Ramona man, 74, killed in head-on collision on San Vicente Road

A 74-year-old Ramona man was killed in a head-on collision on San Vicente Road, south of Warnock Drive, around 7:45 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, according to authorities.

The County Medical Examiner’s office reported that the victim was the sole occupant of a 2000 Ford Ranger traveling north on San Vicente Road when the driver of a 2007 Ford Ranger heading south drifted into the north lanes and collided head-on with the vehicle.

The 19-year-old Lakeside man driving the 2007 truck will be arrested on suspected charges of distracted driving, said California Highway Patrol Officer Brian Kattke. The officer reported that the Lakeside resident reached for a box that fell to the floor of his truck just before the accident occurred.

The name of the Ramona man has not been released by the medical examiner’s office, pending notification of next of kin.

Update: Aug. 29, 9:30 p.m.—California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Pearlstein reports one fatality in a collision that occurred tonight on San Vicente Road one-half to three-quarters of a mile west of Wildcat Canyon Road, near where 18-year-old Victoria “Tori” S. Richeson of Ramona died in an accident last Thursday evening. The road is blocked between Wildcat Canyon and Warnock.

Ramona/Cal Fire Capt. Bert Ramirez reports that an elderly man was killed in the head-on collision involving two pickup trucks. The driver of the other vehicle was uninjured, said Ramirez.

Original report—San Vicente Road is blocked between Wildcat Canyon and Warnock while emergency crews respond to a fatality on San Vicente Road near Deviney Lane, according to California Highway Patrol. No other information is available. CHP received the collision report at 7:47 p.m.

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27 Comments for “Ramona man, 74, killed in head-on collision on San Vicente Road”

  1. Mike

    Just caught the 11PM news and CHP is reporting the other driver has been arrested for Gross Vehicular Manslaughter. Appears there was enough information at the scene to determine the arrestee was distracted with something in his car which had fallen on the floorboard of the passenger seat and in reaching over to grab it crossed over the center line. Of course the innocent driver died.

    I know that less curves will help us drivers but I sure wish the county planners would trade the horse paths for one or two more vehicle lanes. And with the recent fatalities, I can't imagine anyone in their right mind who will dare to ride a horse or a bike on San Vicente once the project is complete.

    • Ally

      As a horse owner, I agree and would absolutely never ride my horse on that road or many others. No matter how great the horse, they are as unpredictable as drivers.

  2. Mike Loranger

    How many more people have to die before we fix this God forsaken stretch of road. Despite the over 70 major collisions in the past five years, the group of Ramona village idiots continue to try to delay improvements to this road. What will it take? If we name a street in Ramona for each victim, when we run out of streets can we then agree to fix the road? This entire situation is surreal. I’m completely disgusted with this town.

    • pete

      it's not the town it 's the people that run it.
      Run for office and do something about it .
      Talk is cheap!!
      I do agree the roads need improvements bad!!!!!

    • GUEST

      Mike if you are disgusted with our town move out Ramona is a great town. My family drives these roads on a daily basis over the last twenty years, I pray we are never killed in an auto collision, it's unfortunate The ones who die in these preventable collisions are usually the ones not at fault. Have you thought with more lanes and possibly straightaways some drivers will continue to drive reckless by speeding and passing more frequently, adding to their bad driving habits. So when they crash they will take out more people and cars, People have to slow down, pay attention, and quit driving under the influence. These roads do not kill people, it's the idiot drivers not following basic rules of the road that kill the innocents. My prayers go out to the victim's families.

    • annoyed guest

      Excuse me Mike… how do you "fix" human error Speed, drinking, texting, inexperience…. these are human issues not road issues. If you are so disgusted with this town, you always have the option to move….

    • Jason

      It has nothing to do with the road. You fix the road and gauranteed there will be more accidents because as you say the Ramona village idiots will just drive faster.
      The road has nothing to do with how people drive they will still be irresponsible

    • guest

      If you are so disgusted then move!

      Again, you want to blame the road when the facts bear out that the road did nothing to cause the accident; a careless driver did.

      This too is a sad tragedy but blaming the road is just plain stupid.

      By the way, the road can’t be fixed overnight.

  3. Mike D

    If a straight road will fix the problem then why are they discussing placing concrete barriers on 67 from Lakeside to Ramona which includes along the straight portions of the road? It will cost millions to "fix" the road, how much are signs that read "reduced speed ahead" and 40MPH signs along that stretch of road? I'm no tree hugger or do I care what they do with the road but come on wake up. If it's the road that's causing the issue then I've been right all along, "it's my pencil that's been making the mistakes, not the way I use it".

  4. Guest

    Time to install concrete barriers on all the roads in Ramona. TIC. Once again a distracted driver is the culprit, not necessarily the roads. And a shout out to the fool in a dark Camaro who blew by me on 67 last night traveling at least 80 mph.

  5. guest

    If the road is bad (?), then all the more reason to stop doing other things while driving! Just drive the car, give 100% of your attention to driving the road. Calls, texting, eating, makeup application, etc., can all wait until you arrive at your destination. Until people take responsibility, these collisions will continue. They are NOT accidents. They happen because people are not doing what they should be!

  6. Lynn

    I offer my condolences to the family of the man that was killed last night.

    BUT, come on people it's not the road! Create more lanes people drive even faster. With people STILL using their cell phones in their vehicles, I don't care what you do, there's going to be accidents. People also drive this stretch of road to fast, as evidenced by the young girls death last Thursday, she was going 65 miles per hour.

    I live on the stretch of San Vicente that was widened and a continuous center turn lane installed. Yes it's safer to turn into my driveway, I'd get rear ended frequently if it wasn't there. But I can't tell you how many times a day I see people using that turn lane to pass cars that they perceive as going to slow. Speeding has always been a factor on San Vicente, it's just gotten worse. I would like to see more CHP and Sheriff's Dept. officers patrolling that road. It just might get people to slow down. I can hope.

  7. Herve Auch-Roy

    Mike Loranger, you are as upset and disgusted as we all are, and we need to stop bird-name calling, because it doesn't help resolving the issue.
    The "Group of Ramona Village idiots", as you call us, is only asking for immediate measures that will prevent people from speeding, and encourage them to keep their eyes on the road at all time, which has been identified as THE root problem.
    Just like you, I am sick and tired or reading these articles, and just like you, I want to put an end to it. I would rather read articles about soaring businesses and rising employment in our town.
    I understand your point that a wider and straighten road will help forgiving some driving mistakes, and I agree that it might save a life or two.
    But we, all "Ramona idiots", claim that we need to do much more than just wait for the government to widen that stretch of road (which will take another couple of years to be completed, if not cancelled due to sequestration) because it doesn't address the root problem: speeding and distracted driving.
    Why don't we put together a local ad campaign targeting young drivers (and irresponsible ones), promoting lower speed and "eyes-on-the-road" kind of messages? This ad campaign would run in the local newspapers, online on the Sentinel and other local online media, we could set up a couple of flashing ad panels on each end of that stretch of road. Such an ad campaign would have a direct effect while the road work is still under discussion. Why don't we get together and sit down with Rob Weinberg (the Sentinel's "Mr. Marketing" guy), and work together on this ad campaign? I'm sure that local Ramona printing businesses will be happy to get that business, as it will help them stay in business. A win-win deal for all, I believe, helping to save lives and keep Ramona in business.
    Why don't we also sit down with our Sheriff right now and put together a plan with him to crack down on speeders and distracted drivers? As citizens, it is also our own responsibility to make our own roads safe, and I'm sure that the Sheriff will appreciate seeing us involved in it.
    Widening the road will take time and we all know won't be enough, so let's take actions that will have immediate effects in the mean time.
    If that proposal suits you, Mike Loranger, then please Google my name and call me. I'm more than willing to work out a solution, as I'm on that stretch of road almost every day. Same thing to all readers here.

    • jewels1216

      Herve – I agree the problem is the drivers! However, we need to STOP this 'improvement'. There are so many flaws with this plan. I agree we have Ramona Village idiots, but they are loud obnoxious ones that do not represent us! Just because you are the loudest doesn't make you right.

      All of these accidents would have happened with this so called 'improvement'. This young man would have still killed the driver of the red truck. There aren't concrete barriers between the lanes! Lets see, widening the road worked so well on Hwy 67 that they are now trying to figure out what to do there! So no, giving us a shoulder would not have stopped this accident! Tori would have still gone off the road, only should would have hit and killed some child walking the path or horse/rider and maybe herself as well. And the young girl driving on bald tires in the rain, yes that would have still happened, unless we are going to install non-slip roads.

      Why is no one sees the failure of this 'improvement'??? We need to lower the speed limit to 35, where we will have a chance to survive the crash, and leave the trees and curves alone. Where else has that beautiful canopy of trees???

  8. Steve

    Coming home from the Chargers game last night….turned right off of Wildcat to head into the Estates. The road was still blocked and at the time I had not heard about the accident but any idiot with a first grade education could have figured out why the road was closed. As soon as I turned right one of our village idiots passes me accross the double yellow lines barely avoiding on coming traffic. I tried to keep up as I was going to follow him or her and have a word. I was at 70 mph on the straight away and was losing ground….Mike, it is surreal and this town is out of control. Could not agree with you more.

  9. Michelle P

    Instead of pointing fingers let’s look inward. Have you ever been passed on San Vicente’s S-curves (solid double yellow lines AND curves)?! I have…on more than one occasion and once by two cars. Both times my young children were in the car. To top it off I wasn’t driving slow, but already 5mph over the limit. How can anyone think that straightening the road will slow traffic as opposed to making it easier to speed? I feel sad for those that lose loved ones, even those at fault, but to call townspeople idiots for not wanting to encourage wrongdoers is disgusting. Maybe the right question to ask is how many selfish acts like speeding and unattention that cause accidents like these have to happen before people look inward and change their own wrongdoing? Also we need to express to those around us to take individual responsibility. Thank you for reading.

  10. Dwayne

    Maybe if the driver was not distracted by picking up a box from his floorboard, this accident would not have happened.

    Fix the Road…Fix the Road…that will not fix careless drivers!!!!

  11. Brian

    I know this man personally, he is and was a great man.

  12. E Kraus

    Anyone who lived in Ramona over 30 years ago remember "Pete's Rock?" A few deaths occurred on the way into the Estates where there was a big boulder right into a turn. After several deaths, the road was finally changed. There will always be accidents. They just don't happen, they are caused. While a pretty stretch of road, the volume of traffic in & out of SDCE, as well as Barona having a casino, has increased the odds. I've lost a brother to Ramona roads, I remember the MacCalister girls being killed on the way back from a track meet on this road and now Tori Richeson who I've known since birth. Now an innocent man who was just driving home. Plus countless others. The grief is immeasurable. Aside from putting governors on vehicles so that no one can go over 45 mph, the best way is to make the roads safer. There are no acceptable losses as far as these families are concerned. Those who blame bad driving may not realize that the victim isn't always the one that causes the accident. No one DESERVES to die!

  13. Kohl Denney

    I've grown up in Ramona my whole life and had a close friend pass away on this road. BUT even still I know that roads don't kill people, people in cars kill themselves / each other. I am sympathetic to all fatalities though.

  14. dan7867

    It is not a problem with the road. It is a problem with people not controlling their vehicles. How else do you explain the thousands of other cars that make it safely through that corridor?

  15. Bob Loblaw

    Why cant they build a divided road with two lanes in each direction like Scripps/Poway Pkwy, Ted Williams Pkwy, etc.

  16. Guest

    I don't care if they cut down every tree and blast a six lane highway through that stretch of death and destruction – as long as they do something before my kids start driving. That road is not designed to handle the traffic it supports. Any traffic/highway engineer with half a brain knows it is less than adequate. At the very least it needs to be resurfaced and should have culverts put in where CHP vehicles can park and safely enforce the speed. As it stands now, no CHP officer without a death wish would park anywhere from Wildcat to the Open Space preserve.

    • Mike

      Guest I agree with your end statement. Non-Law Enforcement persons don't realize the techniques and thought processes that go with vehicle positioning as it relates to speed enforcement. There is no where a sedan could set up that the officer would not be in danger and would also be putting others in danger. Additionally, there is no where safe to pull someone over along that stretch. As it is currently designed, the road is pretty much a "no fly zone" for law enforcement as they can only respond to things which have already occurred and not necessarily work on preventative measures. Cops can't fix stupid and should never put their lives in danger trying to do so. I consider that stretch of road to be "Enter at your own risk" until changes are made.

      • jewels1216

        Mike – what about in front the 'dog'? That seems long enough for CHP to sit safely off the road and pull out safely. They can pull them over once the crest the hill on San Vicente. Coming into town, they can light them up after Wild Cat, and lots of room for a stop anywhere along there. Its not like they have to turn on lights and sirens immediately after witnessing the speeding. Since you are LEO, wouldnt lowering the speed limit allow for the survival rate to go up on the crossover accidents?

  17. Guest

    How about we just push all the mangled vehicles over to the side of the road and leave them there as a visual reminder

  18. Mike

    I have a teenage driver and remind him everyday to drive carefully, stay off his phone, don't speed, pay attention, etc…
    I also show him every article about these accidents as a reminder of how easily these accidents can happen and I remind him that I don't ever want to read an article like this with his name in it.

    Changing the road WILL increase the speeds of the drivers regardless of age and WILL increase the accidents which WILL be more fatal then many of them currently are due to the speeds. The only solution that makes sense is driver education on a constant basis and some self control for all ages!

    Unfortunately as long as there have been cars there have been car accidents; now that there are more cars there will be more accidents.

    As it has been said before we are the only ones responsible for what happens on the road behind our cars and straightening the road is NOT going to help things but will make matters worse.

    I can't stress enough that we need to PAY ATTENTION WHEN DRIVING!

    My heart sinks everytime I hear of a fatality accident as it does in this instance.

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