Woman says horses not abandoned

By Karen Brainard

A woman who declined to give her name or contact information called the Sentinel Wednesday morning to say horses reported as being abandoned on Monday were not abandoned and are well taken care of.

Fire Chief Jeremy Christofferson with Intermountain Fire and Rescue Department said he was heading to the fire station Monday afternoon when he saw two horses on the highway east of town. He called the station for help to get the horses off the highway and then discovered more horses roaming the property.

California Highway Patrol officers and a member of San Diego Department of Animal Services try to corral a loose horse Monday afternoon. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

“They were completely bone-dry, no water,” said Christofferson. Although there were corrals, he said,  it looked like the horses knocked the sides down.

Intermountain firefighters and California Highway Patrol officers rounded up the horses and put them into the corrals. The fire department also delivered water for the horses.  A CHP officer checked the house on the property and said it was cleared out.

“They get fed twice a day. They’re on an automatic waterer,” the woman told the Sentinel. She said she is in the process of moving out of state and will be moving the horses.

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45 Comments for “Woman says horses not abandoned”

  1. Maria Stanley

    I hope the owners are located and dealt with severely!!! Thank you to Chief Christofferson and the CHP who stepped in to help the horses.

    • Tina L. Cordero-Ogilvie

      How can I help and/or assist these horsres? Please contact me. If there is a need for assistance! I will help!

  2. Angry Owner!

    People, you need to calm down!!! These horses are NOT abandoned! We are in the middle of Moving to Arizona. The Horses are ALL on Auto Waterers, so that is a TOTAL lie, and they are fed Alfalfa TWICE PER DAY, every single day! There was some hay on the Property, but it was probably eaten by the loose horses. There is a FLAT BED of Hay there now, so everyone LEAVE THIS ALONE!!!! I know who let them out, and I will deal with them, BELIEVE ME. I have already moved 1/2 the horses off the Property, and WILL have the rest gone in the next 24-48 hours. This is RENTED, PRIVATE PROPERTY. DO not TRESPASS! Stay away from this property! The "Estimate" of the horses going w/out food and water for 4 days, is super beyond ridiculous. There is water EVERYWHERE!! Whoever said that, is an IDIOT!!! Thank you to the people that put them back on Monday, but DO NOT make more DRAMA, please! This story is grossly inaccurate!

    • Kristin Munson

      Dear angry. When you have moved, if you move, please get yourself some help and stop lying to yourself. There are effective treatments for people with your affliction. Please leave these poor horses alone so they can finally get a healthy life and don't keep doing this.

    • Horse luvr

      You are so not telling the truth. We rescued 8 horses from you in December. They were so close to death it wasn't even funny. When we walked on your property there was no food to be found for any of your horses. I hope and pray that they all get taken away from you before you head out to another state just to starve and neglect them there!!! People who are close to your place. . . take a look at these horses; skinny, malnourished, feet haven't been touched in months!!! You can be "angry" all you want but you do not deserve to have these beautiful animals!!!

    • Kim

      Hey Angry! Get over yourself! You are ABUSING these horses no matter how you spin it. I hope you don't have children because they probably don't have food and water either. GET OUT of the HORSE BUSINESS! We don't want people like you! They are living, breathing beings. If you own one, you MUST take care of it! Get some help!

    • for the horses

      well taken care of my ass–no water and broken down fences is not well taken care of !!!!

    • ottb rider

      please STOP breeding!! this market for horses suck no matter how fancy you think your horses are "sport" bred. So tired of ppl like Lori Patton that keep making us clean up their problems. Auto waters malfunction all the time and should never be used. I saw the hooves of your herd and good lord get someone out to trim their hooves. Be responsible you cant take care of them properly – reduce your numbers. Oh and BTW build some shade too. food, water and shelter is required by Animal control.

    • Charlie Smith

      I saw your antics on KUSI. You need to stop using animals for money and get a job. You also need to invest in anger management classes and a good bra! I hope that woman, Karen, makes sure you are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for your assault on her.

  3. horseperson

    ive had my horses push down a fence and get loose…calm down they are 1000lbs animals!

  4. Dr. Dawn Fletcher

    As has been relayed to me numerous times over this last year by a vet called to the property by Animal Control, by rescue organizations who have attempted to work with placement of some of these horses, by previous neighbors who have intervened with previous neglect cases of horses owned by this backyard breeder, this is a chronic problem with this particular individual. I personally viewed one of the horses this individual allowed a rescue organization to remove & only the prompt veterinary intervention this mare was finally able to be given prevented total blindness from the chronic, untreated corneal infection/ulceration. This is a very long-standing hoarding & neglect situation & anyone who checks with Animal Control will discover, as I did, that there is a very thick file on this individual in regard to neglect.

    • Horse luvr

      Dr. Fletcher. Isn't there something we can do to get these animals away from her. I work for a rescue and we took 8 of her horses in December. 3 of them were close to death. Skinny skinny skinny, just bones and a rack of ribs!! My heart just goes out for these animals!!

      • Kim

        We had a "lady" near us in Maryland that had 120 horses that were malnourished, feet were long, the babies were wild because they were pasture-bred and never handled. The horses were confiscated and sent to rescues for several months, at least 6. the horses could not be sold until the court case was settled. She plead out and was given 20 horses one month, 20 more another and finally 30 more. 70 horses for one person. She is being monitored (yeah right) and she's not allowed to breed anymore. SLAP on the wrist. It is very difficult to get these animals away from the abusers. On another note, this "witch" left California with her horses because the SPCA was getting a neglect case together there and were ready to confiscate. It is VERY sad that we live in such a litigious world. The owner has all the rights. I'm praying for these horses!

        • ann

          This witch did not leave California. She's found a new home in Ramona and is hiding there! She was there a week ago yet she was still saying then that she was moving to AZ. What kind of home owner rents to someone like this?

    • Catherine Ritlaw

      thank you, Dawn.

  5. Amanda

    They should be taken away from her. It saddens me to hear about people not caring properly for their animals!

  6. Jenny

    If these horses are so bad how come they haven't been removed from the property and charges filed on this lady??? I know these horses are bad I have seen the ones that have been rescued. Why is she given the opportunity to move these horses to Arizona, they will definitely die there if they have no water here.

  7. No name

    My friend and I picked up horses from this lady back in December and tried to get her to let us take all of them but she wouldn’t allow it. The 8 horses we took were almost starved to death. Some had blankets on that had wholes in them from their hip bones. I do not know how the 50 or more horses she has kept survived. This lady needs help!

    • guest

      I was there in dec. here that she had let I thought she said 7 go to a rescue. I counted 37 horse dec 15th.

  8. Maria Stanley

    Angry Owner, you lady have issues. I personally know the Chief from the fire dept. and he is in no way an idiot!!! If he says the horses were in trouble, I believe him 100%!!! I am glad you are moving out of Ramona, we don't need people like you here. I only hope the horses are taken away from you and go to a home where they will be treated with the love and care they deserve!!!

    • onewhowonders

      Problem is she is moving into another area where folks won't know how she treats her animals. The horses will suffer untill the new neighbors and authorities catch on. Very sad.

  9. Janet

    I doubt if she's moving to Arizona. Ramona BEWARE!! She will pop up somewhere else. They only found some of the horses, where are the rest and the Dogs??? Animal Control has NOT been on top of this, but then again she keeps moving all around Ramona and Lakeside!! If this is how she treats her animals, hope she is treating her family better????

  10. Guest

    Now you all know why she was asked to vacate the property by the owner. Unfortunately as is the law the criminal has more rights than the victim. It is my understanding this woman has refused to pay the rent for the last 2 months yet because she refuses to relenquish the keys to the property the law says she still has possession
    & the owners has no rights & is not even allowed to enter the property to help take care of the animals. She is not moving to Arizona & has rented another property in Ramona. The sad thing is she is bragging about what she is getting away with

  11. Horse owner

    Who can afford to feed 30 horses ? Vet care and hoof care on 30 horse? What the cost of 500 a horse times 30 a month. Do the math! Not many can afford one let a lone 30,

  12. Shawn

    On Channel 8 News This Evening, the Named woman is Lori Patton. Ms. Patton has a Interesting Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Lori.Patton.4141?fref=ts

  13. Collett

    OMG 'Angry owner', neighbors, rescues, vets, buyers, people of skill and respect, have all seen it and said it! More than once!!! DENIABILITY IS NOT AN OPTION WITH THAT MANY WITNESSES!!!! Let people help the horses! the authorities have GOT to take a stand here before she bolts and it's too late for the horses!!! this is SICK!!

  14. Need better homes

    Horses aren't even the only ones in danger from this lady. We bought/ "rescued" dogs from this lady. They had tapeworm from the flea infestation problem and ear infections. She told us animal control was coming to the property and she had too many horses and dogs. She was hiding some dogs inside the house. There were many horses sharing small corrals. They didn't look healthy. We didnt want to support that type of breeding but couldnt lv those dogs there. We still cant believe the issues the dogs have from poor care.

    • Concerned Citizen

      I have a friend that bought a dog only because she couldn't stand the deplorable conditions and wanted to save this animal. She also was hiding dogs inside barn and house. Later heard some of the dogs from the next litter developed Parvo, died, and were put in a dumpster. WHERE IS ANIMAL CONTROL!!!!

      • CommonSense

        Did your friend report that to Animal Control? People have to report incidents like this for them to come out. They cannot remain silent or the poor treatment of the animals continues.

  15. Amiejean

    It's just too bad we can't treat the people who do this like they treat their animals. I volunteer at a local horse rescue in my state and it is devastating seeing the abuse and neglect people like you can do to a harmless animal that has no control over it's living situation

  16. horse saver

    were are these horses I will give them good homes im horse saver.i have trucks and trailes on standby instead of talking just get them.

  17. Guest

    If anyone watched Channel 8 & 9 news last night you would have see what kind of person this "lady' is. When confronted by the news people she immediately went on the attack, attacking the cameraman, the reporter & another individual


    I personally know the Fire Chief too, cosnidering that he was my assistant chief and close freind before he took my place, And also considereing that I was once a State Humane Officer for the SPCA there in San Diego, I would have to say that Jeremy was right on in his assesment. Animal Control/ SPCA can still act even if she tries to take the horses out of state.

    • Maria Stanley

      Can you tell me how I and others can lean on the SPCA to take the animals away from the nut job owner? From what others posters have said, she is no stranger to them. Posting comments does nothing for the innocent animals, it sometimes makes one feel better to vent…but some action needs to take place!!! Please former Chief Coleman give me some advice. Thank you :)

  19. Horrified!!

    After seeing the News last night, she should be arrested for Assault on the reporter, camera crew and neighbor!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! To think she's still in Ramona!!!

  20. Dog Lover

    Watched KUSI last night, Could not believe who it was.!! I have a friend who bought a dog from this person!! The ants on the dogs, NO socialization or care for the dogs. This is a PUPPY MILL as well as a Horse Breeding MILL!! ALL she cares about is puppies and ponies… No care for the Mommas pushing these babies out!! She is incapable of feeding those animals!! She keeps moving around Ramona!! ANIMAL CONTROL WHERE ARE YOU!!! This is Just DEPLORABLE!! She should be held for Animal abuse!! I hope chargers are brought against her for Assault!! Let her feel what her dogs are LOCKED IN CAGES and no where to GO!!!! At least she'll get 3 square meals a day. That's more then her animals get!!!! To think she is still in Ramona!!!

  21. Guest

    Sheriff & Animal Control are all over that property today. They are removing every animal in sight & then going after the ones she has hidden away

    • Maria Stanley

      That is great news!!! Should have scrolled down before I made my comment to another poster. My bad, but I am so happy the innocent animals will get some food, vetting, and love.

    • Janet

      Let's see if this is True!! She has moved animals all over, I doubt if they have all the horses and dogs!!

  22. michelle

    please make sure these horses do not end up as meat!

  23. GNina

    Any updates on the horses and the woman?? Are the horses being fed and taken care of finally, or does the fat worthless “Angry Owner” have them all back to continue abusing/neglecting??

  24. ottb rider

    good update!!! yeah http://www.kusi.com/story/22423267/horses-seized-...

    funny how she said — While Patton told animal control she was moving to Arizona, it turns out we found she had moved only a couple of miles away to Old Julian Highway.

  25. kfb12

    Hi All! Oh yes, and btw, truth is an absolute defense to allegations of defamation or slander so here we go….I bought the ranch this hag was renting (and of course evicted from – again). I found numerous dead horses buried throughout the property, young and old! Neighbors witnessed her stampeding herd right into the barbed wire fencing! Her stud colt was standing in TWO f'ing feet of horse shit locked in a dark barn stall with flies swarming!!! Runny eyes and noses on ALL of her horses! The horses were constantly out of food and water!!!

  26. kfb12

    She left behind, SYRINGES, NEEDLES, TRASH and dog shit piled INSIDE the house where her kids lived with her. She flooded our barn when she left, she stole all the pipe panels off of our property. In fact, her friend (not knowing who we were) told us she had instructions to "take everything not nailed down." DEAD lizards in the stove, vents, cobwebs in her KITCHEN. She is a filthy pig!! The dogs on her property were helpless and locked in their miserable kennels infested with fleas. I offered to buy ALL of them, just name your price and she told me to f**k off!! One had a huge gash on it's back. She had puppies in the 108 degree heat of summer on the wooden deck with NO shade. She had two more dogs locked in a kennel in the dark closet. She had another mother with babies on the upper deck with NO food and nasty water!_I have witnessed her trying to scam the feed stores! _This "woman" is reprehensible and deserves all the law has in store for her. She has misplaced anger at those around her. She is a vile, evil backyard breeder of innocent horses. Wow. Enough said?_

  27. John

    Well at least shes not a dust generating Public Nuisance!

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