New store planned in Sun Valley center

By Karen Brainard

The vacant storefront in the Sun Valley Shopping Center on Main Street is finally going to get a tenant — 99¢ Only Stores®.

According to the company, opening date is set for Oct. 24.

Located next to Big 5 Sporting Goods, the 99¢ Only Store will occupy the 18,000 square feet of former grocery store space, said Bill Henigsman of TNT Electric Sign Inc.

Henigsman sought sign  approval from the Ramona Design Review Board at its July 25 meeting.

Although he asked for 5-foot lettering for the sign, noting that the logo is more vertical than horizontal and the building is set back from the street, some board members said that size lettering was too large and not compliant with design review guidelines.

The board agreed to allow four-foot lettering.

Among items sold in 99¢ Only stores are home and seasonal products, frozen foods, produce and other groceries, pet care, and school, office and gardening supplies.

Former tenants of the space include Orchard’s Marketplace, Foodland and Sun Valley Market. Plans never materialized for a Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market in the shopping center.

A 99¢ Only Store is in Poway at the corner of Poway and Pomerado Roads.

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16 Comments for “New store planned in Sun Valley center”

  1. Concerned

    A 99 Cent Store???? Are you kidding me! Don't we already have a Dollar Tree Store a few blocks away?. I thought the RPG was trying to raise the image of Ramona and turn it into a "destination" instead of a route to Julian and beyond. I was really looking forward to the Fresh and Easy at it would raise the image of the town I love. I do understand the RPG had nothing to do with that deal falling through. How about a "City Target" which is a scaled down version of the big box Target. I don't see the 99 Cent store lasting more than a few years and it once again it will be a vacant storefront.

  2. Guest

    Really. We need another .99 cent store in this town?

  3. Maryann

    This is crap. Agree 100%– Target, Sprout's, Trader Joes…. all are welcome. Go away 99 cent store… please.

  4. Guest

    No thank you

  5. guest

    It is a different kind, and it often has small plants, and it carries a lot of fresh produce and refrigerated products, including dairy. Money is tight! And every little bit helps!

  6. Chris

    If it’s another cheap retail outlet then I agree completely. We need more upscale stores.

  7. Name 'em

    Awesome. We’re a community known now for thrift stores and 99 cent stores. It’s not the RCPG’s fault, it’s the out of town real estate brokers shilling the crap places for us. CB Richard Ellis doesn’t care what they bring us, as long as it fills space for a client. Want upscale? Don’t shop downscale. Lobby those places you want to come up here. Clearly there’s a market for upscale, otherwise Starbucks wouldn’t have a line of cars and people 14 hours a day paying $6 for a coffee. Ramona has vibrant Facebook communities with thousands of locals-only members; a letter writing campaign might move a planned expansion for target or something better off someone’s shelf and into production. But please, no more thrift stores, cheap crap stores.

  8. Guest

    Classy….not. Unfortunately this reflects the demographic of shoppers in Ramona. Even Poway is beginning to look like Escondido.

  9. Hervé Auch-Roy

    I agree with Maryann and Chris: we need more upscale stores like Target, Sprout, Trader Joe's in Ramona.
    I just went to and asked Trader Joe's to open a store in Ramona; the more we are doing this, this more likely they'll consider it.
    That's a start.

    • RMc

      Thank you for the link. I too went into their site to please Ramona's case for a TJ's here in Ramona. I believe this community would definitely support it!

  10. Guest

    99 Cents Equals – Fresh Produce from Where??? China? Buy Local Produce from Our Local Farms!

  11. guest

    Sometimes the produce they sell is organic. Many times it is the same brands that pricier markets sell. If it doesn't look nice, just don't buy it. No, we don't need reasonably priced food. Who eats? We need more beauty salons. The only businesses who are threatened by a 99 Cents Only store, are already on shaky financial ground!

  12. guest

    Every time I shop at Trader Joe's and they ask for my zip code, I also tell them that we would love one. I know that once upon a time, Target WANTED to come here. I thought it was that Ramona businesses were afraid of the big competition. Fresh and Easy, was set to come, even changing the facade. So, what happened?

  13. MainStreet Media

    At least 21. Two of them (Altipiano and Cordiano) are just outside Ramona boundaries but within the AVA.

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