Firefighters battle Ramona blaze

A helicopter drops water on a brush fire off Dye Road and Equestrian Trail Saturday afternoon. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

UPDATE, Saturday, July 13Firefighters have stopped the spread of the 10- to 15-acre brush fire that threatened some structures today, a fire official said about 3 p.m.

Original Post—Firefighters are working to extinguish a 10- to 15-acre brush fire in Ramona that threatened some structures, a fire official said.

The fire in the vicinity of State Route 67 and Dye Road streets was reported about 1 p.m., according to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler. It spread toward Equestrian Trail, Royal Vista Drive and Mountain Lane, passing behind Hanson Elementary School off Boundary Avenue.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler said structures in the immediate area were being threatened by flames, but none had been damaged or destroyed and no injuries had been reported.

The fire’s cause was undetermined, Schuler said.

Firefighters work to extinguish a brush fire in the field behind Hanson Elementary School. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

People climb to the top of a hill behind Hanson Elementary School off Boundary Avenue to get a closer look at the fire. Sentinel photo/Maureen RobertsonRamona resident Phillip Garnett captures this shot of a Cal Fire plane dropping retardant on the fire.

Plane heads away from the fire after dropping retardant on the blaze. Photo/Eric KozakiewiczCal Fire plane drops retardant on the fire. Photo/Phillip Garnett

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11 Comments for “Firefighters battle Ramona blaze”

  1. Kathy

    Thank you Firefighters! That fire was close to me I was very scared!

  2. Joe

    Some idiot probably threw there cigarette out the window because they are to lazy to put it out in there car. I have been behind many smokers out in this area and they all keep throwing there butts out the window and that is going to cause a bigger fire around here and I try to write there plate number down in case where they through there butt out the window in case it starts a fire

    • Herve Auch-Roy

      Joe, don't wait till a fire starts this way; if you (or anyone reading this) catch someone throwing a cigarette butts out of their window, then write their license plate and report them to the Sheriff anyway. A hefty fine and jail time will do wonder to teach those guys about being responsible.
      We walk almost every day along the little trail parallel to Gunn Stage Road and Swartz Canyon Road in the Estate, and it's not uncommon to find cigarette butts still incandescent there, right in the middle of the Estates where dry grass and tall trees can catch fire and wipe out the entire area in no time.

  3. Andrew

    This brush fire burned over 50 acres roadside towards the south off of Hwy 67 to the tree line at the creek. When it hit the tree line at the creek it shot hot ash and sparks to then ignite again another 20 some acres towards Dye road. The cause of this fire was reported to have been a truck with material burning in it's bed . Possible that it was transporting a barbeque with material not extinguished.

  4. Andrew

    This was a 50 acre fire from Hwy 67 road side to the creek treeline. Then when it hit the trees it sent hot ash and sparks towards the south to ignite another 20 some acres. This all by a truck carrying something emitting hot embers like a barbeque. I was working across from Santa Maria Rd. Watched all go down. Then helped with others to beat down the the fire at Hwy 67 to stop it from engulfing the two eucalyptus trees one that has an Eagles nest.

  5. Mick

    I was driving near this fire and I must say, those firefighters did an Awesome job! The fire was a few hundred feet from somebody’s barn and horses. I’m glad our tax dollars were really well spent today!

  6. Concerned Tax Payer

    Yeah sure our tax dollars at work. WITH POLICE BLOCKADES! Infringing on our right to travel. Whats next? Are they going to start demanding travel papers from us like good communists?

  7. Carrie

    Exactly! The firefighters did great! And at first I thought the newly planted vineyard got burned, but it was just across the dirt road from the fire and was saved.

  8. Marty Erwin

    I want to thank all the folks who helped save our home as well as CalFire, who did a ballet over our heads. Selflessness such as Tracy Boyd and his family, and Rod Hepburn, and the hispanic guy who handled the hoses but who left before I got his name, is more than appreciated, it gives you hope about us as folks.

    Thanks, Marty

    • Gary

      I was listening to it on my scanner, and i heard that the SDSO had the guy's plate and address and lived at the 2100 blk of main st. from a witness..
      if it was a Cig thrown out, or he ment to start it, hope they string him up by his buster browns,

  9. Christy

    Third fire close to me. Firefighters have truly stepped up their game. Great job on getting control of this one. Definitely some anxious moments but sure was awesome to see the brigade of planes and trucks quick. Thank you again.

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