In response to ‘Voices warning of tyranny’

Mr. Beck seems to know a lot about tyranny, doesn’t he? Perhaps he could look at himself and a couple of other Ramona Municipal Water District directors for a definition of  “tyrannical.” There are three directors who appear to be “stay at home Ramona residents” who do not have to be working men/women whose jobs are down the hill.

Mindlessly, and with what motives, the three directors voted 3-2 and changed the time of the RMWD public meetings to accommodate themselves at 2 p.m. Historically the RMWD meetings have been held during the early evening hours to accommodate the public’s ability to attend these public meetings. The three directors seem to have tried to impose their will and in doing so they excluded the working man, Kit Kesinger and others, from being able to keep a day job and be elected to the RMWD. These three directors are forcing Kit Kesinger to choose between being elected to a duty that represents the people who voted for him or keep his day job.

We, the working people, are now unable to attend meetings with important subjects that clearly we pay for with hard-earned money. We are not allowed to have representatives unless they can afford to live by the rule of a small majority that effectively takes away our rights, Mr. Beck.

The public is not fooled or served by bait and switch rhetoric. Attending open meetings is the democratic right of the working men and women in our country. The hours of regularly scheduled RMWD meetings must be open and honest and represented by the people who elected their choice, not the choice of 3-2 members who hold sway over Ramona in one of the most important and financially critical positions in Ramona and San Diego County.

Vivian Osborn


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