District, teachers reach tentative two-year agreement

By Maureen Robertson

At midnight on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Ramona Unified School District and Ramona Teachers Association signed a tentative agreement, Superintendent Robert Graeff reports.

“The deal will be complete after both parties ratify on or before June 6,” he said on the district’s Facebook page. “This effort reflects compromise and commitment by both parties in working together on behalf of the students and families of Ramona’s public schools.”

The agreement was reached after lengthy talks at a meeting called by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in Glendale.

“PERB contacted both parties last week believing that an injunction was going to be filed and suggested a settlement conference,” Graeff said Tuesday.

The California Teachers Association filed an injunction on behalf of RTA on Friday.

Details of the tentative agreement are unavailable.

“We are hopeful that the RTA membership will ratify it,” school board president Bob Stoody said in an email early this morning. “(We) cannot currently provide details as we wish to respect the RTA’s leadership need to communicate this with its members. I understand that all negotiators (from both sides) are exhausted and are driving back from the PERB office in LA. They apparently all listened to the (Ramona) Parents Coalition and didn’t come home until an agreement was reached.”

Also in an email, members of the parents coalition said, “We want to take this time to profusly thank both sides for the difficult choices they certainly had to make. And thank all of you, parents and residents, for your efforts. We had received emails from both sides that our voices were being heard.”

Teachers will learn details of the tentative agreement within the next few days, Donna Braye-Romero, RTA president, said Thursday morning. A general meeting and ratification vote will held held on Tuesday, she said.

The tentative agreement comes after more than 18 months of negotiations, mediation, a PERB-sanctioned hearing, a three-year imposition by the school board calling for an average of 9 percent cuts through the 2014-15 school year, and the threat of a teachers strike.

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6 Comments for “District, teachers reach tentative two-year agreement”

  1. MWorkman


  2. solar1

    Wow, once again. Every spring its the same. We have no money. Seems the bond was not needed?

    • MWorkman

      That is a HUGE oversimplification. The bond IS NEEDED to do cap improvements at our schools. Statements like this one set this community back three steps.

  3. Jane Tanaka MD

    BIG SIGH OF RELIEF .. for now. Ratification hopefully will occur smoothly on June 6th? . ..However, as Dave Patterson said at the Ramona Parents Coaltion meeting.. the community will have to look beyond two or three years from now, when ballooning payments of several million a year will come due. Bob Stoody, board president, plans to try to get the COP loan refinanced in 2017. But a Bond most likely will still be needed… and this time it has to be a grassroots movement, as people didnt respond to Dr Graeff’s or teachers’ pleas for bond votes last year. .. (Maybe the next chapter for the Ramona Parents Coalition? )

  4. guest

    Not "good job" to everyone, this whole mess will not go away until there's a change in leadership.

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