Ramona High selects new wrestling coach

By Bill Tamburrino

Ramona High School has named David Tomaino as its new wrestling coach to replace  Steve Koch who resigned.

Tomaino brings a plethora of experience and success. He wrestled at Jackson-Milton High School in North Jackson, Ohio, and was a three-time state qualifier and placed fifth in the state. Tomaino also lettered in football and baseball at Jackson-Milton.

He attended Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, where he earned his undergraduate degree in 2003 and lettered in wrestling. He was inducted into the Eastern Ohio Wrestling League Hall of Fame in 2009.

The new RHS coach earned a Juris Doctor Degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2006 and is currently a contracts analyst for the San Dieguito Union School District.

Tomaino started his coaching career at his alma mater as an assistant for his father, who is also a member of the Eastern Ohio wrestling League Hall of Fame. While coaching at Steele Canyon High School from 2004 to 2006, Tomaino coached the school’s first CIF champion. His most recent coaching assignment was at Del Norte High School, from 2009 to 2012, where the Nighthawks won the Valley League title in 2011-2012. He has 34 dual meet wins in four years as a head coach, and he has coached 31 CIF placers, three CIF champions,  three Masters placers, a Masters champion, and a California State placer.

“Upon Steve Koch’s resignation, I knew that we would attract top quality wrestling coaches because of the fine program coach Koch had built,” said RHS Athletic Director Damon Baldwin. “This was not an easy decision as there were  very good candidates.  David Tomaino brings an incredible background in all areas of being a head wresting coach.”

“The fantastic thing about this hire is that we get to also keep the  No. 1 assistant in Dwayne Guile as well. Ramona can look forward to continued wrestling success,” Baldwin said.

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41 Comments for “Ramona High selects new wrestling coach”

  1. MattyGin92065

    Oh this article is funny; especially this line “The fantastic thing about this hire is that we get to also keep the No. 1 assistant in Dwayne Guile as well. Ramona can look forward to continued wrestling success” ” Baldwin said.

    Here is the truth. Most, if not all, don’t want to wrestle for this new coach. It isn’t because he is a new coach from outside of Ramona. It isn’t because he has already said he won’t be coming to Ramona to take the wrestlers to dual meets at other schools. It isn’t even because he said he will be late to dual meets in Ramona during wrestling season. No, it isn’t any of those reasons. It is because he isn’t Duayne Guile.

    Duayne Guile grew up in Ramona. His entire formative years were spent in Ramona schools. It was during his time at OPMS that he joined the wrestling team. He wrestled until graduating from Ramona High School. After graduating from Ramona High, he attended a California University where he also wrestled.
    Duayne graduated college and came right back to Ramona and began coaching the Ramona Pound (the community wrestling team for little wrestlers), the OPMS middle school team and both JV and Varsity teams at Ramona High.

    Duayne is the kind of coach that buys shoes for those wrestlers who can’t afford them, he pays their entry fees for tournaments if they can’t afford them fees, he goes through “study hall” to find those students who are on the brink of going the wrong way by our standards. In short, Duayne Guile is one man who is giving back to the community that he grew up in. And yet, he is passed over.

    There were three applicants when that were interviewed; two were assistant coaches under Steve Koch and one wasn’t. The two applicants that served under Koch as assistant coaches weren’t selected; a coincidence? Maybe, but not likely.
    Duayne has worked tirelessly to support this community and the wrestlers at all levels and for that he is told he learned under a poor example of a head coach. If Koch was such a poor example, why didn’t Baldwin as the Athletic Director do what he was supposed to do and remove Koch as the head coach a long time ago?

    The bottom line to this selection is that Damon Baldwin allowed his pride, ego and disdain for Steve Koch to interfere with doing what is right. If Duayne is the number one assistant coach, why wasn’t he promoted to head coach? Duayne’s character as a head coach has been in Baldwin’s face for years and this is how he is repaid by Baldwin and sadly Tony Newman. Those wrestling teams would be nowhere if it weren’t for Duayne Guile and the coaching staff he brought on board prior to Baldwin ruining it. Damon Baldwin should be ashamed of himself and this decision.

    • Lora Colla

      You have no idea what David Tomaino will bring to your wrestling team. He has wrestled since grade school and had a great coach, his father, David Tomaino who was wrestling coach of the year for the state of Ohio. David is the most honest, hard working, caring person you will ever know so you guys need to give him a chance and get to know him-You will be better for having him in your life and he will prove he is the best man for the job and if you chose not to wrestle-you will regret it and when your school comes out on top-you can say I told you so. God Luck

    • Lora Colla

      Look at David Tomainos record before you stay so negative. He brings a lot of experience with him so just think positive and give him a chnce to prove that he is a good man for the job. You will regret it if you drop out of wrestling. Its a great sport and they would not have picked Tomaino if they thought he wasn't right for the job.

  2. NotATamboFan

    “The fantastic thing about this hire is that we get to also keep the No. 1 assistant in Dwayne Guile as well. Ramona can look forward to continued wrestling success,” Baldwin said."

    That's if Duayne Chooses to stay. Duayne has gotten many offers from top teams all over the county…. Why Should Duayne stay at a school that has not recognized his hard work, dedication, and love for these boys. These kids are with Duayne from 5-6th grade all the way to high school. Duayne Is the Heart and Soul of both RHS and OPMS teams… The kids wrestle for Duayne and Duayne alone. He Has coached 7 plus years and this is how he is repaid. Duayne Coaches the HIgh School, Coaches the middle school, and runs off-season.. Duayne is irreplaceable…… I am disgusted to be a Ramona alumn.

  3. ramonian20

    I second Matty Gin's comment! That's ridiculous to bring in someone else when Dwayne has been more than a great coach over the year, and I am certain the intention of Koch's resignation was to hand over to Dwayne. Sounds like Baldwin owed a favor to Tomaino.

    • EXD38MXR

      Mr. 20: The key words in your post are "sounds like". 'Sounds like' means it's not the truth, but just an opinion based on your anger. Before you accuse anyone of 'owing' someone else a favor, I suggest you have facts.

  4. RamonaWrestlingFan

    I have to say I'm disappointed. Duayne has spent years working with, mentoring and being a positive influence to the current crop of wrestlers. Passing him over is not only insulting, it's not in the best interest of those wishing to see a great wrestling program in Ramona's future. I hope enough people speak up and make it known to the administration how big of a mistake this is.

  5. Wrestlingfan21

    I agree with everyone one this post especially ramonian20. I truly believe that Baldwin knows Tomaino and was doing him a favor by hiring him for the position that he DOES NOT DESERVE! Baldwin should be ashamed of himself! Everyone involved with Ramona high school athletics knows that Baldwin ONLY cares about the football program and everything else will always fall to the waste side as long as Baldwin is around. I also believe that Baldwin made Tambo write this article praising Tomaino. Tomaino is going to have one hell of a time at Ramona because I know that no one wants him here. Don’t worry guys, when Baldwin hired Tomaino he did not explain everything involve with the program and all the responsibility that comes along with it, Tomaino WILL NOT last long if we can help it. Tomaino should be ashamed of himself going into this knowing that Duayne Guile is the true and rightful head coach, he should have turned the position down long ago. Baldwin and Tomaino will get what that deserve with karma, and also Newman for cowering and not doing anything about the wrong decision that was made.

  6. Brett

    I am incredibly disappointed that Dwayne’s hard work, dedication, and coaching ability were overlooked.

  7. Denise

    Wow – a lot of trust you guys have in your athletic director! Have you ever even met the new coach? Do you have any idea what goes into making this kind of decision? A lot of assistant coaches prefer the role of an assistant and don't want to have to put up with the administrative headache that goes along with being a head coach…Dwayne is a big boy and can do whatever is best for himself. Why not give the new guy a chance before rushing to form opinions on what should've been done. Shame on you and may you one day be put in such a position where people make judgments without a single chance to do your job.

    • Sue

      Man, shame on you people! Interesting that most of these hateful comments are coming from people who haven't even met the new coach and yet they've already convinced themselves he's a bad guy. Sounds like he has a pretty impressive resume to me. I'd like to think that was why he was hired. Because everyone wants the BEST for the kids. And the new coach was smart enough to keep Dwayne. If Dwayne is so unhappy, he can go elsewhere, can't he? I say give the new guy a chance. Dwayne apparently is, unless of course you believe conspiracy theories that say he's just hanging around to undermine the new coach. But if Dwayne is a stand up guy, and I think he is, he's staying for the kids. Since when has Ramona become so close-minded and hateful? You people who are grumbling sound like members of Congress and we all know how effective and smart they are, right? Saying the kids won't wrestle for the new coach is just plain stupid. You people who are practicing this hate speech should be ashamed of yourselves. You are NOT good examples of the kind of adults I want my kids to grow up to be. SHAME ON YOU! Give the new guy a chance.

      • Lora Colla

        Very well said Sue. If they will just give David Tomaino a chance and meet him, I am sure they will see that he is the most dedicated and hard working coach that will have the team at the top. He is a great family man and they will come to find that out so thank you for your comments

      • NotATamboFan

        You sound like the new guys Mom ;)

        • Ray

          You sound like you're related to Dwayne. And you and the rest of these negative people need a time out. You're all acting like you're 10 years old. If you can't have your way, you won't play. Keeping your kids from wrestling because a new coach has been hired just displays your ignorance. Nothing stays the same in this life. The sooner your kids understand that, the better they will be able to cope with whatever life hands them. In this case, life has handed them a new coach with an impressive record. But let's not let the facts get in your way. Remember what you mother told you? If you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Give the new coach a chance. I wonder how you all would feel if you were in Coach Tomaino's position? He's excited about this opportunity and has an impressive resume. He doesn't have to be from Ramona to do a good job. Stop being so small-minded.

  8. Alex Tomaino

    Dave will bring some fire to that wrestling room with his style of coaching and methods of conditioning and teaching. He brings a atmosphere to the room where him and his kids aren’t just teammates but a family. I’ve ran some camps with him and he works great with his fellow coaches. He’s not a power hungry individual that is trying to “take over” the other coaches position. I’ve learned over my 15 years as a wrestler and now a college wrestler to not pay attention to the “predictions”, not to pay attention to the strife people try to stir up online with the sport, put the politics aside and take it to the mat. Just like my brother does. This guy is more than qualified and pours his heart and soul into his team. I’m sure him and the other coach will work out the schedule conflict and get some successful things done

    • NotATamboFan

      You must be the brother… all in the fam ;)

      • Alex Tomaino

        Pretty obvious statement seeing how I was bold enough to put my name…

      • Lora Colla

        Its not just all in the family—–come to Ohio and see how well liked and educated David Tomaino is and yes he does come from one of the greatest families in our area. Everyone knows the family and you guys need to just quit being so negative and give the NEW COACH a chance. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed and three cheers to the awesome folks that hired him.

  9. EXD38MXR

    As a Ramona resident for the past 37 years, having raised and schooled my 3 children here from birth through 12th grade and beyond, I can sympathize with all the wrestling and sports fans/participants over this decision by our School District concerning the hiring of Mr. Tomaino as head wrestling coach. If you have lived here long enough, and read at least 10 issues of the Ramona Sentinel, you probably realize that our main concerns/problems here, deal with either the Ramona Water District, or the Ramona Unified School District. Seems like there is hardly a week that goes by without some kind of problem or ‘scandal’ in each of those two entities. I, myself, have had the unfortunate misfortune of dealing with the RUSD on at least two occasions on serious matters, only to be told in uncertain terms: “nothing to see here, move along”. Sometimes, like a stubborn Mule, they need the proverbial ’2×4 between the ears’ to make them move in the right direction. That being said, we should all realize that usually, whenever a decision is made by our School District, it’s pretty much set in stone, good or bad. I applaud all of you for standing up and speaking your mind, it’s a great freedom we have to be able to do so. However, let’s please not have any ill feelings towards Mr. Tomaino. He is like many of us right now; finding a job opportunity, applying, and very happy to have been accepted to that position; one of which he has probably dreamed of for a long time. Mr. Tomaino is not from our town, and most likely had no idea of the circumstances surrounding his hiring and the situation with Mr. Koch, Mr. Guile and Mr. Baldwin. Protest if you will, but this is not Mr. Tomaino’s fault. Please welcome Mr. Tomaino into our district; give him a chance, (like the small-town decent folks that we are), and who knows; this situation just may work itself out to everyone’s satisfaction, one way or the other.
    Thank you, Ramona, and bless you all for your consideration!

  10. Melissa Mallory

    Wow, judging from the new coach’s record, it looks like he’s going to be an asset to the program! He obviously knows how to help kids/athletes to succeed.

  11. Rachel

    Let's all just take a second to remember that RUSD hired someone who has head coaching experience. As with any job, the best candidate is ALWAYS hired. Simply being at a job for X number of years or having a certain zipcode does not always qualify you for a position. Entitled much? Some of the posts are so focused on the old assistant coach and what should have happened to his career and how the AD has some personal vendetta that they are forgetting about one thing…the kids. How about all the "adults" just stop this nonsense and let the kids wrestle. If they have come up in such an amazing youth program (as stated), there should be no problems. And IF the case of "hiring outside" was in fact a personal choice, your darn lucky you got this guy.

  12. Jennifer Hayes

    We have been in the district now for 2 years and I have a son and daughter who attend school there. My son plans to join the team. I’m coming from the outside and would love to welcome the new coach. It appears they made their decision and there is nothing you can do to change that. Mr. Tomaino looks to be bringing much experience to the team. Give him a chance. The assistant has a right to be angry and if he chooses to leave then so be it. He would only be hurting the children and showing them that it’s okay to be quitters. Maybe the team needs an outsider coach to bring new aspects of coaching to the mat. I really think some of you are judging the new coach to quickly. I say we give him a chance and get to know him. If he’s that bad then he’ll leave or be pushed out but I really think we need to give the guy a chance. He’s the new guy and I know what it’s like to be new to an area. I would expect my children to treat him with respect as the adults should be doing.

  13. Jim

    Duayne Guile. Has Been a Good coach for my son. It was a comfort to know he was going to start High School with Duayne and his team looking out for him. I was confident he would be in good hands. Now I am apprehensive for what the next 4 years hold for my son.
    I don't know the "New Guy" I know Duayne. I hope he sticks around. I have been very proud of Ramona wrestling. I hope baldwin isn't destroying it.

  14. BeingAMan

    To all of you bashing the new coach, I say grow up! He’s an outsider that none of us know, but he has an impressive record. To suggest the boys won’t wrestle for him only harms them. You think you are helping, but instead you are teaching them to act like babies when there is change. Bravo, you real men!

    Have you considered the possibility that an outsider was hired to bring healing faster? It certainly isn’t a stretch for a thinking man with any amount of brain power to realize Duayne’s experience is limited, therefore to shape him and remove the stink of the old head coach an alternative leadership style was sought. Did you think of that geniuses?

    Being a “good guy” doesn’t mean he’s qualified. It doesn’t mean he’s incompetent, just that he needs to be more tempered.

    Show your boys the correct model of respect and followership. Do not let them dictate that they won’t wrestle for this new coach, they are but children. You lead them, men! You show them to respect the position of Coach, and wrestle! They might just learn something.

    Stop acting like children yourselves. For what you model, they follow.

  15. Bull dogs

    well said, let the kids know that dedication and honor will be over look for political benefits.
    This is bull dog country !!!! not blue jays, we are not flying high, but instead, we are a grounded nation.

  16. Darnell

    Many of you that are supporting this new coach aren’t from here, so you don’t have a perspective on anything related to Ramona other than your relationship to the new coach. I really don’t know that you warrant an opinion on the issue.

    In many respects, he is nothing more than a carpetbagger. He gets to take advantage of an established team that already has a very good record with more than qualified coaches. However, as has aptly been pointed out, he has done nothing wrong. He put in for a position and was hired.

    The reality is that Damon Baldwin, that the athletic director, under the protection of former principal Tony Newman, wanted an outsider because it was one more way for Baldwin to stick it to Steve Koch.

    Many of the comments that have been written are not necessarily by parents, but rather former wrestlers. Many parents wrote or called the district to voice their displeasure, not that David Tomaino was hired, but rather that Duayne was not hired.

    Many of you are saying that this is about the kids. You are absolutely correct. This is about the kids. We parents know the connection that Duayne has with each and every wrestler current and past. It is for that reason that we are upset that Duayne was not hired.

    Calling the opinions “hate speech” not only discredits true hate speech, but shows the ignorance of those who don’t understand what happened. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any comment that was disparaging of David Tomaino.

    I applaud your support for “your guy”, but understand where these comments are coming from. They aren’t coming from a position that the new coach is a degenerate mutt, but that he isn’t “their guy”. The guy that they know, love and have tremendous respect for. Duayne ran those teams. Again, Duayne is the coach that spent his own money supporting the wrestlers through tournaments, transportation, food, clothing and by being someone those wrestlers admired.

    Duayne’s options are Duayne’s options. He will make the right decision for himself and that of the wrestlers. Trying to bully him into staying or leaving by questioning his intestinal fortitude is nothing more than what Baldwin has done. As was stated in a precious post, Duayne’s character is in Baldwin’s face. It is out of Duayne’s respect and love for those wrestlers that he hasn’t taken up one of the other offers.

    David Tomaino gets his chance. He gets it whether the parents or wrestlers like it or not. Yes, most of the wrestlers that have been around for a while have said that they do not want to wrestle for David Tomaino, not because of who he is, but because of who he isn’t.

    I will not use my name when I post this because my son is still deciding if he wants to wrestle next year. I don’t know this new coach and would hate to have my son punished for my words. I am not saying that the man will do anything like that, but I would rather err on the side of caution.

  17. Rachel

    Darnell, to say that Dave is not Duayne, you are right. I hope your son does choose to wrestle so both you and he can see that.

  18. Rachel

    Just because a coach spends their own time and money on kids does not make them "exceptional". I come from a family of coaches and believe me, coaching is much more than the time and money you put in. It is your character, your skill level, your experiences (both in and out of the workplace or on the mat). Your life experiences, your depth and breadth of the sport. Your exposure to all kinds of different people and places.

  19. Rachel

    To state over and over that because Duayne was not hired out of a politically dysfunctional system makes no sense. Did you all not see this coming. Why so much uproar. If what you state is correct, that the A.D. was just "sticking it" to Mr. Koch, why then did Duayne not leave at the end of the season knowing his fate. And quiet frankly, i'm sick of everyone saying Mr. Koch did nothing. My ENTIRE family are PHS alumni. Every last one of them. A true wrestling school. And yes, twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, ten years ago….when Mr, Koch was the coach, Ramona was always a powerhouse. In fact, isn't that where Duayne wrestled? Must have been a great program then right?


  20. Rachel

    It seems to me Darnell, that Duayne is the one who is taking full advantage of this well grown, well established program. Last I checked, RHS wrestling did not start when Duayne took over. So, like I first stated, Dave is not Duayne. Have you and all the other parents ever stopped to think…maybe he could be even better

    • Darnell


      You and the others are missing what happened. Those wrestlers have an emotional attachment to Duayne and are trying to come to grips with this new coach. They are voicing their anger, sadness, confusion and resentment about a decision that affects them; not you or any of the others that have chimed in supporting Dave Tamaino. Those wrestlers were under the impression that Duayne was going to get the job.

      No, we did not see this coming because word out of Baldwin’s mouth was that Duayne had the job and the interviews were to cover Baldwin’s butt.

      The very words you and others are using to prop up and support David Tomaino and denigrate Duanye Guile could easily be reversed. Just because Tomaino looks good on paper, coached by his dad and may have been a good wrestler in his youth, doesn’t mean he is going to be an “exceptional” coach, to use your words. What is exceptional about Duayne is his relationship with the kids on the various teams.

      I am not sure what you are referring to as it relates to Steve Koch. He played a very large part of getting the RHS program where it is and that can’t be disputed. However, the last few years, his portion diminished and he was rarely around for off season wrestling, whereas Duanye was there for on and off season.

      Those of you who don’t live in Ramona or more importantly don’t have a child on the wrestling team, don’t have any ground to complain about our wrestling program or with us voicing our displeasure with Duayne not being hired. You don’t have a dog in the fight in other words; unless, you are related to Dave Tamaino and are choosing to be his spokesperson. In which case, you are as biased as we are.

      You people don’t know what Duayne has done for the teams or this community. You obviously don’t seem to recognize the love and respect that Duayne has earned from current and former wrestlers and their families. It isn’t that we hate Dave Tamaino. It is just that we love Duayne Guile. It is too bad you can’t see that in what has been expressed on this forum.

      You wrote ‘To state over and over that because Duayne was not hired out of a politically dysfunctional system makes no sense’. I don’t understand why you don’t get that politics had something to do with this. People in Ramona know that Baldwin and Koch didn’t like each other and that Baldwin had issues with Koch getting the overweight football players in shape or losing their football weight for wrestler weight. This totally smacks of politics especially when two of the applicants served under Koch and neither were picked. Just a side note, both of those applicants wrestled for RHS and at the college level and one of them also left to coach at a different school.

      As for your comment that Duayne is taking advantage of a program he helped build shows that you can’t see the forest for the trees. How does someone who helps build something and is told that he is going to be the main guy end up taking advantage of the very thing he helped to build?

      As for your question about Dave Tamaino being better than Duayne, sure it is possible. I don’t think that anyone has said that Dave Tamaino doesn’t have anything to offer. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. We will see.

      Why all of you can’t understand that this isn’t necessarily about Dave Tamaino and more about Duayne is beyond me. Try looking at it from the wrestler’s perspective and the parent’s who were under the impression that things were going to go a different way. Try looking at the fact that these “kids” love and respect Duayne for more reason than you or anyone else will ever know, simply because you aren’t part of our program.

      As for my son, not only have I told him that he needs to give Tamaino a chance, but guess what, so have Duayne and Tyler McKay, the other assistant coach. The problem is that neither the wrestlers nor the parents like how this was handled and unless you have a kid on our team, you don’t have a right to interject because you don’t know what has happened and what has been said.

      Tamaino gets his chance whether he has one wrestler or 50 the way Duayne and Koch had. The problem is that we don’t get to see what Duayne was going to bring to the table now that he is out from under Koch.

  21. matdad

    Duayne earned the job no doubt. He did not get it because of Baldwins politics no doubt. Tomaino does have an impressive resume so why did he leave Del Norte? There have been persistent rumors as to why and with a bit of digging I found an article in the UT about Rachel Tomaino head chearleeding coach for Del Norte who some how ended up with half of the teams money in the form of "salary " really? $36,000 for 10 hrs a week? The parents were pissed and made complaints. This is very close to the rumors we have been hearing if Rachel Tomaino is in fact David's wife. So now are we to trust our donations to him? He is already talking fundraisers. He needs to step up and address these rumors.

    • Darnell

      I don't know about his wife and I know nothing about him. The issue is simply that Duayne earned that spot and Baldin screwed Duayne, the schools and most importantly the wrestlers.

      Baldwin needs to be replaced as athletic director and Duayne needs to be the head coach before the season begins. Baldwin needs to man up and do the right thing and that is to have a conversation with Mr. Tomaino and tell him, it isn't you, it's me! I made a mistake and the man that is the rightful coach is Duayne. Let Tomaino be an assistant coach so that Baldwin can save face, but the wrestlers and parents want Duayne.

      Hopefully, you will be at the parents meeting on Tuesday to discuss your issues and concerns…

  22. Wrestling fan

    To everyone who seems to be defending the new coach, you have nothing to defend, yet.

    Many in this community have grown to know and admire Duayne Guile's ability as coach. We have known Duayne for many years and KNOW that he makes a great coach — other coaches also agree by voting him best coach 2 years running.

    As far as Rachel's comment on hiring that "the best candidate is ALWAYS hired." I firmly disagree with this statement. It happens all the time in all types of institutions and businesses that the decisions to hire someone are not always made strictly on the quality of the candidate, but for a variety of other reasons.

    In closing, I agree with Darnell that it is clear that one candidate was passed over by the Athletic Director for reasons other than the quality of his coaching. What a shame. Furthermore, the article by Tambo stated that the AD stated that the fantastic thing about the new hire is that they get to keep the #1 Assistant Coach Duayne — what an incredible slap in the face to Duayne!

    • Darnell

      You probably need to post in a new forum. Most people are checking this thread any longer.

      Not only was Duayne fired from the assistant coach spot, but he was also fired as a substitute teacher by the coward principle for not living up to the job expectations. That is pretty amazing considering he had been substituting for a couple years and was a doing so steadily for the past two months.

      The management of RUSD and RHS in particular should be embarrassed by what they have done.

      At least the Adair family is happy.

    • Darnell

      My initial reply must have been too much for some to post…

      You may need to start another thread or letter to the editor if you want to get your message out about Duayne.

      Not only was he let go by the wrestling coach, but the principle removed him from substituting,,,coincidence? I doubt it. Doesn't speak highly of the decision making process of RHS management.

      I am sure the people responsible are very proud of themselves for what they have done!

    • Darnell

      I have attempted to post two replies to your comments but am being censored by the moderators…

      I guess they don't like the truth about the new coach, principal and a family that feel their son is all that matters and allegedly "bought" the team.

      Such a shame.

  23. Nick Dierkes

    Y'all should be thanking your lucky stars that David Tomaino is the new head coach at Ramona! I wrestled for his father in Ohio and spent a lot of time with the Tomaino family. They are first class people with some of the best credentials in the wrestling power house state that is Ohio. David Tomaino would never break any rules or do anything wrong to these kids and their families. You can take that to the bank! I wrestled for Kent State University and have seen it all, competing against the best wrestlers in the nation, week in and week out. If I didn't believe he could get the job done, I would let y'all know about it. The truth of the matter is that he was the best candidate for the job, and the Ramona School District was wise enough to make the correct decision.

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