required to pass on large purchase discounts to their shoppers. Which begets the question of why you should shop locally if the lowest prices aren’t the purpose.

In Ramona, the importance of the relationship between the seller and the purchaser of goods needs to be more greatly understood. The dynamics of our local economy is very much reliant on this relationship, for it is one that serves to benefit both sides of the sale of goods or services.

Many businesses in Ramona are members of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce and through their membership are supportive both financially and physically in working to maintain the quality of life the community experiences.

Business owners volunteer time to help organize such events as the Ramona Country Fair and Safe Trick or Treat, donate money in support of Ramona’s athletic programs, raise funds to provide scholarships to our children, and work to maintain streetscape improvements.

Giving time and money to ensure the community enjoys the quality of life we have, the business community makes the sacrifice not because it has to, but because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a sacrifice made which results often in something positive happening for us all, and not often enough in a sale of goods that might benefit a business directly.

By being asked to shop locally, you’re being asked for nothing more than to support a mechanism that gives back to you frequently in ways of which you may be unaware. You’re being asked to help a local business make ends meet, even if that business can’t compete with the big box retailer, so that the business owner has the ability to volunteer time to a committee that helps light Ramona’s Christmas Tree, or can donate money to sponsor a community organization that just may be helping someone you know who is in need.

This holiday season when you hear the phrase “shop locally,” think more of it in terms of making your own contribution to the quality of life we enjoy in Ramona. Talk to your local shop owner and discover the many contributions he or she makes.

If they are a member of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, feel free to thank them for making a difference. As you come to know that shopping locally is really about the personal relationship you create with business owners in the best interest of our community, please realize too that the symbiosis between you two is what breathes life into Ramona.

On behalf of all of the business members of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas.

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1 Comment for “Breathe life into Ramona — shop locally”

  1. Jane Tanaka MD

    In my office in Ramona, I see pts from not just Ramona , but also many from down the hill. After appts, and befor appts with me, they like to browse and explore our Main St shops and restaurants. They are just so amazed with Ramona Cafe and Unicorn Books and our Antique Shops… and they are sincere in their praise. They have Nordstrom Rack and Home Depot. and In and Out Burger, but they enjoy the individuality of our businesses. We have something special here in our town. Our locals should not take it for granted! Also, its our smaller local businesses who are able to support our fundraising efforts without corporate consent .. We appreciate that!

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