Ramona Parents Coalition’s “Fact or Fiction” presentation tonight in library

Wednesday, May 22—Ramona Parents Coalition will present “Fact or Fiction,” results of its independent fact-finding research regarding the dispute between the school district and teachers union, tonight at 7 in the Ramona Library Community Room.

Promising an impartial and unbiased report, a flyer announcing the public meeting encourages the community to “Be informed! What to the proposed cuts really mean to our teachers, children, and community?”

The coalition of parents whose children attend Ramona schools came together to form a focused community voice.

“Over the last year, we have observed with growing alarm the breakdown of negotiations between the district and RTA (Ramona Teachers Association),” they said in an email. “We have been frustrated at the lack of complete and unbiased information being released by both sides.”

The six parents formed a research group and spent hundreds of hours pouring over documents provided by both sides and referencing them against publicly available data.

“We are ready to share our data and conclusions,” they said. “What we have to say provides a sharp, contrasting view to anything else you have seen or heard….We hope parents, teachers, and anyone else who wants the objective truth will attend.”

Ramona Library is at 1275 Main St.

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4 Comments for “Ramona Parents Coalition’s “Fact or Fiction” presentation tonight in library”

  1. Jane Tanaka MD

    So proud of the Ramona Parents Coalition and their hard work. Presentation was Aplus. Turnout and participation by the public were great… even though administration and board decided not to be there.
    Left the meeting disheartened however, because the Parents Coaltion, in meeting with the Teachers, Board /Administration, got no indication that either side was willing to reopen negotiations. ( except for one board member who said he/she would in writing.) . Both sides have attorneys advising them not to do so. If the Board/Administration does so, then it may nullify the Imposition. ( and thats a bad thing?) And if the RTA does so, then it would imply that they recognize the Imposition.
    Dear higher power, grant me the serenity to accept…
    On the other hand, even though it would be breaking the rules of union negotiations, I really wish that Bob Stoody and Grant McNiff , who are both really reasonable, good hearted, intelligent guys, would sit and work this out with Shelly Yerkes assisting them? Terminate the attorneys, or atleast only pay them if they can actualize the Fact Finding Panel's recommendations with much clearer terms for reinstatement of furlough days/pay if the District comes into more money.

    • Dennis

      "If the Board/Administration does so, then it may nullify the Imposition. (and thats a bad thing?)" Yep!

      "And if the RTA does so, then it would imply that they recognize the Imposition." And that's a bad thing?

  2. Jordan

    What were the results?

    • Jane Tanaka MD

      Jordan, If you contact the Ramona Parents Coalition via email, you could request a pdf of the entire presentation. Their email address is ramonaparentscoalition@gmail.com.
      In a few days, after uploading everyone's email addresses they will send out the pdfs.
      You could also go the UT SD's website; http://www.signonsandiego.com, and go to the North County news section, then the Ramona section, and read Michelle Brier's summary of the Coalition's findings.

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