Ramona detectives seize drugs, marijuana plants, arrest 13

In two separate incidents within 24 hours, law enforcement officials arrested 13 Ramona residents — 12 on suspicion of various drug charges and one for beine a parolee at large, said Lt. James Bovet with San Diego County Sheriff’s Ramona station.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 21, detectives from the Ramona station assisted by the Poway Criminal Apprehension Team, served a search warrant in the 800 block of B Street and seized oxycotin, methamphetamine and an illegal weapon, said Bovet.

Arrested were Todd Hillman, 51, suspected of possession of methamphetamine and possession of a dangerous weapon; Bill Smyth, 55, and Ryan Cannell, 28, both suspected of use/under the influence of drugs; and Lisa Lundgren, 48, and Lindsey McNerney, 23, both suspected of possession of oxycotin for sale and possession of methamphetamine, according to the report.

Also arrested at that location was Angel Lopez, 25, a member of a Ramona street gang who absconded from parole, said the lieutenant.

At 5:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, Ramona detectives and the Poway team served a search warrant in the 2800 block of Willow Oak Drive, where they seized 50 marijuana plants, along with heroin and methamphetamine, Bovet said.

Arrested at that location were Joshua Brown, 27, felony warrant for possession of controlled substances; Bryanna Ertman, 22, felony warrant for transportation of narcotics; Ryan Wheat, 24, Van Boone, 27, and Alaina Ravenkamp, 22, all suspected of use/under the influence of drugs; Charles Ravenkamp, 64, suspected of cultivation of marijuana, and Amanda Ravenkamp, 61, suspected of use/under the influence of drugs, reported the sheriff’s department.

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16 Comments for “Ramona detectives seize drugs, marijuana plants, arrest 13”

  1. Dwayne

    Progress…what more can you ask for. I see we have repeat offenders Bryanna Ertman and Joshua Brown. Maybe this time they will get a good sentencing and we can rid our streets of them.

  2. Guest

    I think its really sad that people that have been respected in the community have turned to this kind of life. Either get help for yourself or leave this area. There are too many kids making the bad choice. Need to get the suppliers out of here.

  3. dlk

    The drugs are to accessible…they can rid the town of five dealers/suppliers and ten more pop up…..its an addiction issue. You need to fix the addiction In order to decrease the demand in order to decrease supply..I buried my first born son year ago today due to addiction..which began w a broken collar bone due to quad accident in desert. Kaiser hooks our children up w opiate based pain killers and addiction has begun. I fought w the local authorities for one year trying to save my sons life…to no avail….educate yourself about big pharma and see what our children are up against…hard to fight a trillion $ industry lining fhe pockets of our current administration. Check on the FED UP RALLY…GET INVOLVED before its too late and you are burying your child or grandchild. You see my dad is retired DEA…. addiction it touches every family.

  4. chloe

    What’s really sad is my brother grew up with some of these people who were arrested and now he’s dead from drugs. But I’m glad to see something is finally being done with the drug use in this town.

  5. guest

    Its a combination of alot of different things, Dr. are prescribing medications too readily, you cant discipline your child anymore without the threat of CPS which leads to no respect for anyone or anything including self respect. Absentee fathers/mothers. And just the fact that kids are going to try things…unfortunately, the drugs today are highly addictive and once started, are hard to quit.

  6. Christina Lopez

    You guys are jerks and you’re all messed up and you’re not paying attention. Yes there a lot of drug addicts in Ramona and yes I did I used to be one of them. But you need to look beyond all that and see the real issue. People are hurting and need help not a bunch of people that know absolutely nothing about their lives to make judgments. Jesus said let the first person here that has never committed a sin be the first to throw the stone. So I ask you how are you any better than any of these people or myself for that matter? It took me a lot to get out of there. And you know what actually did it? Random people that showed me that they cared. So before you judgemental pricks throw the stone how about you look around and ask what you can do?

    • Dwayne

      Christina Lopez,
      How are we Jerks and messed up? We are paying attention, the cops are paying attention, your neighbors are watching.

      The "Real Issue" is that sad, hurt people are using drugs to hide from their responsibility to be a productive member of society. Get a job…if you can't find a job get an education, join the military, do something with your life. Oh and don't go blaming the recession for the lack of jobs, because if you had any skills you can find a job at http:///www.ideed.com…thousands list here in San Diego and our local communities.

      Yes people hurt all the time, life is not full of "Happy, Happy, Happy". But you need to be an adult, grow up and learn to deal with hurt, being sad and learn how to be a productive member of society.

      Bad things don't happen to Bad people. Bad people made Bad things happen. I'm glad you now are not using drugs, maybe you can do something with your life and help others.

      If you are going to quote Jesus now, can you tell me when Jesus said for you to start using drugs? I don't think so.

      How am I better? I for one don't use drugs. I am a productive member of our society. I have a job. I have a family I am taking care of. I served in the US Marines for our Country.

      Random people helping you is good, but the end choice and decision to get on and off of drugs was yours. It is always about Choice…we make choices and decisions daily that impact our lives. Learn to make the good ones.

      As for looking around for what I can do regarding the drug addicts here in Ramona. If I see it happening, I shall call the police. What do you expect us to do?

      Just remember the next time you feel hurt and sand, turn that frown upside down and like Nancy Regan says "Just say No". Don't be a weak minded fool and ruin your life or others.

  7. cindy

    for all you judgemental asses look in the mirror unless you are God maybe you shouldn't judge

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