Anderson’s Safe Classrooms Act calls for one-time money for school security

Sen. Joel Anderson, R-El Cajon, has amended one of his bills to direct some $850 million to school security projects.

At a news conference with San Diego Unified School District leaders, parents, students and law enforcement, Anderson said The Safe Classrooms Act, SB 428, will use a portion of extra one-time revenue the state has received.

“This one-time money has a one-time purpose and there is no greater purpose than protecting our children,” said Anderson. “We need to increase and improve security on campuses, while not pulling money away from the classrooms.’’

An Anderson spokesman said the amendment replaces the bill’s original language, which was designed to speed up the appeals process in capital punishment cases. It is currently awaiting action in a Senate committee.

In the wake of recent school shootings, several legislators have introduced safety measures to protect children but many don’t go into effect until 2016, the senator said.

He said his measure would allow the extra money to be used immediately by school districts across California. The funds would not interfere with what is already being allocated to education by Gov. Jerry Brown, he said.

The money will come from the state’s general fund and is expected to be divided evenly about the estimated 10,000 schools in California. For Ramona Unified School District, that would mean about $85,000 for each of the district’s nine school.

According to Anderson, the bill would fund:

—capital facilities improvements that control and restrict physical access to campuses, such as exterior doors, windows, fixed ladders, designated entrances, locks, lighting, fences and gates;

—improvements to public address and emergency communications systems, phone and data communications, and emergency and school police radio gear;

—cameras and surveillance systems;

—security threat assessment surveys;

—training and changes to administrative policies and procedures.

Each school district would decide how to spend the one-time money.

Ramona is among communities in the 36th District that Anderson represents.

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4 Comments for “Anderson’s Safe Classrooms Act calls for one-time money for school security”

  1. greg chick

    I do not want to hear any privacy “civil rights” issues on this. If kids do not want to get caught in cameras violating rules, they better behave. This is about laws, safety and accountability. If someone wants privacy they can go into their home and do what ever they want or think whatever they want but that freedom is personal not public.

    • Andy

      I'm a huge civil rights advocate, and I have to agree with Greg. These schools are PUBLIC schools. While it is hard for me to condone the cameras, I think a public place is one of the few that is acceptable. Especially if it will help keep our kids safer.

  2. Guest

    Lighten up Greg. As long as we aren't arming teachers & flying drones over the schools, I believe any effort to improve security will be unanimously embraced.

  3. Applause for Mr.Anderson this is better to protect those innocent children in school putting a security alarm system in each schools, institution and establishment is a big advantage and can help a lot for those parents to make there children safe.

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