Dye/67 intersection improvements could delay other road projects

By Karen Brainard

Fixing the intersection of State Route 67 and Highland Valley/Dye roads for improved traffic flow could come at the expense of other county road projects.

That could be welcome news to those opposing the Dye Road Extension and the Ramona Street Extension.

Ramona Community Planning Group Chair Jim Piva has led the push to improve the Route 67 and Highland Valley/Dye roads intersection to alleviate the traffic backups during rush hours.

At the planners’ Nov. 7 meeting, he said Joe Hull at Caltrans told him the state transportation agency’s project report on the intersection “is completed and is collecting dust.”

That’s not good, Piva said, because the project can’t move further until it receives funding.

“Unfortunately there’s been some glitches in getting the funding,” he said.

Piva said he floated the idea of switching transportation impact fee money earmarked for improving the curvy section of Highland Valley Road — a project long down the road — to the intersection. However, after talking with San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, Piva said the TIF money would not be enough. In July, Caltrans estimated the intersection project would cost $10.5 million.

According to Piva, Jacob’s staff came up with an option for funding: delay the first phase of the Dye Road Extension for one year and delay the Ramona Street Extension for four years. If the planning group agreed to the delays,  county staff believes the intersection could be funded, he said.

“I think the public good is that intersection of Highland Valley/Dye,” said Piva, adding that he will put the issue on the Dec. 5 meeting agenda.

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4 Comments for “Dye/67 intersection improvements could delay other road projects”

  1. Joe Cahak

    I agree Jim. Good decision and the right thing given the funding priorities and money available. I support your recommendation completely. This intersection has the greatest impact to our citizens lives. Keep up the great work and representation of our community. Thank you for looking out for us and keeping the road priorities in the communities best interests.

  2. Joe Minervini

    This is almost funny. For over 10 years I have asked Chris Anderson & Jim Piva and their RCPG"buddies" to put 67 & Dye intersecton on the Ramona Top 10 Road Project Priority list. The never listened until just a few yrs ago. Piva said that he didn't want TIF monies to be used on a State project. Heck, I knew back then Ramona TIF consisted of only a few bucks and that Transnet $$ would probably be needed to fund the intersection. Either way, Jim Piva will take all the credit, undeservingly. Where was he and Chris Anderson 10-15 yrs ago ? Joe Cahak, yes, I am open for debating this issue and the South Bypass anytime you are ready. I'm in the phone book.
    Joe Minervini

  3. OMG!

    Did Jim Piva recently have a head injury?

    Jim and I have sat through at least a dozen meetings where everyone was told that you MUST fix Dye Road/Ramona St BEFOR 67/Highland Valley other wise Ramona will have traffic gridlock in town and fife and police will have limited response times?

    Unbelievably, jim seems to be swinging in the wind again and now suggesting fixing an intersection for $10 million just when Cummings Ranch plans to start building 200+ homes without fixing any of the roads in town?

    The reason the County does not take ramona seriously is because of these types of RCPG flip/flops on every issue. Instead of making difficult decisions and sticking with them. the RCPG has become a forum for grandstanding and wasting everyone’s time.

    I wish i could say this joke was funny.

  4. Buy Local

    Jim Piva granstanding, undeservingly taking credit, changing his position and making RCPG look like a joke…….anyone really surprised? Really????

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