‘American Story’ shares extraordinary stories about ordinary people

Book Review

By Harold Schachter

If you’ve ever craved for, or yearned to read a short story or an anecdote about real people, ordinary Americans with extraordinary personal honor, selflessness, and courage, who’re unsung and unpublicized, and who exhibit the highest and best qualities of the human spirit and character, then “American Story” is a book that you likely will enjoy reading.

Journalist Bob Dotson has compiled these anecdotes from among the scores of people he has met and presented on television’s Today Show over the past few decades.

“American Story” was released on March 26 and is 232 pages long. It is divided into 12 chapters, but those 12 chapters could be deceiving.

Most stories/anecdotes are a page and a half or two pages of text long, so the book contains at least 100 of these tales. It is a quick and easy read and lends itself to reading by dribs and drabs, although once you begin reading it, you may not want to put it down.

“American Story” has engendered many customer-reviews on the Amazon.com website. As a testament to this book’s popularity and enjoyability, the overwhelming percentage of customer-reviewers have accorded “American Story” a rating of 5-stars out of a maximum rating of 5-stars and, secondarily, a rating of 4-stars.

Its overall weighted-average rating is into the 90 percentile score.

You should enjoy reading about these ordinary unsung and unpublicized Americans who have done some very remarkable and extraordinary things that you never even knew about.

Harold Schachter is a Ramona resident.

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