Sheriff releases names of 73 suspects in drug bust; 41 live in Ramona

Wednesday, Sept. 18—San Diego County Sheriff’s Department this morning released the names of 73 people arrested in its nearly year-long undercover drug operation dubbed Operation Mountain Shadow. Forty-one are Ramona residents.

Sheriff’s and federal officials on Sept. 10 held a news conference announcing the culmination of their investigation. The conference followed 65 early-morning arrests in Ramona and Poway that day. Due to the ongoing investigation, the sheriff’s department did not release the names of suspects arrested until today, sheriff’s Lt. Jeffrey Duckworth said.

Ramona suspects, with their age and pending charges, are:

•Christopher Acheson, 27, sales of a controlled substance.

•Juan Martin Aguirre, 39, federal charges for drugs/weapons.

•Paulino Aguirre, 68, federal charges for drugs/weapons.

•Dennis Davis, 58, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Jason Davis, 31, misdemeanor warrant.

•Jose Dinero, 41, federal charges for drugs.

•Leonel Duenas, 29, federal immigration charges.

•Bryan Easley, 43, sales of a controlled substance.

•Mark Emanuel, 54, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Michelle Francis, 24, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Amy Fry, 50, sales of a controlled substance.

•Carley Fry, 27, possession of a controlled substance.

•Horacio Garcia, 31, federal immigration violations.

•Ernesto (Ernie) Gonzalez, 51, federal immigration charges

•Garrett Jackson, 19, sales of a controlled substance.

•Nicholas Jarrett, 22, sales of a controlled substance.

•Suzanne Jarrett, 49, sales of a controlled substance.

•Jeremy Arthur Leger, 27, sales of a controlled substance.

•Tammie Lockard, 46, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Jenny Loy, 31, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Agustin Salas Lut, 27, sales of a controlled substance.

•Angela Lynn, 43, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Arthur Marin, 41, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Tomas Christopher Martinez, 45, sales of a controlled substance.

•Lindsey McNerny, 23, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Michael Mermelstein, 53, possession on controlled substance for sale.

•Christopher Pangborn, 37, possession of controlled substance for sale.

• Francisco Javier Patino, 30, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Carly Riddlespurger, 24, misdemeanor warrant.

•Alex Rivera, 29, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Miguel Rodriguez, 21, federal drug/weapons charges.

•Ocscar Rodriguez, 21, federal drug/weapons charges.

•Vincent Saxton, 51, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Rondale Sorric, 53, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Robert Todd Thompson, 55, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Dalton Thrasher, 23, sales of a controlled substance.

•Stacy Thrasher, 45, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Oscar Torres-Rodriguez, 52, federal drug charges.

•Kathleen Wilson, 48, transportation of a controlled substance.

•Todd Allen Young, 47, federal drug charges.

During the operation, law enforcement officials seized drugs worth a street value of $2.1 million, along with 76 firearms, a live grenade found at a Ramona residence, and $230,000 in cash. Drugs seized included 93 pounds of methamphetamine, 56 pounds of cocaine, 14 pounds of heroin, five pounds of prescription pills and 30 grams of marijuana. The majority of firearms were from Ramona, said Lt. James Bovet of the sheriff’s Ramona station.

Operation Mountain Shadow was launched in October 2012 in response to numerous citizen complaints and a spike in crime in Ramona and Poway that was tied to heroin and methamphetamine trafficking, said officials.

Also arrested, with ages and pending charges, are:

•Cherish Abreu, 21, San Marcos, attempt to purchase controlled substance.

•Jorge Lui Avalos, 24, Los Angeles, federal drug charges.

•Brenton Bahador, 24, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•James Marshall Thomas Beebe, 28, La Mesa, sales of a controlled substance.

•Sammy Adam Bell, 19, Poway, possession of a controlled substance.

•David Buchanan, 23, Florida, federal drug charges.

•John Castillo, 43, Vista, federal charges for drugs/weapons

•Darren Copeland, 31, Poway, sales of a controlled substance.

•Adam Cuevas, 20, Poway, sales of a controlled substance.

•Morgan Dimmit, 27, Mission Beach, federal drug charges.

•Douglas Dixon, 60, Poway, sales of a controlled substance.

•Daniel Duran-Rodriguez, 20, Imperial Beach, sales of a controlled substance.

•Rene Amaury, Garcia, 30, Vista, sales of a controlled substance.

•Jose Norbert Gaytan, Gonzalez, 33, Spring Valley, federal drug charges.

•Jesse Anthony Gonzalez, 47, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Lorenzo Juarez-Ramirez, 22, Lakeside, sales of a controlled substance.

•Eric Leitzke, 42, El Cajon, sales of a controlled substance.

•Rene Lewin, 29, La Mesa, possession of controlled substance.

•Brandon Lyles, 29, Poway, weapons violations.

•Christopher Maldonado, 38, Poway, federal drug charges.

•Erik Munoz, 28, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Israel Ornelas, 41, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Alberto Salas, 19, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Roberto Salas, 19, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Edgar Rios Santiago, 36, Nevada, federal weapons charges.

•Zachary Saunders, 21, San Marcos, sales of a controlled substance.

•David Schreffler, 23, Poway, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Aubrey Scoggins, 25, San Marcos, possession of controlled substance.

•Lawrence Simpson, 23, Poway, possession of controlled substance for sale.

•Jose Tyoran, 40, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Michelle Vasquez, 33, San Diego, federal drug charges.

•Charles Washington, 32, San Diego, federal drug charges.

Participating in the operation were the sheriff’s department, district attorney’s office, Drug Enforcement Administration Violent Trafficking Team; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; U.S. Marshals Service; Regional Auto Theft Task Force; U.S. Attorney’s Office; U.S. Border Patrol; Narcotics Task Force; and FBI Violent Gang Task Force.

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37 Comments for “Sheriff releases names of 73 suspects in drug bust; 41 live in Ramona”

  1. guest

    Garrett Jackson was one of the hot prowl burglary suspects. Well, THAT punishment was certainly a deterrent!

  2. NotSurprised

    It doesn't surprise me. I recognize some names, and some are parent and child, nice. Others I see are busy throwing stones when they should be correcting themselves. Quit the gossip about others and fix your own mess. Many people here who live in glass houses…….

  3. UGetWhatsComin

    Wow, Bob Thompson and Rondale Sorric??? Geez, nothing like ripping your families hearts out and stompin' on them! Shame on both of you!

  4. Concerned

    Ramona Sentinel, do you care to elaborate on why the Ravenkamps are now missing from this list? They are on this article you posted earlier?

    • Yep

      I was to believe it was two different raids.

      • Reality

        One raid was August 21, and the other raid was September 10. Lindsey McNerney must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time…….twice. Two different operations, yet arrested again.

    • Christina

      Exactly my point.. if any of you knew anything you would know that those are two different cases and incidents.

      • Concerned

        Christina, I do know something and that is why I am questioning this….not just for the heck of it. The name Lindsey McNerney is in the same article that mentions the Ravenkamps in the first article, and also in the second article.

        Ramona Sentinel—-Lindsey McNerney, 23, both suspected of possession of oxycotin for sale and possession of methamphetamine, according to the report.

  5. Christina

    All of you people who sit here and just talk are a joke. Especially because you don’t even know the real story of what’s going on. Just what you read. Which half the time isn’t correct. Get a lifeeeee.

    • GUEST


    • guest

      So Christina, is the fact that Mr. Jackson is already a convict part of the real story or not? Isn't this the same guy who pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property from the hot prowls that happened in the Estates? And already has been in prison? Was that a felony or a misdemeanor? Please, Christina, if we are not getting correct information, be so kind as to clarify…

  6. DeeNile

    Yes. I am sure it is all a big misunderstanding. ;-/

  7. Reality

    You normally don't see the face of, or hear the names, twice, for people who are innocent. Most of those on the list, if not all, are repeat offenders.

  8. Not fooled here

    OF COURSE it's a misunderstanding. That's why their names are on the list. They weren't REALLY selling or have a history of being arrested here in Ramona. Yes, Christina, we clearly don't realize it's just a big misunderstanding or that the other suspects in the robberies got reduced sentences for telling the cops who else was involved in the robberies. What suckers we all are. Not.


    Thanky you Christine, Nobody knows what they are talking about Garrett Jackson he just had a little baby girl you need to all back off he comes from a very religious background he is a very good person he was introduced to a very bad drug you should always watch all off your kids carefully don't know how you will be able to protect them it is the scariest thing in the world to go through he went to private religious school growing up and the person that introduced him went to private religious school also its very scary don't know how you will protect your child KEEP THEM BUSY ALL THE TIME.

    • guest1

      so it's not his fault? My brother is the one out of us 5 kids that has an issue with drugs and always in trouble. You know who's fault it is? His. Not anyone else's.

  10. lisa

    You don't know anything Garrett wasn't part of hot prowl. Garrett is a good person grew up in private Christian school he has a 2 month old baby girl he is a good person he got introduced to a bad drug by another boy that was brought up in a Christian school STOP TALKING BAD about him you nothing about him or his family everyone needs to watch out for there kids carefully I thought I did but it is who they hang around with they get caught up in all this and they are really a good person we are all suffering don't talk mean about things you know nothing about.

  11. lisa

    Don't you even talk about
    Garrett Jackson you don't know anything about his family he was raised in a good Christian home went to private Christian school was introduced to drugs from a boy that was raised in a Christian home and school so you all need to be careful and watch your children it is the scariest thing in the world he has a little baby girl now don't say mean things about people you know nothing about.

  12. Urwhouhangwith...

    Stop defending those who continually get caught previous drug charges, theft, felony fraud stolen checks and u sitting here with the he is innocent it was just found right next to him !! Wise up !! And for these parents half them have lost loved ones recently to drugs but yet there they are supplying guess they can live with that .instead of throwing the blame everywhere else sitting around watching all their loved ones friends pass away. Pathetic excuse for these adults. Ramona is now a drug problem and these arrest don’t matter cause parents will bail them out and look away. . U won’t be singing that same song when ur name gets thrown in there for association then … ??

  13. Not fooled here

    It doesn't matter if someone was brought up in a good Christian school, a jewish home, a hispanic neighborhood – those are all titles that mean nothing. Everyone makes a choice, they know the choice they are making, and you can't use religion, race or education to cast it as "the reason" they did or did not do something.

    Lisa/Jackson (pretty sure you're both the same person), they end up on the list repeatedly because they ARE doing bad things. This was a YEAR LONG investigation, not just a few minutes of a busy detective's time. I doubt it was a single transaction that occurred but an ongoing PATTERN that caught them up.

    Instead of trying to paint them as a "good person caught up in something bad" get them into a rehab program that lets them see that the "bad choices they are making are turning them away from being a good person" because you're only making yourself look naive or perhaps related to the person in trouble. You're not fooling us, only yourself.

  14. Christina

    You all can sit here and keep talking about something you THINK you know about. I’m Garretts GIRLFRIEND so I’m pretty sure I would know EXACTLY what’s going on. And I can tell you first hand that even when Garrett was going through the court process the information that was printed in the sentinel was INCORRECT. So you all can continue to believe everything you read :) Have a wonderful day!

    • Big Daddy

      I’m personally willing to wait for the evidence on his drug charges. Just fyi, though – nobody should jump to conclusions or judge Garrett, but you both make it very tempting. It took me less than ten seconds to Google his name and see his facebook page where his profile picture is him giving the finger to the camera. Classy. So whether or not your baby daddy ends up spending the next few years in prison, please do yourself, your daughter, and society a favor – keep the trashy behavior a little more private. Because whether you like it or not, it can make a difference in how successful you are in life. If we can see all the garbage you post on the Internet, so can your prospective employers. We don’t want to judge, we just want you and Garrett to stay away from drugs, stay away from people who sell drugs, get a skill, get an education, get a job, pay taxes, and be a good parent and role model for your child. Seriously, the last thing we want is for your boyfriend to go to prison or to see you on welfare, because we have to pay for it.

  15. Zee

    Only time will tell. I am sure there will be another raid sooner or later. I know there are some people that this raid missed. You don't see innocent people in the papers over and over and over………

    You have to want to change before you can. No one can make you.

    Denial is a bad thing.

  16. Guest

    It doesn't matter what type of home you come from. Everyone on this list made a choice to choose drugs. They chose that. Now they are selling it to our children. I am personally glad they are off the streets. Let's clean up the streets and keep our children drug free so they have a chance to be productive adults who do something with their lives other than get high.

  17. Shadia

    I agree we all have a choice but sometimes for different reasons we choose the easy way out.. Gangs, drugs,(crimes) cause "the right way" is far from our hands.. I know someone from this list and he is a wonderful caring person.. Always looking out for his mom, supporting her in every-way possible. Wonderful son.. We can all sit here and point fingers, but that doesn't makes us better then all the "criminals" listed.. John 8:7 let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.. We all make mistakes it's part of being human, am not saying it's ok.. I have kids of my own and I wouldn't want them around drugs..I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.. We can pray for them and wish them the best… Don't spit into the wind cause you never know what the future holds. We all have family.. Before you start preaching please take a look of yourself and all family members..

  18. Christina

    Reading back on this makes me laugh now. Because it was such a waste of my time to sit here and try and defend Garrett to a bunch of people who don’t matter. What’s sad is that you all believe everything that you read in the sentinal.. like the last story that said he was arrested right after he supposedly sold to an undercover in front of a restaurant. WRONG! He was already in jail fighting another case. Garrett made his mistakes in the past but what you all don’t get is all this trash talking bullshit doesn’t help them. Now that Garrett is getting the help that he needs he has been clean and on the right path. And taking care of his consequences for things he did and did not do. So next time before you all start trash talking make sure the story you are reading has its facts straight!

    Oh and if you think someone isn’t “classy” because of a middle finger in a picture from when he was 16 on a profile he doesn’t even use anymore than your pathetic. Find something better to do than googling people. Come on!

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