Thank you, community, for soap project support. What’s next?

By Jane Tanaka, M.D.

Thank you, Ramona and San Diego, for your generosity.

Hopefully soon FORUS (Friends of Ramona Unified Schools) will collect another $264 of the total $6,800 needed to wrap up the fundraising for the FORUS Soap Project. Many generous Ramonans and San Diegans donated to this, our pilot project.

In addition to the donors we recognized in our letter last week, we would like to also thank our recent donors: Michaela, Colton, Matthew and James Meskell of Ramona, Paul Ketchum of Ramona, Charlie and Sandy Tiechert of Ramona, Sam and Kathy Jemison of Ramona, Joyce Daubert of Ramona, Penny Fox of Ramona, Esther Lucchesse and Family of Ramona, Patrick and Tammy Gillespie and Family of 4S Ranch, Betty of SD, and the cash donors at the RUSD Public Workshop.

Thank you also to the Ramona Parents Coalition who have supported our project by spreading the word to their members.

FORUS member Greg Chick is installing 34 vandal proof soap dispensers at Ramona High School, Montecito High School, and Olive Peirce Middle School at no charge to the school district. Additionally, your donations are providing enough soap for 680,000 hand washes at the secondary school student bathrooms. (The soap supply already at the secondary schools can then be transferred to the elementary schools, where the dispensers are not vandalized as often.)

Special thanks to Ed Anderson, head of maintenance at RUSD, and Dr Graeff for your cooperation and support.

FORUS, a California nonprofit organization awaiting 501c3 status, would next like your input regarding future projects.

The mission of FORUS is to fill the gaps in deferred maintenance issues which may adversely effect the health and safety of students in our Ramona public schools.

What would you like to see us do next? Work further on improving the bathrooms? Replace the leaking roofs which are beyond repair? Install new air conditioners? Obtain walkie-talkies for each staff member for emergency communication? Obtain AEDs (heart defibrillators) for each campus? Please email us with your input: .

Founding members of FORUS are: Carmen Bedia, Perla Martinez, Amy Barraclough, Maureen Robertson, David Patterson, Donald Gruniesen, Bob Stoody, Greg Chick and Jane Tanaka.

Student members include Cameron Barraclough-Keith and Casey Martinez, both from OPMS. If you’d like to join us, we meet most Sundays at 6 p.m. at the Ramona Sentinel office. Please check with us to confirm meeting date and time by emailing

We anticipate needing help, especially from people in roofing and other skilled construction trades, grant writing, nonprofit fundraising, and certified public accounting. But mostly we need people who are tired of politics, tired of blame, and just want to get something done to help our students have a better educational environment.

Dr. Jane Tanaka is a Ramona resident and fundraising chair for the soap dispenser project.

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9 Comments for “Thank you, community, for soap project support. What’s next?”

  1. Jane Tanaka MD

    Addendum to above… as of today, 8/24/13, donors have given $7600 to the FORUS Soap Project. Thank you to our most recent donors, including: Anonymous Donor from Ramona who dropped by my office with $500 cash; Mark Nespeca MD ( Pediatric Neurologist at Rady's Childrens Hospital) $250, Woody Kirkman of Ramona $100,and also Michelle Albanese from San Diego, Greg Jovien of Ramona, and the Clough Family of Ramona.
    Installation of the 34 soap dispensers will continue next week.
    FORUS meets this Sunday to discuss how to best use the additional $800 raised. . Possibilities include replacing unrepairable faucets , or buying more soap cartridges.
    Future projects will also be discussed. Please give us your ideas

  2. Jane Tanaka MD

    FORUS Update: LaJolla MD Dr J David Garmon donated $200 to the FORUS Soap project. It, with the other $800 "extra" dollars will go toward replacing broken faucets in student bathrooms, and will be installed free of charge to RUSD.
    As for upcoming projects, FORUS is requesting permission from RUSD to evaluate the leaky roofs in several buildings on various campus sites, and also the entryway to the Charles Nunn Performing Arts Center on the OPMS campus.

  3. Jane Tanaka MD

    FORUS Update: Thank you Sharon and Kenneth Smith of Ramona, and Val and Frank Lucio of Ramona for your donations also ! We have a total of $7670 currently.

  4. guest

    Wow! This is great! keep up the good work!

  5. Jane Tanaka MD

    As far as I know, ADA issues are addressed when major remodling is done to school buildings.

  6. Jane Tanaka MD

    FRIENDS OF RAMONA UNIFIED SCHOOLS (FORUS) has been contacted by Olive Peirce Middle School's health office which needs to replace the battery to their AED ( Automated External Defibrillator). It costs a little less than $250 to replace the battery. There is also another AED at RUSD that also will need a replacement battery in the near future. AEDs in public places make it possible to save the life of someone in cardiac arrest or v-fib, by correcting the heart rhythm even before paramedics can get on the scene. Children, teens and adults can all suffer from v-fib or cardiac arrest, especially on exertion. For each minute that goes by without correcting heart rhythm, there is a 7-10% increase in mortality, according to the American Heart Association.
    Anyone who would like to make a donation, please make your ck out to Friends of Ramona Unified Schools– AED Battery Program, and mail to 15725 Snuz Mtn Rd; Ramona, Ca 92065. FORUS is California Non Profit Organization awaiting 501c3 status.

  7. MainStreet Media

    Thanks for letting the community know, Jane.

  8. Paul Ketchem


    Would FORUS look at, and give consideration to, the ADA needs the district had listed in their "Santas wish list" (Also known as Prop. R)?

    It is my belief that every child, regardless of physical challenges/limitations should have, to the extent practicable, unhindered access to a quality education. Perhaps, given the success of the soap project, this is another projrct FORUS would consider.

    FORUS members – Thank you for your efforts and accomplishments.

    Paul Ketchem

  9. Jane Tanaka MD

    Paul… Would you please join us at a FORUS meeting? We are not meeting this Labor Day weekend, but are meeting the following Sunday September 8th at 6pm, at the Ramona Sentinel office? We are next looking at having the leaky roofs evaluated throughout the school district, if permitted.
    But certainly the ADA needs of the district are an absolute priority too. Could you find out ahead of time , what RUSD current plans are ; ie what's already in the works? Mr Osterman , Mr Anderson , and Mr Stoody would know.

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