Motorcyclist killed in Route 79 head-on

Update: A 27-year-old Michigan woman died after losing her balance on the motorcycle she was riding and being ejected onto the roadway into the path of an oncoming vehicle on Route 79 Sunday morning, reported California Highway Patrol.

The woman was northbound on SR-79 north of Harrison Park Road at an unknown speed at 9: 30 a.m. when she was unable to maintain her balance on the Suzuki motorcycle on a right-hand curve, according to the CHP report. The driver of a southbound SUV, a 43-year-old San Diego man, attempted to avoid the downed motorcyclist by swerving to the left, but the right front tire drove over the woman, CHP reported.

The motorcyclist was airlifted to Palomar Medical Center, where she died. The driver of the SUV was uninjured, and no drugs or alcohol were suspected, CHP Officer Kevin Pearlstein said.

Sunday, Oct. 13—One motorcyclist died following a head-on collision on a forest highway today near Julian.

A motorcycle and an SUV crashed on state Route 79 between Coulter Ridge and KQ Ranch Road about 9:35 a.m., according to California Highway Patrol.

The rider was airlifted to a hospital following the crash, according to Cal Fire. It was not immediately disclosed whether he or she died on the way to a hospital, or at the hospital.

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6 Comments for “Motorcyclist killed in Route 79 head-on”

  1. Carma

    I have no sympathy for motorcycle riders up here. The law allowing them to “SHARE” lanes with cars is ridiculous. Most are rude, obnoxious and dangerous. There is passing on the right, which is illegal. They pass on double yellow lines, which I’m sure was the case in Julian. Good thing they didn’t take anyone innocent with them. I feel sorry for the families left behind to deal with their loss.

  2. Shane

    Carma, I have heard a little more about the story than this article lets out. Your ignorance is astounding, and shows no respect to the life that was lost. People make mistakes and no one deserves to die as horribly as this, regardless of their prior wrongs. Assuming that the individual who lost their life wife irresponsible based on the actions of others is quite immature, and definitely makes your name for the post quite ironic.

  3. Guest

    Most are rude, obnoxious and dangerous? I'm sure was the case in Julian?

    You're a real piece of work there Carma. I hope Karma finds you well but I doubt it.

  4. S.H.

    Carma, I just wanted to let you know that “MY SISTER” was innocent! This article doesn’t explain a quarter of what happened. You have no backbone to write something like this! You did not know her, nor her family…. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you are ignorant! I know I can’t because I lost my sister…. My best friend! Thank you Shane and “guest” for having sympathy for someone you didn’t even know!

  5. JamesC

    I have read the Sentinel for the past 40 years and I am astounded at some of the comments posted by readers after an accident. Have people lost their civility entirely? I am 100% behind freedom of the press and freedom of expression, but is it necessary to post insensitive, moronic comments like those made by Carma and the scores of others who have commented on other accidents in the past? Comments like these serve no purpose other than to spread ill-will and stir up controversy, all with no point other than sheer malice. I'd prefer their comments be considered inconsistent with the journalistic standards of the Sentinel and be left to the trash-heap that is Facebook.

  6. RPL

    Carma is probably the person driving 25 mph in a 55 mph zone and complaining about unsafe passing,

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