Letter to editor: Soccer madness

I just wanted to say thanks to the Ramona Sentinel for weighing in on the issues involving the two soccer leagues in town. I realize that the Sentinel doesn’t have the space to really get into the depths of depravity involved, but bringing it to the public’s attention is a great thing.

Ramona Soccer League, which is the only nonprofit soccer league in Ramona and has been since 1979, is still trying to retrieve the assets that were “liberated” from the league by members of the previous board in order to start their own league. However, our members can be assured that we will do everything in our power to recover those assets.

And if you’re signing your kids up for soccer (or anything really), be sure to check out who you’re giving your money to and where it ends up. Ramona Soccer League is always happy to answer any questions about our nonprofit status, where our funds come from or how our funds are spent.

David Williams

Vice President

Ramona Soccer League

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23 Comments for “Letter to editor: Soccer madness”

  1. Maggie Lorentz

    I would like to clear up something that was stated in the August 8th issue of the Sentinel. It's not all parents from the two leagues feuding, its the board members. I'm not involved nor do I want to be. My children played for RSL for many years. My daughter had an awesome coach who saw potential and pushed for her to play travel. When RFC split, the girls team stayed together and went with their coach. Mind you, they have been together since elementary school and now are in high school. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was practicing with a friend of hers (who refs for RSL) at the soccer fields. They were not bothering anyone or in the way. A RSL board member went to the friends dad and asked who my daughter played for. When it was replied Arsenal, the woman told the friends dad that she needs to practice on her own field! She was not there as an Arsenal player but as a kid who loves soccer who is always trying to improve her skills. I think BOTH boards need to put on their big boy pants and be honest and forthright and leave the kids out of it.

    • Tina Marin

      I agree Maggie. It's as though mom and dad got a divorce and the "kids" (in this case the kids are us parents as well as our children) are in the middle expected to choose a side. Well my side is that of the children. I have a son with Intra/RSL and a daughter with Arsenal. I am as neutral as I gets. The 2 boards need to handle this like adults (in court) and leave the children AND the parents out of your battle. If parents want to know what is going on with their board they can ask or read the minutes (and some parents really don't want to know what's going on. They just want to watch their kids play soccer) . Please don't air your dirty laundry out on your website or in the paper. And, as Maggie stated don't take it out on the kids from either league.

      • Tina, the reason this is even an issue in the first place is because we, as parents, were not paying attention to what the Ramona Soccer League board was doing. I was as guilty as anyone and I didn't learn about the issues with the board until late last year after they had already been voted out. I blame myself a little bit for what happened because I assumed everything was just dandy. However, the damage had been done by the time I found out. My goal is to bring awareness to the public so that they pay more attention to the people running any community organization, and that includes Ramona Soccer League.

        You are 100% correct in that parents need to be reading the minutes of these organizations. Unfortunately, Ramona Futbol Club or Arsenal FC or whatever they are calling themselves today does not post their minutes or financials on their website. There is no transparency on where their money comes from, what it's spent on, when their board meetings are, etc. They don't list their Tax ID #, California Charity Registration # or anything that assures the public that they are being good stewards of our money.

        Hopefully, conversations like these will encourage the parents to ask questions so that we can avoid another situation like this in the future. That way we can put all these efforts towards providing a better playing experience for the kids.

        • Tina Marin

          David, RSL never posted their minutes on their website until I joined the board last year! Yes, initially I was part of that board of which you speak until I resigned last summer. So please don't pretend that RSL is so on top of things while the other board is not (they are new. RSL is not/was not and only since just last year started to do things correctly). I joined because of what I was hearing about the finances (e.g. snack bar $$ and vague treasurer reports, if any). So, the accurate treasurer reports and minutes on web are all thanks to the previous board! Your anger and bitterness shines through in your posts (e.g. "Ramona Futbol Club or Arsenal FC or whatever they are calling themselves today"). Just try to keep it professional/business and leave your emotions out of it.

          • ^^^That's awesome and exactly what I'm talking about! Parents like you paying attention and getting involved. Kudos to you!! I never claimed that RSL was a faultless entity. I include RSL when I say that parents need to pay attention to community organizations. I'm sure there are failures in RSL's past and I'm betting your involvement probably prevented some.

            However, I would have to disagree that an organization which claims to be non-profit is not able to provide minutes, financials, etc. to the public it purports to serve because "it's new" (if you call 8 months old new) It takes me approximately 5 minutes to post each of RSL's meeting minutes (which include financials) to our website.

          • Tina Marin

            Well thank you David for the acknowledgement (the childish thumbs down make me laugh. Thumbs down to minutes not being posted until 2012? Thumbs down to keeping it professional? Thumbs down to why I joined the board? Thumbs down to wishing Kat nothing but the best? I think people just do not like any opposition posted, so they see anything disagreeing and click thumbs down to the entire post. I can just hear a big "booooo" lol. You will notice no thumbs down for any of yours or Kat's posts). I am sure the Arsenal Board would provide minutes, if asked (just as RSL would have years ago before posting them). If I am incorrect then you have a point. I mean "new" in that it took RSL YEARS to get their minutes and financials posted to website , so give any 8 month old club a break. What you are saying/complaining about Arsenal was the same case for RSL until just last year and they have been around since 1979, so it's a bit hypocritical.

          • Tina Marin

            Sorry, had to split into 2 replies. Anyway, you will respond and then I will respond (and get thumbs down) and so on and so on. Instead, I have called Kat to discuss further where I was/am coming from. It is not about the wrong that was done and RSL trying to make it right (no argument from me there). It is the pettiness. Thank you for your community service as a volunteer on the soccer board.

          • Jamie

            Hello Tina, I find this information enlightening since the last minutes posted for RSL is June and I have been asking to see the financials for weeks now and they won't let me see taxes, financials, budgets, minutes or anything else.

        • Jamie

          Mr. Williams I cannot find your federal identification number or your Registry number on your website. I can find where the FTB lists your status as Suspended with the Secretary of State, though. I cannot find any minutes after June and I do not see any Financials in your miuntes. I do see your bank account balance for only one of your accounts in the minutes. Is this what you are referring to as Financials? I assume since you are calling out the other Exempt Organization for youth soccer in our town, http://www.ramonafc.com/, on these aspects of their organization that you would be complaint, however I cannot seem to find the information on your website. When I asked the Board by email for this info, I was told to contact the Treasurer. I requested this info 2 weeks ago and still it has not been made available to me. Where is your transparency?

  2. Insurance issues do not allow for any field use by unregistered players. All field users, including referees, coaches and players, are required to register with RSL. So it has nothing to do with whether or not somebody plays for another soccer league, but everything to do with the fact that the person(s) is not registered with RSL.

    All community members interested in the sport of soccer are encouraged to contact the Ramona Soccer League at http://www.ramonasoccer.com or http://www.Facebook.com/RamonaSoccerLeague for more information. Programs are available age 4 through adult.

    • Maggie Lorentz

      DAVID – there are people there on those fields constantly that are not part of RSL. She was kicking the ball with someone who has ties to RSL. Be honest please, if your board member would not of recognized my daughter, she would not of approached them. Keep it between the two boards. There is the RSL side, the RFC side and the truth somewhere in the middle. It's no wonder parents take their kids down the hill for organized sports.

      • Maggie, the other day I asked somebody walking their dogs on the fields to leave. Another board member asked some young adults that were practicing soccer to leave the fields. A few months ago I asked some baseball players to leave the fields. Yes, there are unauthorized people on those fields quite a bit, but we do our best to keep them off and we've often discussed ways of securing the fields better, especially when we're seeding and trying to keep the fields in good shape for the start of our season, which is this Saturday.

  3. Kat McKown

    Maggie- What ever you were told about how your daughter got “kicked off” was wrong. I am sorry that you were told it that way. You know I support the girls. I’d even go to your games to support them like all of last year but I feel it would be taken out on a specific few. In earlier comments you say I apparently walked over and “asked” who they played for then kicked them off. Then you say I “recognized your daughter”. If I recognized her why would I have asked who they played for? I did not even know they were there until a rec kid ran up to me and said “FC” is here practicing. So i went over and talked to Alex. Alex and I had a very pleasant conversation. Actually the first, he was more than very nice to me. Alex in the past wont even say hi to me! We talked for a long wile even. According to him he was doing some training. They were all set up on field 1 which is where my 3 teams practice from 7-8. This all happened right at 7. If you would like me to get even more specific about what Alex and I talked about please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to tell you about our conversation. Im sure you know how to get my number. Tina- it was you who told me long ago “don’t let these people bully you, stick up for your self” Im not letting them bully me any more. Im going to stand up for what’s right and soon our community will know what happened. Wrong will be righted. All it takes is one person. It may take a while but it will happen. Unfortunately the only kids and parents that might be hurt by it would be the ones that have been mislead and lied to. It is my fiduciary duty as the RSL president of a non profit to fight and fix the wrong done to all 950+ RSL children registered this year. Im sorry it has to come to this. Believe me when I say we tried the last 8 months! You know, if they would have just come to us, asked to maybe borrow the assets until their club got on their feet……??? But with them its not like that and I know you know that. There are other ways for one to get what you want or need and they just did it the wrong way.

    • Tina Marin

      Kat – I know I did and good for you :-) And I do know how you did try. I do not have a problem with what you are doing with that issue. Do what you have to do using appropriate channels (court), but no need for slander or public campaigning against the other club (via your website or newspaper). Arsenal is a good club (the club itself). What happened with the equipment when they seperated is an issue and is being handled legally. Leave it at that. Ramona FC, now Arsenal FC has given my daughter opportunities that Intra never did and that Intra will never be able to give to my son, who currently plays on an Intra team. We should be able to co-exist. If you want to just have fun and play soccer join RSL (and Intra for a more competitive level). But if you want to play in College and possibly get a scholarship your best shot at that is to go down the hill or play for Arsenal in Ramona. Again, I am not not commenting on or referring to the lawsuit. Stay focused, though. My comments are with regard to the focus being lost and it getting petty.

      • Tina Marin

        Arsenal is a new club board, whereas RSL has been around since 1979. And you know having been on the board with me that RSL had some serious financial problems ("missing" money, annual audits not being done etc.). We cleaned it up. We got the snack bar in proper order, put minutes on the web, we had an audit done, we gave accurate monthly treasurer reports. RSL went on as usual and the public knew nothing. Why can't this RSL board do the same? I hope you as president continue publishing the minutes (May-Aug not on website), so the parents stay in touch and please stay on top of the treasurer reports, so you don't have a repeat of what happened before the previous board took over. I wish you nothing but the best and good luck as RSL Prez, Kat. I know you will do good things for RSL.

    • Tina Marin

      Unfortunately, the only ones who may get hurt are the Arsenal children. I have to do what is best for my daughter and she is too good, no offense, for an Intra team and I am not able to get her down the hill, so Arsenal works perfect for us. I would hate for Ramona's kids to lose an opportunity like this so conveniently at home. And my daughter's Arsenal coach, like him or not people, really knows his stuff when it comes to coaching and playing soccer and getting girls recruited.

      • "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [wo]men do nothing."

        My daughter wants to and is good enough to be on the Varsity girls team for her senior year this year. However, because of my actions in pursuing the return of assets taken by the RHS girls varsity coach (Ramona FC's Director of Coaching) while he was on the RSL board last year, she will have very little chance of making that team no matter how well she plays. She realizes this and is very disappointed, but she still supports me in my pursuit because she's knows it's the right thing to do. Although many great lessons can be learned through soccer, I think she's learning an even more valuable life lesson through this process. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't the most convenient thing and it might even limit opportunities for the ones you love.

        Bless her heart, she's still committed to trying out for the team and leave it all on the field. I'm immensely proud of her no matter what the outcome of either pursuit.

  4. Kat McKown

    It was nice talking with you T:) Not surprised at the out come to trying:( but we knew it was slim to none huh? Lol. Try try again I have. Oh well. I wish I could come sit and watch the girls play, I miss it! Maybe if I do come to a game they won’t be so petty to think they have the right to ask me to leave. Remember FC/Arsenal “it’s about the kids” right?! C U Soon:). Kat, RSL President

  5. Guest

    If ever there was an example of adults running youth leagues who just don't get it, this is it. My kids never played soccer (thank God based on what I've read here) and I don't know any of the players in this drama. The fields are leased by the RMWD as I recall. Perhaps its time for RMWD to suspend the lease to whichever entity has it now and require that a new league be formed with none of the board members from either of these leagues. Sounds like its time to start fresh.

  6. Doug Sooley

    Whoever the last post that was Guest was…right on. As I said on another post…I spent over 10 years on the RSL board and it is the exact same small minded bickering that has been going on for years. It has left Ramona with a low quality soccer program. RFC is an opportunity to bring real, high-level soccer to Ramona., But the RSL "Board" has gone out of their way to make sure it won't succeed…even to point of vandalizing the RFC signs last year for tryouts. Mom always told us, when you point your finger, there is three pointing back. It's time for RSL to let go of it's small town crapola and allow something good to flourish for once. RSL should fold IMO and let another league with some class and lack of personal petty politics do what is right for the kids of Ramona.

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