Letter to editor: Over the top with lengthy objections

We just read another letter to the editor from Darrell Beck in the Sentinel of Sept. 12 that ran on to over 1,200 words. Darrell is a friend of mine, a good community man and a good writer, but I don’t know why the Sentinel gives him so much space rather than trying to achieve a balance of viewpoints.

Darrell has gone over the top this time, using a long lecture on the U.S. Constitution and heavy reference to his own lifetime of study and acquired wisdom (?) to support his negative view of “Obamacare.” He does not mention that Obamacare was introduced by our own present federal government that was elected and installed by the majority of citizen voters under the rules of the U.S. Constitution that he praises so highly.

The government cannot please all the people, all of the time. I opposed the Iraq war, but our majority-elected Congress gave President Bush the power to wage that war, and didn’t ask me. When Social Security was started in 1935, undoubtedly there were many people who did not want it, especially to be taxed to pay for it, but in equal certainty, many retired or disabled people received benefits that they would not have had without Social Security.

Obamacare seems to be the best that the current administration can do to help 30 million to 40 million people who have no health insurance. I think that making people pay for it like they do for Social Security is reasonable.

I suggest to Darrell that he pay attention to majority rule and the assignment of people’s power to our elected representatives, and if he doesn’t like what they do, tell them, not us, and he can work to change representatives if he wishes.

I would rather not see him fill our newspaper’s pages with objections to a government program that so many people need and want.

Bernard G. Kuhn


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7 Comments for “Letter to editor: Over the top with lengthy objections”

  1. Guest

    Well said! Not all Ramonans are raging republican tea party affiliates…

  2. Darnell

    Your statement seems to be about the editor allowing him to rant, which is ironic, but since you cite examples, they must be addressed.

    Many people like the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) such as not being denied for preexisting conditions, children on the parents plans and a few others.

    The problem is the totality of the law and the overall expense that it is costing. This is a simple case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The program takes funding from one pot and places it in another as well as raising taxes and premiums; not to mention it covers less than 10 percent of the population that really do have insurance since no one is turned away from medical care.

    There is a problem when members of Congress state that the bill must be passed to see what is in it.

    You say making people pay for health care is proper… then make those without health care pay for it. Don't raise taxes, insurance premiums for those who have it or put any other burden on all others to take care of that small percentage.

    Do MOST people really want what the administration and Congress are really offering? It depends on which pole you use to prove your position.

    Social security is a mistake as well. People are responsible for their own behavior and the government should not be the savings account for those who would rather live for today than save for tomorrow. I pay into SS, but I am also putting money away and doing other things because I am responsible for myself and my family. I do not believe that the federal government is my caretaker.

    You are right that "elected officials" can't please everyone, but they aren't really pleasing anyone with their inability to get along and compromise.

  3. Paul Ketchem

    I, for one, have throughly enjoyed Mr. Beck and Mr. Krysaks' commentaries regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare). Thier articles have certainly provided food for thought. While I may not agree entirely with either of thier arguments and premises, I do appreciate thier willingness to so ably state, and articulate, thier positions. I also appreciate Mr. Kuhn's article and the viewpoints of the respondents.

  4. Jane Tanaka MD

    Unlike the San Diego Union Tribune, which is very selective, and perhaps biased ,in what is published in its editorial section , the Ramona Sentinel has been blessedly upholding of our Freedom of Speech.. in unedited, uncensored form.
    This contributes to controversy in Ramona, but it gets everyone thinking.. and that's a good thing.
    I appreciate Bernie's comments. Its great that old friends like you and Darrell can disagree in public. Reminds me of Ramona Kiwanis and Rotarians swapping spit in the old days.

  5. Guest

    When the first deadly crash occurs on the new stretch of San Vicente Road, we'll see how Ramonans get over their differences and fix things … that'll reveal the true nature of some people in town.

    • Guest

      I guess people will have to be careful when replying as 'Guest' so as not to be confused with that guy. Nothing invalidates an argument more effectively than offering an opinion completely off subject. Unless, of course, his point was that everybody against Obamacare is heartless. If that was the incoherent argument being made, then I suppose in his eyes, there is no valid point in not wanting to go down the path of forced redistribution of wealth and diluted liberty. To that I ask, if healthcare is the vehicle to achieve those ends now; what is next?

  6. William Knowles

    Our government can never really please everyone all of the time, but they should at least try to. With their inability to get along and compromise, they’ll end up not pleasing anyone at all. Thanks for sharing this, Maureen.

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