What is Common Core?

By Darrell Beck

Common Core is a relatively new educational system of standards that may eliminate local control over K-12 curriculum by “standardizing” public education and creating universal (one-size-fits-all) standards in public schools. Similar to “No Child Left Behind” from the Bush Administration, Common Core is being advanced through the Obama Administration’s “Race to the Top Assessment” program to standardize, and thus nationalize education in America.

However, Common Core proponents claim it’s not a federal mandate and did not begin with the federal government — rather it’s a “state-led or voluntary” program despite the fact that Common Core would not exist without federal funding. For school districts to receive federal “Race to the Top” stimulus funds, they must adopt the Common Core standards.

In response to the allegations by Common Core proponents, Diane Ravich, former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education during the Clinton and Bush administrations, refutes those claims that the individual states created Common Core standards. She writes in the Washington Post; “Why I oppose Common Core Standards,” they were created by policy makers in Washington and by an organization called “Achieve” and “The National Governor’s Association” funded by the Gates Foundation.

“Other opponents of Common Core claim that it’s “unproven,” students will be “guinea pigs,” and the “curriculum replaces the classics with government propaganda.”

Common Core will nationalize education and will dumb down public school curriculum.” It will allow the federal government to “amass large amounts of personal information and track students from kindergarten through their careers.” www.townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2013/03/18/commoncore

A recent commentary in the Ramona Sentinel by RUSD Board member John Rajcic raises concerns about Common Core. After reading Mr. Rajcic’s commentary — “The teacher, not the program or the money, makes the difference” — we should ask: when did it become the purpose of the federal government to set national education standards? How was the federal government legally able to prescribe curriculum when it’s prohibited by federal law to do so? Is this why U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wants us to believe that Common Core was developed by the states and not by the federal government?

Has there been any public discussion concerning this federal mandate? Do the taxpayers and the parents know that Common Core could be just one more federal mandate intended to expand the powers of the massive federal government by chipping away at the states sovereignty? Shouldn’t we look at both sides of Common Core before we proceed?

Find answers to these questions on July 27, when Ramona Tea’d will feature special guest speakers Mary Baker, acting president of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, San Diego/Orange County Chapter, and Orlean Koehle, president of the Eagle Forum of California and founder and director of Californians United against Common Core, and who has written two books: “By Stealth and Deception” and “Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meters.”

Koehle will speak about Common Core; Is the U.N. taking over our schools? This is a federal program she says is the “Trojan horse” of education reform. It’s being implemented now, illegally and unconstitutionally, preparing for Obama’s “Race to the Top Assessments.”

Please bring a friend and join Ramona Tea’d at our free monthly forum in Ramona Mainstage, 626 Main Street. Doors open at 11 a.m. and the program begins at noon. Food and drinks are available on site. For more information see www.ramonatead.com.

Darrell Beck is a Ramona resident.

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7 Comments for “What is Common Core?”

  1. Jim Dunn

    Darrell, please read the standards. They are none of the things your say they are. Please, don't just read the negative blogs, read the standards and see what they actually say. The standards received overwhelming support from 45 states, many with very conservative Republican governors. Please, read the standards.

  2. Jane Tanaka MD

    Mr Beck,
    The following is another viewpoint of the Common Core Standards, from the Director of the National Parents Teachers Association, written in May of 2012.

    Don't Politicize the Common Core State Standards!
    By Eric Hargis, Executive Director of the National PTA

    "Like many Americans, I have relocated several times in order to move ahead in my career. As a California native, I certainly expected things to be different moving to New York City, to Atlanta and to Washington, DC. From weather to clothing styles and customs, things are not the same from one state to the next. But one thing that must be the same regardless of which state you live in is a quality education for our children."

    "As a parent, the Common Core State Standards provide my wife and me with a clear understanding of what my children are expected to learn at each grade level, K through 12, regardless of what state the job takes our family (with the exception of a notable few). That the Standards are evidence-based and developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators and experts gives me confidence that my kids will graduate fully prepared for college."


  3. Jane Tanaka MD

    "Unfortunately, like so many other issues, the Common Core State Standards are surrounded by myths and are being misrepresented for supposed political gain; the incredible value that the Standards provide to parents wanting to be fully engaged in their children's education makes this all the more dangerous and could represent a huge loss to our education system in America."

    "Bashing anything done by the Federal Government, always a popular sport in America, has now reached Olympic class status, and there are those claiming that the Standards are a government take-over of education and call them "Common Core National Standards." This isn't even a Pinocchio stretch of the truth, but an out and out lie. The truth is, states are driving this process and have been involved at every level — from the drafting and development stages through revisions and the final product."

  4. Jane Tanaka MD

    "In fact, states voluntarily adopted the Standards. States can even go above the content of the Standards by 15% to cover content that they feel is important but not currently a part of the Standards. Importantly, states and school districts still have autonomy in decisions made on how to teach the Standards in the classroom. "

    "At the same time, as a parent, I will be assured quality and consistency in my children's education regardless of where we live. While most all members of state and district education boards pursue only the highest of academic standards, one need only watch the television talk shows to hear what a few believe should be taught as science and history. Let's keep them on the talk shows and out of our classrooms! "

  5. Jane Tanaka MD

    "As we all know too well, business in Washington and in many states is driven by partisan politics. Despite the proven effectiveness of the Common Core State Standards, they have become an easy target for a bickering Congress, and divided state and local leaders. The American people are tired of the political games that are hurting our children. We want our government leaders to come together to ensure that our children receive a better education than we did. Those states that have still not adopted the standards for purely political reasons are doing their state's students an incredible disservice."

    "Empowering parents to be involved in their child's education is the cornerstone of what we do at PTA. In this difficult economy, many parents are focused on getting food on the table, finding a job, or simply making it through one more day. The PTA works to reach every parent, providing them with tools and resources to be involved in their child's education at every level….."

  6. Jane Tanaka MD

    "Common Core is the first effort of this kind in the education system and all schools will be better served during this process of aligning standards. We have seen what states can do when they work together. They share resources and best practices, enabling everyone to come out ahead. When schools are working, our children succeed. That is every parent's ultimate goal and one that we can realize with the Common Core State Standards."

    The comments above are the opinion of the National PTA Executive Director, regarding the Common Core State Standards.

  7. Guest

    I don't know about you, but every time the federal (or state) government gets involved with education, schools end up catering to the lowest common denominator. Before I get all of you writing back from your high horses, let me tell you that you are wasting your time. My parents went through RUSD. I went through RUSD. My kids went through RUSD, and soon, my grandchildren will. I have seen it all first-hand. The proportion of morons who waste class time, yet leave with diplomas, increases each year. I have an idea for standards – shape up or ship out. But, we all know that the lefties who have infiltrated the educational establishment will never let that happen. They rely on the school system to provide them with an ever-increasing population of uneducated, ill-informed, and naive voters to keep them in power. This Common Core nonsense is just the latest from the same bunch.

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