Letter to editor: Don’t let Obama bomb Syria

The president seems dead set on punishing Mr. Bashir al-Assad and has chosen the use of chemical weapons as his justification. Murder is awful, but it doesn’t mean that my tax dollars should pay for U. S. military strikes in a foreign country.

Who do we think that we are? Contrary to Mr. Obama’s belief, the quality of life and well-being of Israel is NOT his poker chip. Bombing of strategic locations in Syria does not impact Mr. Bashir al-Assad. It simply destroys assets belonging to the Syrian people and gives justification for other foreign sympathizers to react.

Because this president screams of weakness on the world’s stage, it’s dangerous to many parties to let him strike using military armaments. If Congress desires to punish the right Syrian leaders and to curtail the use of chemical weapons, I suggest that we identify all top tier Syrian personnel enabling the success of Mr. al-Assad and make ALL of their monetary assets disappear, leaving them owning only the clothes on their backs. Issue a notice that if their atrocious actions against the general population continue that ALL assets will be removed from their spouses, children, children’s children and from a second tier of Syrian leaders as well.

The U.S. has excellent Internet skills and also knows how to inflict financial havoc on an individual. It doesn’t take military armaments to deal with thugs. I believe that such an action would put a stop to that crap in a heartbeat.

This president hasn’t provisioned our military to use it in this potentially volatile situation that could rapidly escalate beyond Syria. We know it, our elected officials know it, and our enemies know it. U. S. military readiness coupled with this president, weakened by his narcissism, should be reasons enough NOT to grant this commander in chief the OK to strike Syria.

Carolyn Dorroh


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