Residents voice concerns over San Vicente Road project

County presentation scheduled for June 6

By Karen Brainard

Despite completing the design of the San Vicente Road Realignment project, the county is still hearing concerns from residents regarding safety measures for drivers and for equestrians.

At the Ramona Community Planning Group’s June 6 meeting, county staff is scheduled to give a presentation on proposed rumble strips for the center of San Vicente Road and a turnout at Gem Lane, both suggested by the planning group in April. The meeting, open to the public, will begin at 7 p.m. in the Ramona Library Community Room, 1275 Main St.

During an update on the road project at the May 30 Ramona Revitalization Steering Committee meeting, District 2 County Supervisor Dianne Jacob  said, “I’m still getting some concerns in my office in regards to the horse trail along the side of San Vicente.”

Jacob asked residents at the meeting for their thoughts on the proposed horse trail.

Equestrians had asked the county for a barrier between the 50 mph roadway and the 10-foot-wide horse trail.

Resident Kathy DaSilva suggested to the county’s Department of Public Works that a post and rope fence be installed between the horse trail and road. Similar to a split rail fence, thick rope would replace the wood cross rails.

Jacob said Lakeside and San Marcos have such fences.

However, instead of the fence, DPW is proposing a two-foot high hedge, according to Mike Aguilar with DPW.

DaSilva said that when she approached DPW about installing a post and rope fence, the department told her “absolutely not, it’s a danger to motorists.”

Aguilar, who noted he is not the project manager for the San Vicente Road Realignment, said he has seen photos where posts had impaled windshields during accidents.

Jacob said she did not see how that would happen with a post and rope fence and offered to set up a meeting with concerned residents and DPW.

“If the design is not right, it needs to be changed now,” said Jacob.

As to the overall San Vicente Road project that will realign a 2.25-mile segment from Warnock Drive to 1,000 feet east of Wildcat Canyon Road, DPW reports that construction is scheduled to begin this fall and completed by summer 2015.

Design and construction will be funded by transportation impact fees (TIF) and the TransNet half-cent sales tax.

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4 Comments for “Residents voice concerns over San Vicente Road project”

  1. Oliver

    A buddy of mine, during a round of golf, and who is opposed to the road re-alignment, told me that he calculated that the County would save a boat load of money by simply reducing the speed limit to 40MPH on this strectch, and it would cost motorists one minute of driving time. Sounded far to reasonable to me to possibly ever be accepted by those who would refuse to leave for their destinations one minute earlier. Hmmm?

  2. Herve Auch-Roy

    One step at a time, this project will add up fences, walls, speed bumps, flashing speed signs, but still crashes and deaths (likely even more), and still crosses and flowers along the way.
    This is "Our Tax Dollar At BAD Work". A much better use of our tax dollar would be to have a police officer roaming San Vicente Road with a radar gun, taking stupid drivers off the road. Same thing in the Estates, where it is now common to see motorists zipping through 25MPH zones at speeds close to 50MPH in the Estates, making these residential areas a safety hazard for pedestrians and children.

  3. MWorkman

    While I would personally agree with lowering the speed limit on this stretch, you are still missing an important point. This is road money. Tax money already paid by you and I. It will be spent on roads somewhere. We are fortunate it is being spent making this stretch of road safer. Traffic enforcement is a totally different issue. Different pot of money if you will. You make it sound like there is $XX to spend and we can either spend it on roads or enforcement. That is NOT the case. Try NOT to spread mis-information, it helps no one.

  4. Honest Resident

    What is the current status of the Ramona St. extension? This is just as important as the San Vicente project and needs to be pushed through asap.

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