Motorcyclist dies in Palomar Mountain accident

A 34-year-old San Diego man was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle on Palomar Mountain and slid into slow-moving oncoming traffic on Saturday, authorities said today.

Andrew Mykle Budenz was driving a Ducati about 45 to 50 mph uphill on South Grade Road, north of state Route 76, shortly after 10:30 a.m. Sept. 21. He lost control of the motorcycle and crashed, according to the California Highway Patrol and the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The rider was ejected from the motorcycle, and he landed in the southbound lane. He struck the side of a vehicle that was traveling about 25 mph, CHP officials said.

Budenz, who was on active duty with the military, died at the scene, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported.

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11 Comments for “Motorcyclist dies in Palomar Mountain accident”

  1. ndnridr

    Ive been up and down that road several times on my motorcycle, there are a lot of fools on there ninja type motorcyles who are trying not only to kill themselves but any one who happens to get in there way. Just another self induced killing, we are just lucky he didn't take some one else out with him

    • Guest

      Why do insensitive jerks insist on posting stupid comments? Just because you have the right to be a pinhead doesn't mean you should exercise that right.

  2. Military Wife

    Who do you think you are NDNRIDR?? You don’t know him. I did and the guy wouldn’t hurt a fly and wasn’t reckless in the least. He was an active duty Marine, recently back from a tour of duty. You should be ashamed of yourself for making a snap judgement about someone you do not know and an incident you were not witness to. I hope his wife and family never see your post.

    • ndnridr

      Im sorry if I offended any one regarding my comments, but there are far to many people who ride bikes in a irresponsible manner and not only endanger there lives but others on the road as well.

  3. Not the time

    You obviously didn’t know this man- why make stupid comments like this?

    He was 10 times the man you could ever hope to be.

    Nobody cares about your input and nobody will because I’m 99% positive you contribute nothing to humanity.

    P.s. How do you sleep at night knowing you have worse grammar than a 5th grader?

    • bwincali

      Wow you're quite the tool. Not the cool kind, but the useless ones at the dollar store. You start of accusing someone of not knowing a guy and then rant about someone you don't know. Pot meet DBAG

  4. John

    wow, master of the obvious. Thanks for taking some time out to listen to yourself as opposed to supporting the family that just lost a brother, son, father……

  5. Mother T

    PLEASE STOP ALL THIS….my cousin was killed on a motorcycle 40 years ago, she was 16 and on her first date, they were traveling less than 10 miles an hour in Orange County and mistakenly run off the road by a truck driver who has to live with this every day of his life. This was before helmet laws and she wasn't wearing a helmet. My other cousin owns a motorcycle shop and his father owned a speed shop back east. My daughter knows this Patriot's family and coming from a riding family she said he was one of the most level headed riders she knows…PLEASE STOP ALL THIS AND TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO THE REMAINING FAMILY…MAY GOD HELP US ALL

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