County presents pathway divider plan for San Vicente Road project

By Karen Brainard

The county anticipates construction on the San Vicente Road Improvement Project will start in the spring.

County staff presents this post and rope barrier in Flinn Springs as an example of what will be used to divide the pathway from the bike lane on San Vicente Road. Several equestrians in the community had requested this type of barrier. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

Steve Ron, project manager with the Department of Public Works (DPW),  gave a presentation to the Ramona Community Planning Group at its Sept. 5 meeting, informing members that a post and rope barrier can be added between the proposed pathway and the bike lane, as requested by equestrians, and that the county cannot install a left turn lane on San Vicente Road at Gem Lane because that location does not justify a turn lane.

Construction to realign and widen San Vicente Road from Warnock Drive to just east of Wildcat Canyon Road for safety purposes, originally scheduled to start this fall, was delayed because agreements could not be reached with the owners of two pieces of properties needed for right of way, so the county initiated eminent domain proceedings. Ron said the county expects to take possession of the parcels by December and go to the county supervisors in January 2014 for authorization to advertise and award a construction contract. Construction would probably start two to four months after that, he said.

According to Ron, the equestrian community had requested a landscape barrier between the road and the pathway.

lanner Jim Cooper, right, asks Steve Ron with the county Department of Public Works about the rope that will be used in the barrier along the pathway. Seated next to Cooper are Dennis Sprong and Paul Stykel. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

“And that turned out to be somewhat expensive for us to install and very expensive to maintain,” he said.

A post and rope barrier — similar to a split rail fence with thick rope used for cross rails, was suggested by equestrians, but for safety reasons the county wanted clearance area around it, according to staff.

After meeting with Supervisor Dianne Jacob Ramona equestrians and parks and traffic staff, Ron said it was determined that the 10-foot wide pathway that would act as a horse trail could be narrowed to 6 feet, 8 inches, which would allow room for a 2-foot, 4-inch clearance area, and an 8-inch berm between the pathway and the 5-foot bike lane.

“And now we have enough room to put up a post and rope barrier instead of landscaping,” said Ron.

Every 40 feet there will be a gap, he said, so horses could pass. Calling the barrier a “visual wall,” Ron said the posts will be 3 feet high, and the 1 1/2-inch rope will be about 2 feet off the ground.

The RCPG approved the post and rope barrier 9-1, with Jim Cooper, who preferred that a more visible and weather-proof white 2-inch nylon rope be used, opposed. Members Chad Anderson, Torry Brean, Richard Tomlinson and Kevin Wallace were absent.

Planner Eb Hogervorst noted that there were two fatalities in one week — 18-year-old Victoria “Tori” S. Richeson on Aug. 22, and 74-year-old Kenneth Crane on Aug. 29.

“It can’t happen soon enough,” Hogervorst said of the road project.

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4 Comments for “County presents pathway divider plan for San Vicente Road project”

  1. Joe Cahak

    Thanks to the RCPG for being so proactive and cooperative on this seriously needed road safety improvement. Eb you could not be more in tune to state this can not happen soon enough. I wish to extend my thanks to RCPG for all they have done to keep this project going and on the top of the county improvements list for years after we worked so hard to get it there. My hat's off and my deepest thanks to you all for helping us concerned citizens make this happen to try to save some of our most precious resource, our kids, neighbors, family members and relatives. This is huge for our community and shows we can make the right thing happen in our community and overcome the nay-sayers. We had enough of complete inaction imposed by a disgruntled few in this community, who seem so dedicated to keep things as they are forever. Time to grow up and address our problems and issues and work for the community good.
    Of course this effort would not have come to fruition without the help and full support of Dianne Jacob our County Supervisor and I am proud to say my friend. Thank you Dianne. I will never forget the help and support you gave us and me. Thanks for asking me to get involved and make a difference. I took your challenge and helped make it happen with your help. While many who have been impacted by accident on this road rarely speak out, I have heard form several who thanked me for speaking out on this and fighting for our road safety and seeing this road gets the improvements we can live with.

  2. Mike

    Why do most residents want a turn lane for Gem and upon hearing the needs of those who live this road each day, the county just tells us No, it is not needed. If we say its needed than just give it to us!

  3. Joe Cahak

    With the full width shoulders, it is not as necessary. You will already have an 8 ft minimum shoulder. It will be dirt but certainly navigable at low speed and would only serve right turn from south bound lane. The value would be very limited and would have to go thru planning, redrafts, approvals and easement purchase etc. Do I really have to expound more.
    No, we need full speed ahead with the plan we have. We have debated, improved and bitched about it for 15 years. We are done. Improve this damn thing ASAP.

    Any adjustment can be thought about after we get this done and see the impacts. Then the community can decide what else we have to do to improve the safety factor, more enforcement or otherwise. The gain from this is just too great a positive impact for us to delay for anything else.

  4. Truth

    Didn't know the residents of Gem Lame were Traffic Engineers and can evaluate a roadway to determine whether or not a turn lane is appropriate. Just because you want something doesn't mean its necessary.

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