Woman, 18, killed in single-vehicle crash on San Vicente Road

Friday, Aug. 23—An investigation was under way today into a solo-vehicle crash in Ramona that claimed the life of an 18-year-old woman.

The fatality on San Vicente Road west of Wildcat Canyon Road occurred about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, according to California Highway Patrol.

The woman was driving a westbound 2004 Hyundai about 65 miles per hour around a curve in the road when she suddenly lost control, CHP Officer Kevin Pearlstein said in a statement. The Hyundai traveled off the right shoulder of the road and struck some rocks before crashing into a tree, trapping the woman inside, according to Pearlstein.

The woman, a Ramona resident, died at the scene. Her name was withheld pending family notification.

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55 Comments for “Woman, 18, killed in single-vehicle crash on San Vicente Road”

  1. So Sad

    SMH: 65 MPH on any stretch of San Vicente Road is dangerous and completely reckless. Another needless and 100% preventable tragedy.

    Prayers to the family of this girl.

  2. Don Kedick

    Here we go again. The road is not the problem. Speeding, drinking, drugging, texting, inattention, inexperience, and stupidity are all contributing factors. 65 mph on San Vicente Rd. … They can realign that road all they want. Until the fools of Ramona slow down this will continue to happen.

    • Guest

      I COMPLETELY AGREE. Do people even begin to think about the danger that they put themselves and others in, when they Speed and Tailgate like these fools do?? Plus, the cost of their Car Insurance going up and the Tickets they receive. STUPIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don Kedick

        It's an absolute shame and a needless tragedy… another of Ramona's promising youth gone. Please slow down folks… quit the tailgating… put down the stupid phones… always in a hurry to go nowhere fast. Is five more minutes worth your life or someone else's?

        • Remington Griffin

          You don't know the details of tori's (the woman who died) accident she was a loving girl and her mom when she was told by the medical examiner she was waiting for her so she could help move the couch in and her husband wasn't even their so watch who your taking about.

    • Brian Smith

      I didn’t realize there were so many inconsiderate assholes living in Ramona these days! Making a mistake or having an error in judgement does NOT make you a fool. I also didn’t realize that there were so many people in this town that have never driven over the speed limit. What does make a fool is someone commenting about someone or something that they no nothing about, especially in the wake of a tragic incident like this. It’s real easy to hide behind a computer and make these comments. COWARDS!

      • Brendan

        Thank you! People need to stop using these tragedies as an excuse to preach about how others should drive. It’s a terrible loss, and this is not the time or the place to whine about others’ driving.

  3. Vickie

    A young girl who made an error in judgment that had grave consequences. Prayers for her family, especially her parents. To lose a child is the greatest pain.

  4. RLG

    Prayers for her family. Such a tragic loss!

  5. Paul Stevens

    The girl that died was my niece and you want to call her a fool? She made an error in judgement you have no idea who she was. She was a beautiful, smart, sweet caring person. Maybe you should reserve your judgement on her since you don’t have a clue. Hope you never have to go through the loss of a family member and then have them called fools. I’ll pray for you.

    • Shelli

      Amen Paul…. How dare someone say that about someone they know NOTHING about. She was an angel and the best daughter anyone could dream of. No more tears in heaven:(

      • Mike

        Shelli, My heart is broken for you and Scott, I'm so sorry! Torry was and is an Angel.

      • Tammy Larsen


        My heart goes out for you. No parent should ever go through this kind of pain. I am sickened to hear this. Praying for you. Love always

    • Shelly

      Paul you said it so very well! <3 My deepest sympathies and sadness are with you all! I have read a lot of really mean comments and I also have responded to some but people will always remain oblivious (and heartless) as to what the family is going through and to lose your only child has got to be the most horrific feeling in the whole world. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family but especially Scott and Shelly in their healing! I know there are no words I can say to them that will help, so to all of you who are posting mean things, think about the family who lost their only child and put your hate away and let them mourn in peace without being attacked!

    • Nancy McIntosh

      I to have lost my daughter and my son, My granddaughter Alexa is Tori's best friend. I feel the pain the Family is going threw.

  6. Guest

    We all know that speed is a problem but please think about this young girls family when you call them fools!!

  7. Guest

    Wow!! Have you people have no compassion for this family? Keep your STUPID comments and heartless thoughts to yourselves!!! Prayers for the unfortunate family and friends of this accident!

  8. samantha

    " Here we go again" that's what you write in a comment that may be seen by her loved ones. Your comment is so senseless. It does absolutely no good, doesn't help….but it does hurt. Way to go.

  9. Torry

    Here we go again, with the tired old argument of "it's not the road, it's the driver." If the road was realigned this death would have been prevented. There are no room for mistakes on San Vicente, but unfortunately drivers are human and they will make mistakes. The road is narrow, poorly banked, offers little to no shoulder, and is very curvy. It would be great if every driver showed more caution, but the reality is that out of the thousands of cars that drive this road every day, sometimes someone will make a mistake and hurt themselves or other people. A safer road will not prevent all accidents, but it will reduce them significantly. Calling the recently deceased stupid, or a fool, is in very poor taste. This could have been your daughter or granddaughter.

  10. Guest

    I am so very sorry for the loss of such a young life. I will admit that as a resident of Ramona I am comfortable driving Wildcat, 67 and San Vicente road; the 78 make me feel queazy for some reason. And there are times where I have pushed the speed limit a little and tailgate those going 5-10 under etc… This recent accident has really opened my eyes to the stupidity of my actions and I hope other drivers realize the same. Speeding on San Vicente only gets you to the stop light a few seconds faster, but those lost seconds could save your life.

  11. Marci

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers this was my cousin and an only child so sad and so tragic. I am at a loss for words.

  12. Guest

    Show some respect, a young woman lost her life.

  13. (another) Guest

    Very sad for the family, indeed.
    But once the (insane) San Vicente Road project is complete and the $24 to $40M wasted in it, it's not 65MPH crashes that we'll see, but 100MPH ones and above, and likely multi-vehicles crashes.
    That amount money would go a looooong way in driver's education and police officers' radars, and it would teach people to drive on any road (not only San Vicente).

  14. Guest

    Wow!! Have you people have no compassion for this family? Keep your STUPID comments and heartless thoughts to yourselves!!! Prayers for the unfortunate family and friends of this accident!

  15. GladTo Go

    I don't think her insurance will go up, and she most likely didn't get a ticket as she has passed away.

    Prayers to her family.

  16. Time to mourn and celebrate our close knit community because of our loved one. Not a time to assume and accuse…

    • Guest

      Thanks for your perspective Jared. And for the record the CHP has not confirmed 65mph in fact they do not think it was that fast. But there was an accident and what caused it God only knows.

  17. Unbelievable

    You people are so rude and inconsiderate. A young life was just taken from us. A life whom I knew personally. This is a time to support and care for her family, friends and loved ones, not the time for your unnecessary, hurtful comments about “immature teenagers.” You were teenagers once too. Get over yourselves.

  18. Jenn DIaz

    This breaks my heart such a young person so full of life…. No family should ever have the pain of losing a daughter. You are in my prayers!

  19. Don Kedick

    I meant no disrespect to the young woman, her family, or her friends with my earlier comment. The loss is indeed heartbreaking, and tragic. Fools was inappropriate, and I apologize. Still, the number of local drivers who speed all around town is amazing. What is it going to take to get folks to drive safely and considerately? Is this it? or the next tragedy?

    • Shelly

      I have been driven on that road since I was born as my grandparents lived on it and I have been driving that road since I started to drive in 1984 when I got my drivers license. I grew up in Ramona and know the road all to well. We can blame speeders (as a teen I was one of them) but lets all be realistic here. Since Barona went to the extremes to build a bigger casino why is it that the city has not forced the casino to put more money to expand due to the higher volume travelers to gamble and drink? Make the casino pay the money it should to make this a safer road for all! Pala had to expand the roads when they got bigger why is it Barona is not forced to do the same? This road has virtually remained the SAME since I can remember, how many more lives have to be lost before the city realizes there is a big problem there! People are human they will always make mistakes and I want all you haters that are posting to remember this, there is a family that lost their only child and to post hate is horrific! Matt 7:2 Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged

      • Guest

        People don't go to Barona to drink and the majority of people going to Barona come from the other side of Wildcat Canyon. If I recall correctly, none of the fatalities within the past couple years had anything to do with Barona.

  20. Old friends

    It was a lapse in judgement, all of you at one point have probably made a driving mistake the only difference was that it didn’t cost you your life. She was by no means a ‘fool’ and the ignorance on here is disgusting. She truly was a wonderful girl

  21. RamonaNative

    It's unfortunate that this happened and that the family members are here reading the comments as part of their mourning process and are offended by the commentary. For everyone else, however, this is a good reminder to slow down. No matter how you color it, 65 mph is way too fast for San Vicente and everyone here knows that, the family included. Road improvements will only make those who drive recklessly feel bolstered in their choices and we'll still see easily preventable accidents like this. Unfortunately, it's too late for this young woman to make a better choice, but everyone else still can.

  22. anonymous

    Can I just say you are all being completely insensitive to the fact that a girl just lost her life, a family lost their daughter, sister, niece, cousin, Aunt, and people everywhere lost their friend. My prayers go out to this family and all who knew this young women and to all that had their lives truly touched by her.

  23. Troy D

    Prayers to the family…

  24. Guest

    I agree that it’s not the road it’s the driver. I could travel that road 100 times at the posted speed and not have a problem. This however is beside the point. The fact is a girl lost her life in an ACCIDENT. We all have driven too fast and we all have not paid attention behind the wheel so stop judging someone for something you yourself have done. From everything I’ve heard about this girl she was kind and caring person and doesn’t deserve some online assholes ridicule.

  25. Brian Smith

    I didn’t realize there were so many inconsiderate a-holes living in Ramona these days! Making a mistake or having an error in judgement does NOT make you a fool. I also didn’t realize that there were so many people in this town that have never driven over the speed limit. What does make a fool is someone commenting about someone or something that they no nothing about, especially in the wake of a tragic incident like this. It’s real easy to hide behind a computer and make these comments. COWARDS!

  26. Sierra

    You people are horrible! She was an incredibly amazing person and my heart is broken! For her family I hope you all know how much we all loved her so! RIP lovely. I will be sure to tell my mommy to take care of you while up there! I believe everyone who has said IGNORANT things should find a life that doesn’t include ragging on this poor young lady who didn’t deserve this. Praying for the family and us friends<3

  27. Todd

    My heart aches for you Scott & Shelli. Tori was a wonderful girl. Words can’t express how sorry our family is to hear this tragic news. RIP Tori….

  28. Tina Ford

    Does it really matter the mph, the San Vicente project specifics, etc, etc. No, it does not. What matters is this young woman lost her life and her parents are grieving the loss of their daughter. Prayers, not insults, are needed at this tragic time. Think before you speak!

  29. RenFaiz

    What is the point of posting the make and year of the car in which the victim was killed?

  30. Guest

    They are putting in a bike lane, I have seen all the plans for the road widening. A bike lane is NOT what we need through San Vicente. Prayers to the family and for those who come here to spread hate and blame I challenge you to become better people.

  31. Simone Nutting

    She was a beautiful young lady… There have been some very inconsiderate comments made by some…so sad! Thank you Jesus that she suffered no pain and is now with you, the best place ever… My prayers are for the family, for Gods strength, comfort and peace through their loss…God Bless You

  32. Guest

    As long as media outlets continue to allow everyone to put their 2 cents worth in, whether it be rude or otherwise, there will be those that feel it's their God given right to let the world know just what they think, when in actuality, no one really cares what you think! Read the news and move along. Your opinions and criticisms mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  33. (another) Guest

    I'm sure that this girl's parents told her time and time again to drive safely, so no need to blame them as they grieve their dramatic loss. Our deepest thoughts and sympathy go again for the family and friends.
    Rather, it's a failure for all of us as a community, i.e., failing to teach by example, day after day, that WE must be in control of our vehicle, and not the other way around.
    Every day, my wife and I walk in 25MPH areas of the Estates (Watt Road, Swartz Canyon Road, Wikiup Road), and ALL the vehicles that we come across go way faster than 25MPH … ALL of them, no exception whatsoever, younger and older drivers alike.
    Same thing on Gunn Stage road: very few drivers stay below the 45MPH speed limit.
    Same thing again on the way out of the Estates in the morning: EVERY vehicle pass me as I drive 45MPH … Every vehicle, no exception again, young and old alike, small sedan and large trucks alike as well.
    What does that teach to 18 year olds: "Go ahead, kid, drive as fast as you want … Look at me … You can do the same."
    I'm easy to spot … I'm THE ONLY ONE driving 45MPH passing the "San Diego Country Estates" sign on the way out in the morning and on the way in in the afternoon. I dare you to stay behind me … if you can control that foot that YOU have on the gas pedal.

  34. Jimbo

    Indeed it is a tragedy and I feel very sorry for the parents. May Gods give them the strength and guide them through this difficult period.
    Is there a way to teach the younger generation the laws of physics? Physics of speed, or angular momentum, etc. of an object travelling. Beyond certain speed the object is not controllable around the curves. Perhaps the law enforcement folks can pay visits to the local high school (or middle school) and educate the young pupil the probable consequences. A little more guidance and education in this aspect can save a lot of young life.

  35. Julie

    Apparently, this seems to be a common occurrence in Ramona, especially on San Vicente Rd., and there needs to be some forced accountability on behalf of the city if Ramona. Just in the last few days, there have been several deaths, and I am sure It would be shocking to tally up the amount of deaths that have occurred in a years time, and with that said, I think it's time to press hard, to get the city of Ramona, to make the necessary changes in this death trap of a road!!! Enough of the blame game on the drivers, just fricken fix the problem RAMONA, make this a safe place to live and drive in, whatever it takes, right!!! As parents, we never sleep till our children are home safely, and those of you who are holding up the process of making Ramona roads safer, I hope you never sleep, until the project is finished, because this child is not coming home to her family……Love you Tori, you sweet angel!!!

    • Guest


      The road is an inanimate object; meaning it does not move. The response is not to have the road fixed! If that were the answer, all roads throughout the entire country would be straight lines.

      I don't know what caused the accident to happen and take the life of this young woman, but I do know that the road doesn't sway as vehicles traverse it. It stays in one place!

      Making the "town", more appropriately the county, fix a problem that doesn't exist, is wasting money and further takes individual responsibility out of the hands of the individual.

      I feel for the family and friends, but fixing this road won't make one bit of difference.

      To those who are saying that the comments are insensitive; you might be right, but are the comments or the timing of the comments the insensitive part? The conversation needs to happen and tragedies such as this spur those conversations.

      Anyone who drives any road could have this happen to them. That is the sad reality of life. That portion of the road is no more or less dangerous than Old Julian, the 78, Mussey Grade or Highland Valley road.

      Truly, I feel for the this young woman's family and those that are impacted by this vehicle accident, but people need to really think about what the true cause of the accident was as well as previous accidents. It isn't the road.

      I don't think the changes that the county is planning are going to make that road safer. Perhaps a greater CHP presence might, but then people will complain about that too.

      • Mike Loranger

        Julie, You are a blithering idiot. You know NOTHING about road design and construction, and NOTHING about the section of road that took the wonderful young lady’s life. You, and people who think as you do, are a danger to our community.

  36. DaniPaul

    What the hell is wrong with some people in this town? makes me sick to think I live amongst such jerks sometimes. Our family lost a beautiful young lady several years ago as well in a horrible accident. Yes she was speeding too….I recall speeding at these ages too. In fact I did lots of stupid things at 18. So did each and every person I know. I can bet you did too.

    When a local family loses a loved one in a car accident around here they dont need you getting on here making your remarks about speeding or texting or what ever else you may feel the need to vomit out of your mouths.

    Shame on each and every one of you! I am so ashamed of my town right now. absolutley rude and inconciderate people. What happened to prayers for the family? keep your stupid remarks to your self. ‘ If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all’ smh absolutley and completely appauled right now.

    Stfu people. prayers to these AMAZING people who have lived in ramona many many years. Ignore these a holes. Your family and friends love you and just keep them close and screw these people on these forums. they mean nothing and have nothing better to do than piss and moan online. :) have a blessed day ramona.

  37. chantelle

    I couldn't imagine losing a child or losing a loved one this way I pray for her family and friends and I hope she is dancing on a cloud somewhere….Prayers sent their way!!!

  38. Brenda

    My prayer go out to the family. I believe She was a only child. I pray for the parents and family…

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