Speed is the real culprit

I listened to the sirens racing past my house and then the eerie silence that follows when the road is closed due to an accident with fatalities. This was the second such accident in one week.

The easing of the curves on San Vicente Road will help reduce the threat of accidents, but the real culprit is speed. County road standards preclude the reduction of the posted speed limit, which is currently 50 mph. If we all left just five minutes earlier, and drove more slowly, we could effectively reduce the occurrence of all accidents, some of which are fatal.

That being said, 45 mph is more in keeping with the “country road” that San Vicente is supposed to be. If the speed limit can’t be lowered legally, perhaps we as residents can opt to slow down voluntarily.

Reducing speed would reduce the number of families having to mourn the loss of a loved one. How many deaths will it take before either the speed limit is lowered or we simply slow down?

Kathy DaSilva


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8 Comments for “Speed is the real culprit”

  1. Robin Joy Maxson

    I agree with Kathy on the speeding issue. We live on SR 67 and many drive as if this was a freeway. Our stretch of this highway has dozens of driveways with folks slowing on the highway to go home or pulling out onto the highway to go to work, school, shopping, etc.
    Long ago there was a wonderful bumper sticker in Ramona that stated, "Please slow down in our country town." Perhaps another campaign to remind drivers that this is a country town and that these are "rural" neighborhoods would help?”

    • Michael

      Make no mistake, Ramona isn't rural anymore, it just lacks the infrastructure and development needed to meet the current needs of its population. This is why county is spending 40+ million on one road, this is why the state government has a task force just to deal with SR67, this is why the equestrian and winery ordinances were heard and passed. It isn't because the rural town spoke up, it is because we are not seen as rural. Rural towns do not get that kind of attention or money spent on them. Ask someone in Pine Valley when the last time was the county spent millions of dollars on a single road for them or someone in Campo when was the last time the state came in to see if they could improve SR94 in their area. It won't ever happen until they grow out of their "rural" status and that may never happen for some areas but it has for ours.

  2. Guest

    Having lived here my entire life I have seen Hwy 67 widened and realigned no less than three times. Has that helped resolve the speeding and resulting accident situation? Nope, not one bit. It has actually made things worse.

    • M.Workman

      So with the population increases and corresponding traffic levels, do you have the statistical data to back this up? Worse? I can tell you this, no one has hit the trees on 67 that were removed. Yes, speed kills. Always has, likely always will. But the removal of trees and rocks formations in close proximity to the roadways will reduce the number of seriour injury or deadly crashes by people not bright or savvy enough to slow down.

  3. Herve Auch-Roy

    Kathy and Robin and "Guest" (and many others as well), I cannot agree more with you about speed and distracted driving being the root cause of crashes (in addition to drugs and alcohol).
    However, while planners have the best intentions by widening and straightening San Vicente Road, the goal that they keep communicating is "Widening and straightening the road so it will forgive excessive speeds and allow to anticipate with longer lines of sight for DRIVERS." Translated into the language of speeders and distracted drivers, it means "Yeeepee!!! We'll be able to drive even faster while using our phones even more often!".
    This very typical of a wrong communication scheme.
    The project should have been labelled "San Vicente Road Project to crack down on speeding and distracted driving", with the main goal communicated as "In order to allow for speed traps and longer line of sight for LAW ENFORCEMENT, the San Vicente Road will be widened and straightened. The goal is to crack down on speeders, distracted drivers, drugs and alcohol use while driving."
    It's still time for the Planners to adjust their communication … but are we really going to see more law enforcement on that stretch of road once the project is completed? I doubt it as no money has been set aside to fund it. Al the money goes into the road.
    The $24M (road) + $12M (utilities) budget would have funded a simple re-paving and a dedicated police officer with his vehicle, radar and binoculars, patrolling San Vicente Road and the Estates for the next 30 years. Instead of that, we make it easier for speeders to speed even more, and for distracted drivers to be distracted even more. There must be a different and longer term agenda that we don't know of yet … like the creation of a whole new town around the Estates ("Estatestown")?

  4. Michael

    Ramona is not a rural town anymore and hasn't been for years. Julian is rural, Campo is rural, Boulevard is rural, Warner Springs is rural. Time and population have caught up to Ramona long ago. I believe that the majority of those who are stuck in a false reality are good people with great intentions. Your heart is sound but it clouds your reasoning. It is time that some of you bite the bullet called reality and accept it. If you moved to Ramona thinking it would stay rural throughout your lifetime I am sorry for you it didn't turn out that way.
    The county government does not recognize Ramona as rural when it comes to many things regarding new infrastructure ideas. They do see us as having old buildings which are out of code (grandfathered i'm sure), areas of poor drainage prone to flooding and almost no sidewalks to speak of. But that doesn't make us rural, that is simply part of our history when we were rural, long ago. Those of you intent on keeping Ramona rural are fighting a battle that has already been lost. You keep showing up to the battlefield but the other side claimed victory many years ago.

  5. Michael

    2nd Part split from first post:
    Why does this need for a reality check matter? Because anytime we have to deal with something regarding infrastructure, a group of you make judgments based on a false reality. It has nothing to do with my personal wishes it is about making an educated opinion so that it will be sincerely taken into account. When a government representative hears someone say "Ramona is rural" or "this plan isn't good for a rural Ramona" secretly, they are laughing inside and stop listening to what you are saying. Even if your idea was a good one, it was based on foul logic and will never get off the cutting room floor.
    If you want to be heard you have to change the way you are perceived. If you have objections or concerns or wishes or wants they have to be based on the same reality that everyone else who is in a position of power is in.

  6. Joe Cahak

    Herve you are again posting opines that are based on opinion only and not the facts as to what road standards are and what can be done with San Vicente Road without major improvements. You are wrong. We cannot get more enforcement without the widening and shoulder improvements period. This is a fact. CHP will not speed enforce San Vicente as it currently exists as it is too unsafe to try to spot anyone, much less safe for them to park on road side. Get a clue and stop spreading your bad opinions please. Just thank the Lord, no one from your family or friends has been effected yet.

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