Snowflake Book Drive encourages community to ‘let it snow’ books

Third annual drive benefits Ramona High
School Library, continues through January

As part of a schoolwide plan to promote reading at Ramona High School, the school library three years ago started a seasonal effort dubbed Snowflake Book Drive.

Students, parents and community members are invited to participate.

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“Each year we create a list from student requests and book reviews of outstanding Young Adult literature,” said Carolyn Owens, RHS librarian and media teacher.

Among titles on the list are Cal Armistead’s “Being Henry David,” David Iserson’s “Firecracker,” Amber Kizer’s “A Matter of Days” and Brandon Sanderson’s “Steelheart.”

“In addition, we hang snowflakes from the ceiling of the Ramona High School Library and create a bulletin board with the titles from our list, highlighting reading and literacy at RHS,” said Owens.

Last year was the most successful, with about 15 new titles and about $125 donated for new library books.

“These books have circulated and been read by several students over this past year and the snowflake book plates immediately let our students know that the title was part of our annual book drive,” noted Owens.

So, as Snowflake drive organizers have done in the past, they invite everyone to, “Let it snow, let it snow!”

Three ways to donate books to the RHS library are:

1. Contact the library for specific titles to purchase. These titles are placed on snowflakes that are hanging in the library. Participants can visit the library and pick a snowflake or email Owens at and she will send a list of book titles. Select and purchase a title and donate the book to the school’s collection. Each book donation will receive a book plate with the donor’s name.

2. Donate slightly used books — hardbacks and paperbacks — that are appropriate for young adults ages 13 to 18. If a student or parent donates a library book and that student has a library fine, “we will take the book in lieu of the fine,” said Owens.

3. Purchase scrip from RHS and specify that the proceeds go toward the library book fund. From this fund, the library staff will purchase student book requests.

“The staff of RHS Library thanks you for your support of the RHS Library Media Center and for promoting reading literacy,” said Owens.

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  1. Jane Tanaka MD

    Thanks for letting us know about this book drive. Emailed Ms Owens and pledged $100, toward any books she would like to obtain for the RHS library.

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