Mt. Woodson sixth-graders leave safe — and fun — legacy

By Maureen Robertson

Mt. Woodson Elementary students weren’t prepared for what they saw in the play area when they returned from a 10-day hiatus from school.

“Amazement,” is how Principal Theresa Grace described their reaction. “They were all looking at it like it was a work

Mt. Woodson Elementary School's new ball wall. Photos Courtesy of Steve Powell

of art — before they started playing on it. It was great.”

When they left for a week’s furlough from school and then the Memorial Day holiday, their “ball wall” was faded and warped, and they had to be careful not to trip or get their clothing caught on the separating wood.

What they saw last Tuesday morning was a freshly painted new ball wall complete with the school mascot and the words “Mountain Lions” professionally painted at the top.

The gift, at no cost to the school district, was the idea of Mt. Woodson Elementary’s Sixth-Grade Student Council. The students wanted to contribute something to the school and leave a legacy as they prepared for promotion to middle school. Adult volunteers — parents and sixth-grade

The school's old ball wall that volunteers demolished and carted away.

teacher Matt Filson — and Ramona businesses pitched in to make it happen.

“Look at what their idea turned into — a brand new wall,” said Steve Powell, father of student council member and sixth-grader Kaitlyn Powell and owner of Woodcrest Homes. “It was an idea borne by the student council and implemented by the community. To me, that’s just like going to church.”

The group started from “ground zero,” he said, demolishing the old wall and working 12 hours from morning till evening so everything was framed, up and ready for painting the next day. The two-sided wall stands 12 feet high and is 24 feet wide.

Donations came from a variety of sources: a $200 discount on materials from Ransom Brothers, paint from Dunn

Mt. Woodson Elementary Sixth Grade Student Council members point to the handprints they put on the new Mountain Lions ball wall they worked on during Furlough Week. It is their way of giving back to the school. They are Tess Alwan, Seth Conley, Isabella Ettore, Cameron Klein, Hunter MacKenzie, Matt McAllister and Kaitlyn Powell. Parents join students and a teacher in the work effort.

Edwards, dump fees from Ramona Disposal, lettering material from SIGNCO, materials from Woodcrest Homes and money from the PTA.

The students received the school district’s blessings before work began.

“Structurally it’s sound,” said Powell, placing an approximate $7,000 value on the “mini capital improvement project.”

Parents join students and a teacher in the work effort.Mt. Woodson Elementary Sixth Grade Student Council members stand with teacher Matt Filson, right, in front of the new ball wall that is their way of giving back to the school.

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