McGee receives suspended sentence, probation in school drug sting

Payne housed in drug program,
Gaffney slated for sentencing

By Neal Putnam

Skylor Rocky McGee, 20, received a suspended 210-day jail term and was placed on three years probation after he pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana for sale to an undercover sheriff’s deputy at Ramona High School.

McGee, of Ramona, received credit for eight days spent in jail after he and three others were arrested April 30 in the undercover busts. He was fined $779, court records show.

After his arrest, McGee’s probation was revoked on a 2012 case in which he pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property by giving a juvenile burglar a ride home following a series of publicized burglaries in Ramona.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Laura Halgren reinstated McGee on probation in the 2012 case on the same terms and conditions. She ordered McGee to complete a drug program in his drug case, and to register as a substance abuse offender with law enforcement.

Deputy District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo asked Halgren to order McGee to perform 20 days of public service such as trash pick-up, but she declined. Court records say McGee’s offense in this case made him ineligible to receive a prison term.

“I did possess marijuana for purposes of sale, knowing it to be marijuana, a usable amount. I did possess concentrated cannabis, knowing it to be concentrated cannabis,” wrote McGee with his lawyer’s assistance.

Meanwhile, Christopher Forest Payne, 19, was released from jail in July after receiving a one-year term following his guilty plea to selling marijuana and a tranquilizer to an undercover sheriff’s deputy.

Payne, of Ramona, was released early as he was eligible to be housed in a drug program on terms of three years probation. He was fined $574 by Halgren and ordered to register as a substance abuse offender.

His attorney, Patrick McCoy, said Payne had a medical problem and was using marijuana for medicinal purposes. The judge told him he could not use marijuana on probation despite any medical claim.

“There’s too much temptation,” said Halgren.

The judge dismissed the remaining charges, which included two counts of transportation of marijuana, two counts of possession of marijuana for sale, and one count of selling marijuana after Payne pleaded guilty to two counts.

The undercover officer purchased three grams of marijuana from Payne for $30 at a fast food parking lot on Main Street on Feb. 22. She also bought one tranquilizer for $40 from Payne at another parking lot on Main Street, according to court records.

Records say she bought $20 worth of marijuana from McGee on Ramona High’s Hanson Lane campus on March 25 and $25 worth of the same drug on April 10 on campus. McGee is not a student there.

The undercover officer posed as a Ramona High School senior from December 2012 to late April, and other deputies posed as students at other North County high schools.

Maxwell Gaffney, 19, of Ramona, will be sentenced Aug. 1 after he pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. He is expected to receive probation and remains free on his own recognizance.

The fourth defendant, a 16-year-old girl, is being prosecuted in Juvenile Court. Because she is a minor, her case is not public record.

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11 Comments for “McGee receives suspended sentence, probation in school drug sting”

  1. Disgusted

    Once again, McGee gets away. It’s the benefit of being a confidential informant, participating in the drug schemes of Ramona. He’ll be back in the news again, his cohorts with jail terms and a dozen roses for him for selling drugs to our children.

  2. Don Kedick

    So it seems these local losers get a slap on the wrist and probation. Judge Halgren won't even make them pick up trash for a couple of weeks. Is it any wonder then why Ramona has a drug problem in the schools and on the streets? Why not just set up a booth at the farmers market, or a little roadside stand to sell their stolen pharmaceuticals and weed. Much ado about nothing, the sheriff's HS undercover op was a complete waste of time and money.

  3. Guest

    Maxwell Gaffney free and to be sentenced on August 1. Arrested AGAIN on July 21 for dangerous drugs and out of jail. Needs to spend some time in jail.

    • Guest

      It is truly a sad day, that Law Enforcement continues to put their Lives on the line, to keep our streets safe, and these kinds of PUCKS continue to get away with MURDER. We can only hope that SOON they will screw up so bad, that they get locked away for LIFE. They are a drain on our system and drudge on society. How do they support themselves? You see them walking the streets or on a skate board running around Ramona. They ALL have multiple Felony convictions and registered drug users, who will hire them? Also, the fine citizen Garrett Jackson, that was caught up in the Hot Prowl Burglaries is also back in Jail.

  4. guest

    Uhhh, lets not over do it with the "MURDER" charge, it makes your other comments look foolish.

  5. High School Teacher

    That is a joke comparing drug users to murderers. These kids need help they aren't running around stabbing and robbing people they have a substance abuse issue. If half the money that was spent busting these kids were used to get these kids into rehabs and so forth they wouldn't be running around getting in trouble I guarantee you that. Making these news reports about a few average teenagers getting busted for what other kids get busted for everyday is a waste of time and effort I feel bad for the Ramona Sentinel publishers that they can't provide real stories instead they go around putting down a few kids who have made mistakes. The only thing these articles achieve is making these kids get a kick out of some publicity and it honestly is really sad. I'd love to see more articles about all the real gangster criminals who are committing home invasions and murders instead of some stupid High School Drug Busts. These kids have their whole lives ahead of them and you all act like they are 50 year old convicts who have been in prison half their lives.

    • Guest

      Yes these kids have a problem and they need help. I think the point is that they keep getting caught with drugs and they get bailed out and nothing else happens. And some have been caught doing hot prowls in Ramona. So I appreciate the sentinel keeping the community informed. This is the path the kids have taken so they need to face the consequences. I don't think it is a stupid High School Drug bust considering the drugs they are dealing with. If they dont change their ways they will be 50 year old convicts.

  6. guest

    so does a suspended jail term mean he wont do any jail time?

    • High School Teacher

      No he won't be doing any time. If any of you have any clue about how full the Jails/Prisons are in California you would realize that a few drug offenders don't need to be around that type of violent environment. Your typical drug user doesn't go around promoting White Supremacy or participating in Gang activities, they suffer from a decease, addiction, which can be treated. Do you honestly think throwing a few kids in jail for selling weed is going to make them stop? 9 times out of 10 the first thing they will do is go get high and repeat whatever they got arrested for in the first place. Drug offenders need a solid rehabilitation program to attend and that is the only way the cycle is going to end.

  7. Guest

    Yes. No Jail time. What I meant, when I said they got away with MURDER. But it appears people can't read or understand that phrase. I'm sick and tired of hearing these bleed hearts say that these are good kids, who just make a mistake. They made the choice to Steel and do Drugs. These PUCKS are not Sunday Morning Alter Boys. They need their Behinds locked up and pay the price for their Behavior.

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