Driver reading email triggers collision

Traffic was backed up on Route 67 Wednesday morning after a pickup truck rear-ended a car just north of Dye Road, prompting a chain reaction and minor injuries to three people

At 6:45 a.m., the 51-year-old male driver of a 2003 Chevrolet 2500 pickup truck rear-ended a 2006 Nissan Altima as he was southbound on Route 67, said California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Kevin Pearlstein. The impact pushed the Altima into a Mini Cooper, which then hit a 2013 Lexus, he said.

According to CHP, the driver of the pickup truck, who is from Lakeside, said he was looking down at an email, driving 45 mph, and did not see traffic stopped.

He was uninjured, but the 44-year-old female driver of the Altima, a Ramona resident, was trapped in her car for 15 minutes until she could be extricated and was then transported by ambulance to Palomar Medical Center, the CHP officer said.

The 52-year-old male driver of the Mini Cooper and the 51-year-old female driver of the Lexus, both from Ramona, were taken by ambulance to Sharp Hospital in San Diego, according to reports.

The three drivers complained of pain to the lower back, Pearlstein said.

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7 Comments for “Driver reading email triggers collision”

  1. Guest

    When are People going to start obeying the Law, and put their Cell Phones down? I was almost side swiped yesterday by a Driver who was Test Messaging. People are of the opinion that Rules are not made for them. I hope he pays dearly for the problems he has inflicted to others, and learn a lesson from this.

  2. Wamiq Sattar

    I drove past the accident site this morning. In September 2011 the same happened to me and exactly at the same spot on the highway. I was in a Buick Century Custom and was the last car stopped at DYE road traffic lights on HWY 67 southbound. A pickup truck was going at 60+ mph on HWY 67 southbound.
    The driver was a young man, who rear-ended us. My car was totaled. The rear bumper of our car was almost into the back passenger seat. I had severe whiplash and bad concussion. The driver of the truck stated that he was looking at the “pristine view of Ramona” to the right and did not pay any attention on the road in front.
    A day later, my memory of the accident started to come back. The pickup truck driver was holding his cell phone high enough, looking at it and texting, and was not paying any attention. I reported that to the CHP main station at El Cajon and the CHP added this as a supplement to the original CHP report from the day of accident.

  3. Wamiq Sattar

    There are ways to shut the texting (sending and receiving), based on the GPS coordinate changes, registered on the cell phone. This can be done from the cell tower by the service provider, in the event the cell owner is moving beyond certain speed! The State of Ca. Highway Safety Department should mandate and force service providers (like Verizon, AT&T, TMO or Sprint) to introduce this technic in the cell phones and shut the transmission of SMS or MMS to and from the cell phone, when the cell phone is registering GPS coordinate changes very rapidly (meaning a moving automotive).

  4. Butterfly

    I carry my cell phone in the back pocket of my jeans when I am driving. Between my rear end and the cushioning of the seat in my car, it doesn't ring or signal me when I have a text. I'm not even tempted to answer it and it's difficult to get to. Simple solution to the problem. It just requires common sense.

  5. MainStreet Media

    No passengers from what we were told. Do you know differently?

  6. sandra j

    that was an inquiry to wamiq regarding his proposal for disabling texting when the phone is in motion. i suppose that would prevent passengers from texting as well.

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