Hearing postponed in Ramona High School drug sting case

By Neal Putnam

The preliminary hearing for Skylor Rocky McGee, one of four Ramona residents arrested on charges of selling drugs to an undercover sheriff’s deputy, has been rescheduled from July 7 to July 18.

A preliminary hearing for Maxwell Gaffney, 19, charged with possession and sale of marijuana, heroin possession, and possessing a firearm with heroin, is set for June 27.

McGee and Gaffney have pleaded not guilty.

Christopher Forest Payne, 19, pleaded guilty to selling marijuana and possessing a tranquilizer for sale. He is facing a year in jail when he is sentenced this week.

The attorney for McGee, 20, requested more time and the delay was not opposed by the prosecutor in San Diego Superior Court. McGee is charged with possession, transportation, and sale of marijuana in two transactions, one of which took place at Ramona High School.

McGee was placed on three years probation last year for his role in a major burglary ring in Ramona in which participants were juveniles. McGee pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in that case in which he gave a ride to a teenage burglar.

The fourth person arrested April 30 in the sheriff’s undercover case is a 16-year-old girl who was a student at Ramona High. She is being prosecuted in Juvenile Court and her case is not public record. Twelve others were arrested on drug sales at other high schools.

McGee is free on $20,000 bond while Gaffney is free on his own recognizance.

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3 Comments for “Hearing postponed in Ramona High School drug sting case”

  1. Don Kedick

    Enough with the delays and postponements. Get these criminal lowlifes in jail and out of Ramona. Why are they still "free on their own recognizance"?

    • Facts

      They arent in jail because these kids aren’t even drug dealers they both middlemanned a small amount of marijuana which they didn’t even profit from. Some idiot left a backpack at max’s house which had drugs in it that Max originally got charged for but they found out who’s it really was because the idiot who left it there left his wallet in there. Skylor is a good kid too who was trying to help someone out and ended up getting tricked. Before opening your huge mouth you should learn what really happened and not some stupid made up Ramona sentinel gossip that they create because they don’t have anything interesting to write about.

  2. Facts? Not.

    You say Skylor’s a good kid? Just helping someone out? You mean like last year when he “helped” out all those other guys get their loot back to his place to store and keep? Middlemen or not, they still were selling drugs. But don’t worry. Your friend that you write about being so innocent will get out with a slap on the wrist and the promise to be a good CI for the cops, or some other sideways deal to be worked out.

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