Caltrans studies concrete barriers for State Route 67


Caltrans is studying the feasibility of concrete median barriers down the center of State Route 67 and hopes to have a project report completed by next summer.

Due to head-on collisions on the highway that have resulted in fatalities, residents have called for more safety measures along the route.

In response, rumble strips, speed feedback signs and other safety measures were installed, Joe Hull, office chief with Caltrans traffic operations said, and “we have seen a decrease in the cross-median collisions.”

Some residents suggested a concrete barrier down the center of the highway to prevent drivers from crossing into the opposite lane. Hull said Caltrans has been studying the possibility of a concrete median barrier from the current barrier near Vigilante Road in Lakeside to just south of Highland Valley Road.

The report, he said, will provide engineering design and environmental analysis and will consider installing barriers for that entire section, installing them only in select areas, and “no build.”

“A lot of locations, there’s not a lot of room to put barriers in,” he said.

Another problem with a center barrier would be access to and from driveways or side streets, he said.

Once the report is completed, it will be available for public review and comment, he said.

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10 Comments for “Caltrans studies concrete barriers for State Route 67”

  1. Henry

    The road-SR67- can not be made safe for foolish nor stupid drivers!

  2. Stephan

    But maybe it can be made safer for others FROM "foolish or stupid" drivers. Hope it works out. Crashes and one car spills will still happen, but it's the cross lane head-on's that usually kill. Should have known the grumps will be out to bash any sort of progress.

  3. Don Kedick

    If people would just go the speed limit, 55 mph, and not drive drunk, stoned, drugged, or distracted, then driving up & down SR 67 should not be a problem. If you're sober and straight and can't drive without crashing, you shouldn't be driving at all.

  4. Guest

    The barriers down 67 in Lakeside haven't seemed to reduce accidents much & they surely are an eyesore. I agree totally with Henry, but also adding distracted to foolish & stupid. And to Stephan, concrete barriers are not progress.

  5. Mike Loranger

    There was a lovely senior couple rounding Mt Woodson on the 67 last fall, paying attention and minding the speed limit…. BLAMO!…, a full size pick-up crossed centerline and killed them instantly. Stephan is correct, the cranky old farts are always singing the same old, worn out tune when it comes to improving our lousy roads.

  6. Stephan

    I do consider safer roads progress. There will always be reckless/new/stoned/drunk (pick one) drivers out there, but safer roads can reduce the risk to the rest of us.

    And okay, “grumps” just wasn’t very nice, so I take that back. Indeed, I may have been the grump in saying such.

    For me, the sooner barriers go in the better. So many recent accidents have been cases of people making bad decisions, crossing the yellow line, and killing or maiming the innocent. Barriers aren’t perfect, but I believe they can help.

  7. Torry Brean

    I am glad they are studying this, and I am all for improving our roads, especially 67. I am concerned, however, about this growing trend to prevent cars from turning left onto any roads. We saw this at 13th and main (the library) with the median added to block turning across traffic. This is being forced on almost all intersections now. I understand how this prevents accidents from people crossing the flow of vehicles, however what is the effect of sending cars on more circuitous routs to get where they need to go? More driving? More U-turns? More cutting through parking lots?

    What will all the residents along the north side 67 do if they want to go in to town?

  8. guest

    Just wondering if it is maybe just coincidental, but there seem to be more collisions on Main lately.

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